Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I Need a $25 Foot Massage

When I was in my early 20's I used to LOVE wearing heels to work. I always felt one must suffer for fashion (okay, maybe not that dramatic, but I really did like being taller). A couple of my co-workers, whom I'll call Cashmere and Lace, told me that when I got older I'd realize the importance of comfort. I didn't believe them.

Today I decided to wear these adorable heeled “work boots” (I know, total oxymoron), because I thought, they looked cute, they seemed comfortable enough, and...they looked cute (did I mention that already?). 
Anyway, I was only going to Princess Sparkles' ballet class (or so I thought). So after class, Polka Dots and I decided to take Princess Sparkles (my older daughter) and Pigtails (the baby) to TJ Maxx to find desk organizers. We got there, found what I needed (love TJ Maxx, they have great home goods for cheap), then turned around and both girls had fallen asleep.

Would someone please tell me why when you want your kids to fall asleep, it seems like you're asking the impossible but when you really would like them to stay up just for a quick shopping trip they pass out?

So I have Pigtails in an Ergo carrier, walking around in my cute, seemingly comfortable, heeled "work boots." Polka Dots and I decide it's better if we just stay in TJ Maxx and “walk around” the downstairs clothing and accessories section (I know, we're so sacrificial) while we wait for Pigtails to take her usual 30 minute nap.

CUT TO: 60 minutes later (or maybe longer since we didn't really check our watches)...

Polka Dots is still pushing Princess Sparkles around in the cart (her face pressed against the side) and I'm still carrying Pigtails. Can I tell you walking around in heeled "work boots" is NOT so comfy after more than an hour and carrying 20 extra pounds (or 30 lbs if you count the extra baby weight I still haven't lost)?  My seemed-comfortable "work boots" were anything but.

When I got home I had to put on some slippers. My feet were dying. Now I get what Cashmere and Lace were talking about. So I guess that means I'm "older," huh?


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