Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Days, 3 Parties, 3 Dresses

I had a busy weekend.  Three parties in three days (okay, but two of them were really for the girls).  So I have to ask...

CAbi Party Outfit
JACKET - Ann Taylor Loft (similar)
DRESS - from a subway shop in Korea
WATCH - Sprout (exact)
BELT - Forever 21 (exact)
BOOTS - Charlotte Russe (similar)
Is it okay to go to a clothing party (my friend, Chanel, threw a fun CAbi party at her lovely home) and not buy anything because you're poor and in your head you're thinking, "I could buy 8 different things at Forever 21 for the price of this one jacket" (though the CAbi clothes are waaaay better quality)? 

Well, I did that the last 4 parties (thank you, Chanel, for STILL inviting me because I am the worst guest ever!).  Though to be completely fair, I was pregnant for 2 of those parties, fat from being pregnant for another, and then just plain old cheap for the other one.  However, this time I finally bought something.  A black military blazer (Thanks to my hubby, Camouflage for the V-day gift!  I "needed" one of those).
Saturday Birthday Party Outfit
DRESS - Project E (similar)
HEADBAND - homemade (thanks, Mom!)
BELT - Forever 21 (similar)
BOOTS - Trouve (exact)
PAJAMAS - Carters (similar)

And is it wrong to dress up for a 4-year old birthday party then push your (almost) 1-year old away (okay, "push" is a strong was more like step to the side as she's reaching for me while attempting to walk) because you don't want her greasy little potato chip hands (YES, I let her eat potato chips...don't judge) to get on your new dress you bought from Loehmanns the day before for $12 (it was on clearance and then an extra 50% off!!!)?  She didn't get hurt or least not bad :)
Bowling Birthday Party Outfit
DRESS - American Apparel (similar)
SCARF - homemade (thanks, Mom!)
WATCH - JC Penney (similar)
BELT - Forever 21 (exact)
BOOTS - Payless (similar)

How about wearing the same dress and booties (yes, I'll admit, they were heels) you wore to church to a 3-year old BOWLING birthday party because you figured you weren't going to bowl anyway (but duh, of course I had to get out there and help since my 3-year old can't really do it by herself)?  Just because everyone else was in jeans and sneakers doesn't mean I had to be...right?  (okay, I did almost trip over my booties when I was walking with the big bowling ball over to Princess Sparkles, then got super nervous that I would have to go get her ball when it got stuck in the middle of the alley).  But in the end no one got hurt (meaning me) and I felt cute.  In fact, I think purple and red might be my new favorite color combo...I know, it's so NOT the nude trend but oh well...

***Found a turquoise version of the American Apparel dress for $17 on swirl (here) though got mine for $6 at Loehmanns.


S said...

Lovely outfits, my favourite is the Saturday's party one!^^

D said...

great jacket--always liked military look. shorter sleeve means no rolled up sleeves falling down and more space for cuffs and other accessories. 3yr olds bowling! can they really get a ball all the way down an alley?

Jan said... crack me up! I enjoyed your post today. I especially like the idea of pairing red and purple together. Thanks for the tip!

kat said...

Nice shades and pajamas Princess Sparkles!! Did they bowl in pajamas?
Interesting party! I'm committed to getting more color in my closet--I started by wearing a bright pink 3/4 length coat today that a friend gave me. It's amazing how what color you're wearing can lift your spirits. I let nothing ruin my day!

Claire said...

Yes! It's still there. At least I think it is because things at F21 seem to go very VERY quickly. But I know you can still get it online for sure. The belt should be there too. YAY, shopping!!!

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