Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Camel Cape, Burgundy Hat and a Cookie

 "I'm going to leave this cookie out for Santa in case he comes early,"
Princess Sparkles let us know as she put her cookie next to a drawing.
Earlier she had taped a hand written note on our fireplace that read,
"I want pixie dust and long hair" for Christmas.
I guess I should be happy she didn't ask for an iPad.

CAMEL CAPE - Jolt via Nordstrom, $35
JEGGINGS - JC Penney, $5
BURGUNDY HAT - Forever 21
BRACELETS - iSanctuary, Forever 21, Shop With a Mission
PIGTAILS' PINK PILLOW - Shop With a Mission

BLACK T-SHIRT - Alternative Apparel

Here are two outfits I've worn recently.  The brown and black jeggings are my new fave.  I love those two colors together.  The mustard Krochet Kids beanie is from [Share] and Do Good.  Krochet Kids helps people out of poverty with their beautiful crochet pieces.  The cape I picked up online from Nordstrom last year when it mysteriously went on sale for a day.  I wore it to a "Shop With A Mission" (aka Heavenly Treasures) Tea Party on Sunday.

Sparkles poses with her "Christmas Display"

Sparkle's picture and cookie note for Santa.  I put the cookie in a bag so the ants didn't get it.

I love the idea of shopping with a mission.  Gives me a chance to do good things while buying stuff.   It's a win-win situation.  Much better than receiving a well-aged cookie after buying creative gifts for my kids and having to give credit to a robust bearded guy in a red suit.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Good, The Bad and Some Printed Jeans

"Mommy, I'm the goodest,"
Princess Sparkles whispered to me before bath time.
"I think I'm on Santa's good list."
Sparkles has been obsessed with "Santa's list" after viewing it at Disneyland.
I told her she should be as long as she listens to her parents.
Then she looked over at her crying sister and whispered,
"But I think Pigtails is on the bad list."
FLATS - Me Too (thrifted)
EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
LONG NECKLACE - oh so mere

I know, another pair of printed skinny jeans.  This time in a camouflage colored ikat print.  I love these.  Not only did I get them for cheap, they're also comfy and match with everything!  The necklace I got from my friend, Share, who started "Share and Do Good Things."  It's made by oh so mere who is raising money to on a humanitarian trip to India!  You can read all about it on her blog.
The goodest and the other two :)
The great thing about wearing a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt is you can really play up the accessories.  I love this long necklace, it's colorful, fun and it's going towards a really good cause!  If Santa had a list for jewelry, this necklace would definitely be on the good one!



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Animal Print Skinny Jeans and Dramatic Notes

Lately Princess Sparkles has been expressing herself through the written word.
Like when my cousin, Animal Print, tossed the cone after she ate the ice cream.
"NO ICE CREAM," the card said
with a girl (Animal Print) trashing a cone next to a sad girl (Sparkles).
Or when Camouflage took a bite of a raisin cookie she wasn't eating.
(She thought it was chocolate chip and was devastated to see it wasn't)
She wrote "NOT FOR DADDY"
(after asking Camo how to spell "Daddy")
BLACK TANK - Alternative Apparel
BLACK FLATS - Hand-me-down
BONE NECKLACE - Heavenly Treasures

Monday's Inspiration - Kate Moss
Although I love any type of faux fur, I decided to forgo it for this "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds and go with the leopard print pants.  For some reason, even though they're a neutral, I still have a hard time finding things to wear with them.  I just don't want to look too over the top.  So I threw on an Alternative Apparel tank and a slubby sweater my mom, Fair Isle, thrifted for me. 

Princess Sparkles holds a cookie that is "not for daddy"

Animal Print tosses an ice cream cone as Princess Sparkles sadly looks on

I love animal print (my cousin AND on my clothes).  It's always a great "neutral." But sometimes I find it slightly difficult to wear since I don't want to look too over the top.  Because I'd hate to receive a note from Sparkles telling me "you don't match" or "change your clothes."


Monday, November 26, 2012

Flannel Shirt, iSanctuary Jewelry and A Reader

Princess Sparkles is learning to read.
She slowly sounds out words and can even read an entire book.
The only thing is everytime she says the word "peas" or "but," she laughs. 
Meanwhile, Pigtails wants a pet, more specifically a bunny.
I told her we already gave her a baby brother.

