Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Neutral Colored Cardigan, Tank and Skirt with Open-Toe Boots

OLIVE SKIRT - Forever 21
BOOTIES - Charlotte Russe
SUNGLASSES - Betsey Johnson
ROSE EARRINGS - Gifted from Heather at We Are the Holdens

Pigtails photobombs my picture
Today I took the girls to the park and Pigtails climbed up and down this gigantic play structure that should be for kids at least twice her age.  The problem is Pigtails thinks she's twice her age.  I don't know if it's a second child thing or just her personality, but she truly believes she can do everything her sister can do and gets frustrated when I try to stop her so she won't hurt herself.  Meanwhile, Princess Sparkles got to meet some new preschool classmates at the park.  At first I was worried because she didn't know anyone from her new class but I was so happy to see she quickly made friends with a couple of girls.

Sparkles performs her fancy dance moves at the wedding reception:


Somedays I really love to wear neutrals.  I actually wore this comfy casual outfit last week and liked it.  There's something about a tank top, a cardigan and booties that I love, especially with a skirt or some shorts.  But it's these fabulous accessories I got from a couple blogger friends that really stand out.  I bought this gorgeous cuff online from Shelly at GS Lillian.  Shelly makes the most amazing jewelry and it's been featured in tons of magazines!  The earrings were a gift from Heather at We Are the Holdens.  I happened to comment on one of Heather's posts about how lovely these earrings were and she so generously sent me a pair! 

I have to say sometimes I'm so amazed at how wonderful people can be, especially in the blogging community.  I was really touched by Heather's thoughtful gift.  I also appreciate everyone who's come to check out my blog and leave me such lovely comments.  It really means a lot.  Just like Princess Sparkles, I too have been lucky to make some really great new friends!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stripes and Fringe - Inspiration Monday

STRIPED DRESS - Libertine for Target
RED BELT - Thrifted
LEATHER CUFF - Made by my mom
FRINGE BOOTS - Forever 21
Monday's Inspiration - Olivia Wilde
"I want to stand next to the princess!"  That's what Princess Sparkles exclaimed during the wedding rehearsal.  Princess Sparkles kept calling my cousin, the bride, a "real princess" and her groom was "the king."  She was so excited to be part of the wedding and wear her big white poofy dress.  She proudly walked down the aisle and Pigtails was so excited to see her sister, shouting her name and clapping her hands as she made her grand entrance.  Princess Sparkles had such a ball being part of the wedding party and loved dancing in the center of everyone at the reception. 

Pigtails cheers on Sparkles!
Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Olivia Wilde.  Basically she's mixing stripes, biker chic and fringe.  I decided to wear my $10 Libertine from Target dress with a red skinny belt.  Instead of a fringe purse I went with the fringe boots (because I LOVE them!!!) and since it's too hot to wear a motorcycle jacket (and it just didn't match), I went with a leather cuff instead.

I think I'll need this entire week to recover from my busy weekend!  Especially since Princess Sparkles is turning 4 on Thursday and I'm going to have a small get together to celebrate on Sunday.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it!  But hopefully it'll be a very special birthday and Princess Sparkles too can feel like a "real princess!"

Friday, August 26, 2011

What Do I Wear to a Wedding?

NAVY BELT - Thrifted
EARRINGS - Forever 21
BRACELETS - Forever 21, H&M
TULLE HEELS - Charlotte Russe
Yesterday I learned a very valuable lesson... Never ever take your kids through the toy section at Target (even if you think it would be great for your almost 4-year old to pick out a gift for her friend's birthday).  What I thought would be a "quick stop" turned into someone finding something in every row that she wanted: princesses, My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake, swim toys, Barbie?!!! (Princess Sparkles).  While the other one (Pigtails) kept shouting "Ball!", "Baby!" (because that's all she could say that I understood).  

Double trouble
(especially at Target!)
Anyway, I decided to try on a dress I'm probably going to wear to my cousin's wedding Saturday (Princess Sparkles is going to be a flower girl!).  I've never worn this dress before (though I bought it forever ago).  I was shopping with Pastor Pleats at the Loft when I spotted it.  I wasn't going to buy it but Pastor Pleats insisted I get it because it was only $8.  I'm glad she did.  It's pretty shapeless so I paired it with a navy belt Fair Isle thrifted for me (thanks, Mom!) and my "ballerina birthday shoes" from Fierce, Fedora and Fancy!

