Monday, July 30, 2012

Faux Crocodile Shorts and Entertaining an Infant

I find it challenging to entertain an infant while trying to keep up with life.
I usually move Bucket from the exersaucer, to a blanket, to his high chair.
Then I start that "play routine" all over again.
The other day I was cooking dinner when Pigtails ran in.
"Baby fall sleep," she said.
I peeked out to see Bucket slumped over in a high chair with his toys. 
So far he's been the easiest of my three kiddos.

BROWN CROCODILE SHORTS - Rich and Skinny, $60
BOOTIES - Forever 21
CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
NECKLACE - Made by my mom

"Monday's Inspiration" - Ashlee Simpson

For "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds, I decided to go with my faux crocodile denim shorts.  I bought them on clearance at Norstrom Rack.  They were a little pricier than my F21 ones but I liked them a lot.  I switched up the color combo and wore them with an orange cardi and some brown booties.  The necklace is another one my mom made me.

Bucket squeezes in a nap while "playing"

I've been wearing a lot of shorts and tees lately.  With three kids it's a busy schedule with little time for sleeping and getting dressed.  Luckily my outfits have been loose and comfy, perfect for when I have to sneak in a quick nap!

***Thanks all for entering the eShakti giveaway.  I used to choose a winner.  Congrats to Ashley!  Hope you have an upcoming bridal shower to wear it to!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Patriotic Outfit and a Moustache

"I can't have one until I have a moustache, right mommy?"
Princess Sparkles said when she noticed me having an "adult" drink.
Sparkles associates being grown-up with having a moustache.

STRIPED TANK - Alternative Apparel (via Loehmanns), $16
RED JEANS - BDG (Urban Outfitters), $19
BLACK CARDIGAN - Motherhood Maternity, $15
BRACELET, EARRINGS, NECKLACE - Jewelry by Cynde Daniels

In honor of the Olympics, I decided to post this outfit.  The red jeans are from Urban Outfitters.  They are so comfy and stretchy (and were on sale for $19).  They are skinny in the thigh but bootcut at the bottom.  I've been buying a lot of Alternative Apparel tops lately.  They make my favorite t-shirts.

A "mature" Princess Sparkles with a cotton candy beard

I've been in a very fashionably patriotic mood lately.  Whether it's my stars and stripes cut-offs or my red jeans and blue striped tank.  As I get older, I really appreciate the country I live in.  I also appreciate the ladies who do my threading.  Because no matter how old I get, I plan to never have a moustache.

Monday, July 23, 2012

In Loving Memory of our TV

"Mommy, you're not proud of us anymore,"
Princess Sparkles told me after I scolded her and Pigtails.
I reassured them I was still proud of them but I wasn't happy with what they did.
Lately they've been extra naughty (maybe it's the heat!).
Pigtails recently took a plastic golf club to the TV. 
Unfortunately the TV did not make it.

VEST, WEDGES - Old Navy, $6, $14
NECKLACE - c/o GS Lillian
PHOTOBOMBER - Pigtails, the "TV golfer"
Monday's Inspiration - Kristin Cavallari

Here is my version of "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds.  I decided to go opposite of Kristin Cavallari and wear a striped mullet skirt and a purple tank.  I paired it with two Old Navy clearance purchases, the vest which was $6 and the wedges which were $14. 

The Victim

The Culprit

Despite this skirt being neutral colored I still find it difficult to figure out what to wear it with besides white and cream but I was glad for the lavender inspiration.  And now that I don't have a TV for a while, I guess I'll have more time to experiment in my closet!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tanned, Mobile and An eShakti Giveaway

"Baby, you did it!"
Princess Sparkles enthused as Bucket army crawled.
Camouflage loves to put the TV remote in front of Bucket
(and like most men, he loves to reach for said remote).
However, I have reservations.  He's only 5 months. 
And I like the fact that 1 of my 3 kids can't go anywhere.

IKAT TOP - Old Navy, $6
ORANGE CUT-OFFS - Forever 21, $12.50
BRACELET - T & J Designs
LEOPARD RING - Forever 21
FRINGE NECKLACE - Made by my mom

The Payless wedges I ended up changing in to :)

Yesterday I got a spray tan from my good friend, Bronzer.  I only had one done before my wedding, so it was fun to try it again.  I was originally wearing gray and white, and realized, it did nothing for my newly tanned self.  So I decided to go with some bright F21 cut-offs and a brown ikat top that sorta matched my new skin tone.  I started out wearing these awesome fringe stilettos, but in the end realized that I would probably not be able to wear these out all day.


Remember this dress? Well, eShakti inadvertently sent me a second one. So they said I could give it away! It's a great one shoulder maxi, size Medium (or an 8). It was a tad looser than the measurements said but I was able to belt it. It's pretty long, I'm 5'2 but wearing 5 inch heels!!!