BLACK TANK, GRAY SKIRT - Alternative Apparel

Monday's Inspiration - Mary Kate Olsen

Today's Inspiration Monday from Two Birds is a flannel and skinnies.  I couldn't quite pull off Mary Kate's look so I did my own version with a mullet skirt and this fabulous new iSanctuary necklace I bought from my friend's store, "Share and Do Good."  The necklace and the bracelet are both made by survivors of human trafficking.

Princess Sparkles reads to Camouflage and Pigtails

Bucket and I visit Share and Do Good in Fullerton.

Princess Sparkles dresses up with her class for Thanksgiving

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or if you don't live in the US then a nice weekend).  I love the holidays, especially with the kids.  They enjoy it so much which makes me enjoy it that much more.  It's contagious.  Like laughing when someone else thinks "peas" or "but" are hilarious.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Printed Skinny Jeans and Big Sisters

"You'll see when you're a big sister,"
Princess Sparkles told Pigtails.
"When baby is tall but still a baby, like when I'm 7 and you're 5,
you will be tired.  Big sisters are always tired."

SPOTTED SKINNY JEANS - Romeo and Juliet Couture (Loehmanns), $30
PLAID JACKET - Sashimi (hand-me-down)
BROWN BOOTIES - Jessica Simpson (thrifted), $14

GRAY T-SHIRT - Target, $5
WEDGE SNEAKERS - Target, $30

Lately I've been wearing a lot of printed skinny jeans and t-shirts.  Last week I wore some burgundy spotted ones with a plaid jacket, a hand-me-down from my friend, Fierce.  The Jessica Simpson boots were thrifted from GW.  In the second outfit I wore printed jeans and wedged sneakers from Target.  At first I wasn't crazy about the wedge sneaker trend but the more I saw them the more I liked them.  They're just so comfy!

Big sister Sparkles teaches Pigtails and Bucket the piano

I barely have time to get everyone ready in the morning, especially myself, so it's just easy to throw on the jeans and a t-shirt.  I love being a mother of three, but let me tell you, it's even more tiring than being a big sister!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plaid Leggings and Captain Underpants

"Hello, Captain Underpants,"
Princess Sparkles said to me as we ate dinner.
(Sparkles has been quite interested in this Captain Underpants
after one of her teachers wore it as her costume on Halloween)
I asked why I was Captain Underpants and she said I always show my underpants.
I told her I was wearing leggings and then she said,
"no those are your big, big, humongous underpants."

BLACK TANK - Victoria's Secret
BROWN BOOTS - White Mountain (thrifted)
GREEN BRACELET - Heavenly Treausres

Monday's Inspiration

For "Inspiration Monday" I decided to forgo the jeans and wear plaid leggings with an oversized olive sweater.  I also got to premiere these chestnut boots I've been saving.  I found them new at the Goodwill for $15.  They're even real leather!

"Mermaid Vampire" Sparkles

"Cowgirl" Pigtails

"Swifter" Bucket

I love wearing leggings.  You can find them in all sorts of prints, they always fit well with boots and they're quite inexpensive.  They're also extremely comfy, like running around just in your underwear!



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Houndstooth Skinny Jeans and That Boy

"Happy Birthday to [Camouflage],"
Pigtails sang to her daddy.
We all laughed and I asked her, "Who is [Camouflage]?"
Pointing to him she said, "that boy."
"He's not a boy," shouted Princess Sparkles from across the room.
"He's a man... Or a dude."

GRAY CARDIGAN - Target, $15
BLACK TANK - Swapped
WEDGE BOOTS - Target, $30

Monday's Inspiration

This weeks "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds' blog is an actress from one of my fave shows, Revenge.  I didn't have a peplum (sadly) and I wasn't feeling the blue jeans so instead I wore my houndstooth skinnies I got for cheap at TJ Maxx and a black tank I got in a clothing swap.

A boy and his dude.

I'm really loving my printed jeans and houndstooth is always a fun design!  It's super versatile and almost everyone can wear it.  That includes boys... or dudes.