I always find it hard to pick something I already have in my closet to wear to a wedding.  In fact, I usually end up going out and buying a new dress (or five...but don't worry, I return them) that I only wear once and never again (like I'm a celebrity!).  It's almost as bad as being a kid in the toy section at Target.  But this time I'm actually wearing something I already have.  Yay me! 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

African Tribal Print Dress, Vintage Belt and Boots

AFRICAN PRINT DRESS - Heavenly Treasures
EARRINGS, CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
BOOTS - Forever 21
Princess Sparkles had one of her "best days ever" yesterday.  It started out with a swim with her grandma, Fair Isle.  Then I took her to California Adventure with my best friend, Plaid, and her two kids.  Later we did a tag team and Camouflage came after work to do Disneyland round 2.  Sparkles got to go to the Magical Kingdom and ride a whole new set of rides.  Let's just say she was extremely tired afterwards and poor Camo had to carry Sparkles (what he claims was a mile) back to the car (thank goodness I had already done my half earlier...though I got the heat!).

Here's the outfit I wore to church on Sunday.  It's an authentic African dress from Kenya that I bought from Heavenly Treasures (my favorite "do good" place to buy goods from other countries!).  To keep in the theme I wore a cuff and earrings from Heavenly Treasures as well.  The belt was a vintage treasure I got from my mom's closet and the boots, well, I just was in the mood to wear boots (wanted to change it up from how I wore this outfit a few months ago!).

Anyway, I love this dress, it's really unique and I don't think there's anyone else around here at least that has anything similar.  And to think I was complaining about the heat yesterday at Disneyland.  I'm sure where this dress come from in Africa is much MUCH hotter!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Short Shorts and High Heels - Inspiration Monday

DENIM SHORTS - 7 for all mankind
SHEER ASYMMETRIC TOP - Kensie (via Loehmanns)
EARRINGS - Vintage from my mom's collection
BLACK CUFF - Express
BRACELETS - Forever 21
NAVY/RED/PINK HEELS - Charlotte Russe
Monday's Inspiration - Olivia Palermo

This past weekend we went to a fabulous party my best friend, Cardi, and her family were throwing at her parents' house.  Cardi's parents have the most amazing backyard.  It has a pool, a golf putting area with sand pits, a huge slide, hills to roll down and a half basketball court.  It's like a dream play area for kids and adults alike.  Princess Sparkles and Pigtails were indeed in heaven and so were her parents...

That is until Pigtails, after indulging in a gigantic meal of fruit, carne asada and rice, decided to take a ride down the enormous slide with a newly full diaper.  I looked on horrified, noticing the streak of poop squishing out and following her down the slide.  Yuck!  I quickly grabbed her and stopped all other kids from going down the slide, then alerted Camouflage who cleaned up the slide while I cleaned up Pigtails.  The slide was probably the cleanest it's ever been after Camo was through with it.

For "Inspiration Monday" the ladies at Two Birds chose a picture of Olivia Palermo.  I'm still not quite sure who Olivia Palermo is, but I often see her in my fashion magazines.  I didn't exactly have similar pieces so I just went with some short shorts, heels and a flowy top.  I bought this top at Loehmanns.  It had caught my eye but what sealed the deal was while trying it on in the dressing room another woman came up to me and asked me where I had found it.  There's nothing like someone else wanting it to make you buy it up!

I love wearing shorts and heels.  It might be one of my favorite looks for going out during the summer (now if only I went out - haha).  I love how short shorts and heels can give the illusion of long legs.  Long is almost always a good thing...except when it's a slide and your kid has a full diaper.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thrifted Trapeze Tank and an Announcement

AQUA TRAPEZE TANK - Calvin Klein (Thrifted - Thanks, mom!)
WHITE JEANS - James Jeans
BLACK WEDGES - Colin Stuart

I have an announcement to make... I am going to be a grandmother!  And I'm not even going to be a grandmother of 1 but 2 little babies (not human babies either, but a cow and a rhino).  Yesterday morning Princess Sparkles came to me with her plush cow stuffed in her dress telling me she had a baby in her belly.  Then five seconds later, Pigtails came running in with a little figurine in her shirt too (the rhino), only she has to hold it in there with her hands because it's so little!  I'm just so proud!

Princess Sparkles' baby belly

Pigtails "carries" her baby
I wanted to wear something thrifted today so I could link up to Spunky Chateau's "Thursdays are for Thrifters."  Do you ever get stuck because you try and plan an outfit around one piece?  Sometimes I even plan around a pair of shoes, especially if they're new.  I actually started out with a different thrifted shirt, but after NOT being able to figure out what to wear with it I went with this shirt that my mom thrifted for me.  I wore my go-to white jeans because, well, I was so discouraged after my first outfit dilemma that I couldn't figure out what else to wear!

