Monday, February 7, 2011

Nautical Dress #1

Some Small Perks About Being Small

1.  Shopping in the kid section (things are always less expensive, though they don't always fit well in the chest area...even if you aren't well endowed, like myself)

2.  The ability to always hem jeans to your length (though bootleg jeans often end up straight leg ones - BUMMER)

3.  You live longer (or so they say...something about your heart not having to pump blood so far...pretty awesome, unless of course, your life sucks).

Here's the next "dress" from my closet.  It has NAUTICAL STRIPES.  I love them.  In fact, I think I'm becoming obsessed with them (like I was with fur and sequins in the fall, and fringe last month...okay, I'm still obsessed with fringe).  What's great about them is they never go out of style.  They always look fresh (and doesn't it look cool with a vest, belt, tights and brown clog sandals?  Got the idea from the mannequin at Forever 21!). 

And you know what's even cooler than that?  I got this "dress" from Forever 21 for $10.80 (YES!  That's exactly what I thought, $10.80?  Even if it doesn't fit, I'm buying it because I can't resist a deal!).  Luckily it fit. 

And that's my final perk of being small.  This "dress."  Because when I looked it up online to link it to this blog, I noticed,'s a tunic.  So I guess for us petites (which I personally prefer over "short"), is that you can wear a tunic as a tunic or wear it as a dress.  That's already 2 ways!!! 

(p.s. and for you tall girls, sorry, but we gotta have something since we don't have your long legs)


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