Here's what you have to do to enter:

- FOLLOW Spinning Threads via GFC
- Leave me a comment telling me where you'd wear this dress :)
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(if you already like Spinning Threads than you can have another entry as well)
This giveaway is open internationally.  Good luck and I'll announce the winner July 30th!  And if you're checking out eShakti and find something you like, use the code "SP25ZRE" to get an additional 10% off the already 40% off that's going on right now!!!  It's good until the end of the month.
Bucket army crawls to the TV remote
I love to wear sky high heels, but I'll admit, while they look good on, they don't always feel good.  And while I'm all for suffering for fashion, I unfortunately have to be practical at times, especially now that I'll be chasing 3 mobile kiddos!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Colorful Kenyan Dress and a Winner

Princess Sparkles and Pigtails love to play together.
But they also fight.  A lot.
This happens in their bed, the car, the backyard, a shopping cart.
The other day they were in the bath fighting over a doll.
I told them to stop or I'd take it away.
As I walked out I heard Sparkles pray...
"Please take away my sister, Jesus."

PRINTED DRESS - Heavenly Treasures
CAGE HEELS - Kelsi Dagger (via Loehmanns)

Monday's Inspiration

Here's the dress I bought at the Heavenly Treasures tea party.  It comes from Kenya and can be worn as a dress or a bathing suit cover.  I chose my cage shoes from Loehmanns I found on the clearance rack for $12!  I'm linking up with Two Birds' "Inspiration Monday."  Even though it's not exactly the same kind of dress, I thought it was fun with a pattern and could work for the inspiration.

Pigtails before Princess Sparkles fights with her over those goggles.

I'm also announcing the winner of the $50 Shabby Apple gift card.  Thank you to everyone who entered.  I decided to throw the names into a hat and have Princess Sparkles and Pigtails do the honors.  In order to keep them from fighting, Pigtails held the hat and Sparkles picked the name. 

And the winner is...

Sparkles announces the winner, Julie Scott Laws.

So Julie please email me.  And if you didn't win, don't fight, there will be plenty of other giveaways.  I promise.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pattern Mixing Florals with Zebra and A Secret

"Hey secret guy, what are you doing?"
Princess Sparkles asked her daddy, Camouflage,
as he attempted to sneak in some kid DVDs.
Kids notice everything...
unless you want them to notice something
(like a messy room they need to clean),
then they don't pay attention at all.

ZEBRA PLEATED SKIRT - Anonymous (gifted)
PINK TIE UP WEDGES - Old Navy, $14
BLUE RAFFIA TOTE - Heavenly Treasures (raffle win!)

I've been inspired by pattern mixing of other bloggers so I thought I'd try doing florals and animal print.  I liked it though have to admit my outfit reflects how I've been feeling lately... busy.  I have to say, this floral top seems to match everything (or in this case, not match) and I'm loving the many wedges I bought on clearance at Old Navy.  The blue raffia bag is one of a kind!  It's from Africa and I won it at the Heavenly Treasures Tea during the raffle!

Princess Sparkles and the "Secret Guy"
The thing about pattern mixing is I don't have any idea what I'm doing whatsoever.  I just try and mask my ignorance with confidence.  Most of the time I just put it together and hope that it works.  So sshhhh, don't tell anyone, it'll be our little secret!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Neon Yellow and a Flexible Sleeper

Luckily for me, Bucket is a flexible sleeper.
He often has to fall asleep on the go or has to be roused in the middle of a nap.
Sometimes his naps are in the car, the stroller, a wagon or the closet.
He's even fallen asleep on a blanket in the middle of the floor during a party.
This would never have happened with Princess Sparkles.
But with each kid I've gotten more lax.

NEON YELLOW TOP - Splendid (via Loehmanns)
DENIM CAPRIS - American Eagle (hand-me-down)
COLORFUL WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target
BRACELETS - T & J (giveaway), Heavenly Treasures (party favor)

Sophia Vergara - Monday's Inspiration

Here's my outfit for "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds.  It's a Splendid neon yellow top with denim capris and my favorite Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges.  I'll admit I did have to change into shorts later because it got so hot!  The T & J aqua bracelet I won from a "Monday Mingle" giveaway, and the Heavenly Treasures beaded bracelet I got as a party favor at a tea a few weeks ago.

Bucket sleeps between his sisters

Bucket sleeps in wagon covered by a mat

I realize I so rarely wear regular denim.  Probably because I'm so obsessed with bright colored skinnies and cut-offs.  But I like jeans, they're comfy and extremely versatile, kind of like a third child!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Patriotic Cut-Offs and a Parade

"Mommy, I can't hold your hand.  I'm waving to the people."
Princess Sparkles marched in a parade on Independence Day.
She even had the princess wave, which she learned at Disneyland.
Meanwhile, when asked about her favorite part of the fireworks,
Pigtails replied, "the dog."  It was sitting next to us at the park.

BLACK SANDALS - Target (thrifted)
FEDORA - Eugenia Kim for Target

L-R: Rimmel (midnight blue), Essie (limited addiction),
Sally Hansen (Blue Pacific), Essie (Lapis of Luxery), Essie (Playa del Platinum)

Here's what I wore for the 4th of July.  I was so excited by these printed cut-offs from Forever 21.  I decided to go with a black nursing tank for easy feeding for Bucket (it was a long day) and this long navy vest so I wasn't just in my tank top.  The sandals were thrifted from the GW and the hat was one I purchased when Eugenia Kim did a design for Target. 

Princess Sparkles and Pigtails watch fireworks and/or dog

Sparkles in the parade

I'm very excited to wear my patriotic cut-offs, for every American holiday and especially for the summer Olympics.  They are surprisingly versatile and a parade of fun!

***Don't forget about the $50 Shabby Apple gift card giveaway!  Go here to enter.