The outfit turned out fine, I think.  Though I have to say it's sometimes hard to photograph loose trapeze tops like this because they have a tendency to look shapeless.  I think it helped to put that black cardi on.  But although this shirt has plenty of room, unlike Princess Sparkles and Pigtails, I will never ever be stuffing anything in it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Black Dress with Pops of Color and a Blogger Meet Up

ZEBRA EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
BLUE PURSE - Linea Pelle for Target
MULTI-COLORED WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target

Today I had my very first blogger meet up with Mary Jo from "Trust Your Style."  I was excited to finally meet my blog friend face to face and we had such a lovely time sipping coffee, eating quiche and joking about becoming closet hoarders (lately Camoflauge has been watching "Hoarders: Buried Alive" on TV and it scares me).  We also discussed our common dream of having an entire room turn into our personal closets with shelves to display our shoes and handbags, with rows of color coordinated clothes.

You know how when you go to college and your parents turn your room into a gym or an office?  Well, I decided the only way I'd get my "dream closet" would be when my girls grow up and move out.  Then I can turn their room into my closet :)  I haven't checked with Camo on this, but I did ask Princess Sparkles.  She said, "yes" AND nodded.  I assured her she could still visit and sleep in my closet.  I'll even have a special chaise lounger for her and a pull out for Pigtails (Mary Jo helped me come up with that one!).

Mary Jo and I
Anyway, for my meet up I wore this black dress and added color with a coral cardi, my Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges and a bright blue purse.  Mary Jo looked fab in a light blue top, a skirt, ballet flats and an amazing bright green bag (which I was totally coveting!!!).  Check out Mary Jo's blog, "Trust Your Style" if you haven't already.  She's so creative and often mixes art with clothes and accessories. 

I had such a lovely day.  It was nice to have a relaxing brunch sans kiddos (though nice to see their smiling faces when I picked them up!).  And to think, I'm only 2 decades away from having my dream (closet) come true!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Statement Necklace and Beaded Cuff - Dressing Up Shorts and a Tank

BLACK VEST - Loehmanns
BEADED LEATHER CUFF - Heavenly Treasures

I really appreciate how Pigtails can make herself comfortable wherever we go (maybe this is one of those survival skills learned by 2nd children).  Today we went to my friend Shiny's house.  Shiny recently had a baby (her 4th!!!) and we brought her family some lunch and other goodies.  Pigtails immediately made herself comfortable, grabbing a car to push around on the racetrack, picking the "tall chair" to eat her lunch in, and making herself comfortable on the kiddy couch with her sippy cup of milk.  She just made herself part of the family.

Pigtails gets comfortable
Because we were hanging out at Shiny's house, I decided to keep with something comfy.  It was a pretty hot day and I wasn't in the mood to really get dressed up.  I decided on neutrals and threw a vest on (because I'm obsessed with them).  I also wore a statement necklace, just to add a little fanciness to my shorts and tank ensemble.

Anyway, it ended up being a nice relaxing day (Thanks, Shiny!).  It helped that I could wear my casual "mommy outfit."  I guess Pigtails wasn't the only one getting comfortable today!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Plaid Shirt and Skinny Military Cargos - Inspiration Monday

PLAID SHIRT - Forever 21
BRONZE LOAFER WEDGES - Steve Madden (Thrifted)

Today's Inspiration: Karolina Kurkova

Lately, Princess Sparkles has been obsessed with Hawaii...but not for the reasons I'm obsessed with the gorgeous paradise!  She's been wanting to wear her Hawaiian dresses everyday and talks about taking hula classes (in fact, she talks about it so much that a few different moms have actually come up to me to ask me if their kids could join the class... I inform them that we don't actually take classes). 

Princess Sparkles
in one of her Hawaiian dresses
Our family has a lot of ties to Hawaii.  My mom, Fair Isle, was born in Honolulu (in fact, she's 4th generation from Hawaii) and my sister, Polka Dots, currently lives there.  I like to visit there and eat their food (Mmm...spam musubis, kalua pork, lau laus!). 

Anyway, today is "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds.  It's a casual one but I had trouble not copying the look exactly and coming up with my own version.  I finally decided on some olive skinnies (the ones from Old Navy that look like the J Brand ones at only a fraction of the price), my Forever 21 plaid button-up, and my thrifted Steve Madden bronze loafers.

