Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Khaki Twill Jacket #2

JACKET - William Rast for Target, $15.74 (exact)
HOODED SHIRT - Target (similar)
CORDUROY SKIRT - American Eagle (similar)
EARRINGS - Forever 21, $7.80 (similar)
CUFF - Heavenly Treasures, $15
SUNGLASSES - Jessica Simpson, $24 (similar)
BOOTS - Trouve, $99.90 (similar)
Here is the second outfit with this jacket.  I mixed it with some "old" clothes from my closet (meaning, I bought it more than a few years ago).  Isn't it funny how people like to call their old clothes, "vintage?"  This one time I was going to an event and my actress girlfriend told me she was wearing "vintage," which I figured was sort of like "antique" (meaning at least 25 years old).  But the designer she mentioned hadn't even been around 25 years, so I'm thinking it was just a dress she bought a few years back and it sounded more stylish to call it "vintage."

This extremely versatile jacket is William Rast for Target.  I'm a huge fan of Target's designer collections because it allows some of us with smaller budgets to buy brands we normally wouldn't be able to.  It has great details like ruching on the sides (for those of us with the "mommy belly") and it's 100% cotton, so even people like my friend, Fierce, can wear it.  The only thing I don't like about this jacket is I bought it for $44.99 and now it's on clearance for $15.74.  So I hope someone goes out and buys it at 65% off so I can at least be happy for you!

Anyway, I better finish this up now because this "vintage" mommy better get her kiddos (and herself) ready for bed.  Goodnight!


KcomeKarolina said...

love the boots!!!

xoxo from rome

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