Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hunter Wedges, Phillip Lim, and a Spy-da Fighta

"Oh no, spy-da!  Spy-da!"
Bucket shouted as he stomped on what he thought was a spider.
"Bad guy, hi-ya!" He said with a kick.
Really it was just a dark spot on the garage floor.
Aww, he's my little hero.

PEACOAT - Old Navy, $10
NAVY CORDS - Romeo and Juliet (via Loehmanns)
GRAY WEDGE RAINBOOTS - Hunter (gifted)

BROWN CROC SHORTS - Rich and Skinny (via Rack)
BLUE TANK - Phillip Lim for Target, $6
NECKLACE - iSanctuary
WOOD BRACELET - Shop with a Mission
NAVY BOOTIES - Rag and Bone

Here are a few outfits I've worn recently.  Our weather has been all over the place.  One day it'll be rainy and I'll wear navy cords, my $10 Old Navy peacoat and my wedged Hunter boots (thanks, Argyle!).  Then the next day it'll be like summer and I'll be in my brown croc Rich and Skinny shorts I got on clearance at the Rack, with my Phillip Lim for Target tank (also clearance) and Rag and Bone booties.

Bucket, my little spy-da fighta!

Transitions are always a challenge.  Whether it's picking an outfit in between seasons or going from full-time mom to full-time mom with part-time work.  But it's all good and I'm really lucky.  I have supportive friends and family who always help me out.  They're my heroes!