If you get a chance, today I'm the "Meet a Friend Monday" guest over on Tiffany's blog, Breakfast with Tiffany.  If you haven't checked her out yet, definitely do so!  Aloha and Mahalo!

PLUMERIAS from Fair Isle's garden...
one of my favorite things about Hawaii!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Lightweight Colorful Scarf - The Perfect Summertime Accessory

LULLA COLLECTION SCARF - Anthropologie c/o Her Late Night Cravings Giveaway
YELLOW BELT - Claudio Orciani
PINK CUFF - Made by my mom
We have an abundance of wonderful things in our home.  We are definitely a blessed family.  But one thing we lack in this household is privacy.  I love my girls dearly and I love spending time with them, but there are just some times in the day that I wish they would leave me alone!!! 

For example, I really prefer to use the bathroom in peace and not have someone trying to flush the toilet before I'm done (Pigtails!!!).  And I really appreciate having time to go through my closet and choose what I want to wear for the day without someone forcing me to wear a pig hat (because it's cuter than the duck one) and dragging me to the party she's throwing in her bedroom (Sparkles!!!).  Sometimes I just want to escape into my bedroom, hide under the blankets and pretend like I'm not here (I've actually done this, it doesn't work, they always find me!).

Today I'm going casual, not just because it's Friday, but because we have a lot of activities to go to.  I decided to throw on white shorts, a tank and some TOMS.  But to add a little something special I decided to do a summer scarf!  Isn't this scarf amazing?  It's part of a giveaway I won from the wonderful ladies, Jayme and Mendi at Her Late Night Cravings.  If you haven't already, check them out!  They give great advice on all sorts of wonderful goodies.  My faves are the vlogs they do on make-up and other beauty products!!!

STEPHANIE JOHNSON MAKE-UP BAG - c/o Her Late Night Cravings Giveaway
CAROLINE SABAS FRANGRANCE PENCIL - c/o Her Late Night Cravings Giveaway
Anyway, there's something really exciting about winning a giveaway, especially awesome goodies like this scarf, a really gorgeous make-up bag and the aromatically delicious perfume pencil I got from Her Late Night Cravings (thanks, ladies!!!).  It almost makes me forget about my privacy issues.  Almost... 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mixing Patterns - Velvet Dress and Cynthia Vincent for Target Wedges

ZEBRA EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
MULTI-COLORED WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target

It always cracks me up what my kids will put in their mouths.  I think I was much more conservative with Princess Sparkles, but with Pigtails, I'm definitely laid back.  Today when Pigtails awoke from her nap I saw her roll over and find a crumb from a cupcake she had been eating prior to falling asleep (with Princess Sparkles, she wouldn't have even been eating a cupcake at Pigtails' age).  It was on the bed next to her and she happily grabbed it and shoved it into her mouth with a smile.

Today I wore a black and white Velvet brand dress I purchased from a local boutique.  I really like Velvet dresses because they're so comfortable (no, they're not made of velvet but jersey).  Still in my pattern mixing mood from yesterday, I decided to pair the dress with my favorite Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges and some zebra earrings.  I added the yellow cardi for some color.

Anyway, I have to say my style has definitely evolved since starting this blog.  I don't worry so much about matching perfectly, and I like to experiment by mixing patterns, colors, even styles.  I guess you could say my style has evolved, much like my parenting!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wearing Stripes With Stripes - 2 Way Tuesday

STRIPED SHIRT - Forever 21
DENIM CUT-OFFS - Paige Premiun Denim
WEDGE BOOTS - Jeffrey Campbell
EARRINGS - from a street vendor
RED BELT - Thrifted

PINK SHOES - Seychelles
I love watching my girls dress themselves (or in Pigtails' case, attempt to dress herself).  They come up with the best outfits.  Princess Sparkles loves anything girly, especially a tutu and will often layer it with a Hawaiian dress then add a flower headband.  Sometimes she'll even throw on a bathing suit for extra pizzazz.  Pigtails gravitates more toward a casual comfy style and often likes to wear a pajama onesie over whatever else she's been forced to wear.

Isn't it amazing how versatile a striped blazer can be?  I love that mixing and matching prints is "in."  Makes putting together clothes so much more interesting.  I wasn't sure about the stripes on stripes but once I put it together I actually really liked it!  I've seen other bloggers doing it and thought it looked fun.

Anyway, I think one thing I can learn from my girls is there really is no such thing as style rules.  If you like it and feel good in it, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks (unless you like to be naked, like Pigtails, then maybe you should try and find something else to wear).  And really, confidence is the best accessory!

Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

Monday, August 8, 2011

White Denim Jacket, Floral Dress and Motorcycle Ankle Boots - Inspiration Monday

FLORAL DRESS - Forever 21
WHITE DENIM JACKET - Bill Blass (thrifted)
FEATHER EARRINGS - Charlotte Russe
SUNGLASSES - Kenneth Cole

Inspiration Monday - Sienna Miller

"Mommy, I'm so so so so sorry."  I always cringe when I hear Princess Sparkles say this.  I'm never sure if it's a real bad problem or just something she thinks might make me upset.  Thank goodness it's usually nothing big (like a few drops of milk on the table), but every once in a while...

Today's Inspiration Monday from Two Birds is Sienna Miller.  I would've LOVED to wear my denim vest, like Sienna, however, I just wore it Friday and thought two posts in a row wearing the exact same vest might be a little overkill.  So I went with my thrifted white denim jacket instead.  I love wearing moto boots with a girly dress, and find that it looks best on me when the dress is on the shorter side.  And I love these suede Lucky boots because I found them at Macy's on sale for $40!!!

Anyway, today is a mellow day for the girls and I.  For some reason, Mondays are our day to recover from the weekend.  We seem to always have a lot going on on our "days off."  Though being at home always seems to expose us to the possibility of one of those "so sorry" moments.  Let's just hope that if one of them occurs it's just a few drops of milk on the floor and not the whole gallon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Matching Denim on Denim

DENIM VEST - American Eagle
CAPRIS - American Eagle
RED BELT - Thrifted
WHITE LEATHER CUFF - Made by my mom
RED/BLUE/PINK HEELS - Charlotte Russe

I'm always amazed at Pigtails' fearlessness.  She is not afraid to do anything.  Sometimes it's great, like when she's at her swim lessons, and sometimes it's not so great, like when we're at the playground and she wants to run down a steep slide.  She always seems to have some sort of "war wound," usually on her face where everyone can see.  Her current one is a huge shiner/scrape on her left cheek which she got from one of our many park visits when she tripped and caught herself with her face.

Today I think I broke a fashion rule.  Oops!  I want to say there are major rules about wearing denim on denim and I just can't keep up with what they are anymore.  But I believe you are NOT supposed to wear two pieces of denim in matching colors and that is exactly what I'm doing today.  It seemed like my t-shirt was lonely by itself and since I love a vest, I went with my denim one.  (Oh, and that pink band around my elbow is NOT a fashion statement, I just had to get blood taken at the doctor's office).

I kinda liked how the look turned out in the end.  I might've gotten a serious scolding from Tim Gunn (who probaby would've also said short people shouldn't wear capris...in fact, I think I just read him saying that in my magazine) but sorry, Mr. Gunn, I'm doing it anyway.  I guess I'm taking a page from Pigtails' book on fearlessness but only when it comes to fashion.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lace Jacket, Jeffrey Campbell Boots and Lots of Bracelets

LACE JACKET - Forever 21
DENIM BELT - Style Xpress
BRACELETS - see below


PEARL BRACELETS - made by a friend
WATCH - Michael Kors

BROWN LEATHER GOLD CUFF - made by my mom
"Mommy, you're wearing skates!"  That's what Princess Sparkles said to me when she saw me wearing my new pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedge booties (thanks to my sister, Polka Dots, for the belated birthday gift!).  I had to laugh because it actually didn't occur to me that they looked like skates but once she said it I realized she was right. 

My "Skates" - Jeffrey Campbell

Today's theme is "arm party," thanks to Pretty Shiny Sparkly's "Bloggers Do It Better" challenge.  I'm really excited to be trying my hand at bangles galore (speaking of Bangles, in elementary school I did a dance to "Walk Like an Egyptian" for a talent show...but anyway).  I've always wished I was a better accessorizer, but find myself usually keeping it simple.  So this was a lot of fun for me to try!

Because I was heavily accessorized, I decided to keep the outfit simple with neutral colors.  I was thrilled to wear my lace jacket again and finally got to wear a french dress (literally from France) my good friend, Fedora, gave me in a pile of hand-me-downs.  The purse was thrifted by my mom, Fair Isle, and the belt was only $.50 at a local store!!! 

Thrifted Crossbody Bag
Anyway, this summer has been a whirlwind.  Can't believe it's already August!  We've definitely been keeping busy with lots of activities.  Too bad my Jeffrey Campbell's don't have wheels on them, it'd make keeping up with my girls a heck of a lot easier!

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