Friday, June 29, 2012

Webster for Target and a Real Mommy

"Are you my real mommy?"
Princess Sparkles asked me while we were shopping.
I looked at her dumbfounded.  She caught me off guard... Again.
I heard a woman nearby crack up.
She told me her daughters used to call her stepmother.  Like Cinderella.
I smiled and told Sparkles,
"Yes, I'm your real mommy. I am not a fake mommy."
She flashed a smile, "Oh mommy, I know."

ORANGE CUT-OFFS - Forever 21, $12.50 (find 'em here)
TRAPEZE TANK - Webster for Target (thrifted), $5 (find it here)
CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
STRAPPY WEDGES - Old Navy, $13

Here is my casual Friday outfit.  To be honest, my entire week tends to be casual lately.  I'm obsessed with Forever 21 cut-offs because, well, they're only $12.50 and for that price you could almost buy one in every color (don't worry, Camo, I didn't).  The Webster tank I first saw on clearance at Target in a different print but immediately returned it after I found this one at the thrift store.  Gotta love GW!!! 

Princess Sparkles and her "real" mommy

I really do appreciate Target's designer brands (especially when I can pick them up for less at the GW near my mom's house!).  It allows us regular peeps to have real designer pieces!

Monday, June 25, 2012

eShakti Floral Maxi Dress and "Bed Bugs"

Besides playing dress up and doing dance shows,
Princess Sparkles and Pigtails really like to play with bugs.
They like to dig them up and keep them as "pets."
They even use leaves to "put them to bed."
This is not my favorite activity but as long as it keeps them busy
(and they keep them OUTSIDE)
then I'm happy they're happy.

BRACELET - Jewelry by Cynde Daniels
PEARL CLUSTER RING - Heavenly Treasures

Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Michelle Trachtenberg in a maxi dress and denim jacket.  I was thrilled since I just got a new maxi dress from eShakti.  Still being in "post pregnancy" form, I decided to go with a stretchy one.  As soon as I saw this one-shoulder floral maxi, I knew this is the one I wanted!  It's the perfect length and oh so cute.  The only issue I had is it's a tad big.  I did take my measurements, but because the fabric is stretchy I could've sized down.  However, with the help of a belt, I was able to fix the situation! 

Some gorgeous dresses I'm eyeing from eShakti:

eShakti is a great online store with plenty to choose from.  What makes eShakti so special is they customize their clothing - length, sleeves, even necklines!!!  They have so many cute fabrics and styles, something for every size and shape.  I really appreciated that they asked me my height for this maxi dress and then made it accordingly!  And they're so affordable, especially right now while they're having an amazing 4th of July sale!

Pigtails and Princess Sparkles put their bugs to bed

It's so hard to find a maxi dress just the right length so it's really exciting when you find a store that will customize it for you!  Because while some little princesses like to collect bugs, I have an affinity for maxi dresses!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flannel Shirt, Animal Print Skirt and a Dirty Car

"People are looking at me in the car,"
Princess Sparkles said proudly, wearing a green dress and her hair in braids.
"They probably think I'm a princess."
I didn't want to tell her that people can't see into our car... It's too dirty.

ANIMAL PRINT SKIRT - H&M (thrifted), $3.50
FLANNEL SHIRT - ARTINE via Anonymous (gifted)
PURSE - Cynthia Rowley (thrifted), $9
BOOTIES - Madden Girl (thrifted), $10

I wore this last week.  My mom, Fair Isle, thrifted the animal print H&M skirt for me and I paired it with a layered flannel shirt I got from Anonymous.  The booties are Madden Girl and the purse is Cynthia Rowley, both also thrifted from GW.

Princess Sparkles in her green gown and many braids

I love throwing on a flannel shirt, it always gives an outfit a little edge.  Whether you're a princess in a dress or a mommy in cut-offs and a tee that needs to wash her car, it's the perfect go-to piece!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Palm Tank, Mint Skinny Jeans and a Handful of Spinach

My kids love spinach.
They don't know it, but they do.
I secretly sneak it into their fruit smoothies.
Handfuls of it!
I've even gotten them to drink kale.
It's the best way to give them their vegetables.
No complaining.  And they even ask for seconds!

MINT SKINNY JEANS - Flying Monkey (via Anonymous), gifted
PINK HEELS - Seychelles, $20

Monday's Inspiration - Aubrey Plaza

Here is my "Inspiration Monday" outfit thanks to the lovely ladies at Two Birds.  How excited I was to see some colored skinnies and decided to whip out my fave mint green Flying Monkey ones!  I paired it with my $5 H&M tank, pink heels and an Old Navy cotton long sleeve shirt.  The long sleeve shirt is great because it sorta works as a faux blazer!

Pigtails with a spinach smoothie moustache

I was thrilled that H&M was having their huge sale and I got this top for $5.  It's perfect for post pregnancy because it's loose, comfy and the pattern helps camouflage "stuff."  Kinda like frozen strawberries in a spinach smoothie!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Neons, Florals and a Know It All

"When you get older, Pigtails, you can know everything like me,"
Princess Sparkles told her little sister.
"Babies don't know anything.  Just how to cry and spit up.
Bucket spits up a lot."
It's true, he does.  Maybe she does know everything.

NEON SWEATER AND WEDGES - Old Navy, $6 and $13
ORANGE CUT-OFFS - See Through Soul (Nordstrom Rack), $30
FLORAL TANK - Marshalls, $13
HAT - Eugenia Kim for Target, $17
BRACLETS - Heavenly Treasures

This week I'm participating in "Fashion Challenge: This or That Trends" from Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  I decided to combine the last half of the trends in this one outfit - florals, neon and colored bottoms!  I was excited because this also allows me to link up with Everybody Everywear's neon challenge! 

Princess Sparkles teaches Pigtails and Bucket "everything."

I love wearing neon colors.  They're so bold and fun!  Though I have to admit I'm not always sure exactly what to pair them with.  Maybe I should ask Princess Sparkles!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tribal Print, Zebra Print and Pure Yumminess

"You are my yummy girls,"
I told Princess Sparkles and Pigtails as we sat on the couch.
"No," Pigtails replied.  "You're not eating me!"
I laughed and planted a big juicy one on that delicious cheek!

RED JEANS - Urban Outfitters, $20
BRACELET, EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
ZEBRA PLEATED SKIRT - By Spiryt (Anonymous)
GREEN BURNOUT SHIRT - Alternative Apparel
RED PURSE - B Makowsky
AQUA WEDGES - Target (thrifted)

Monday's Inspiration - Kate Bosworth

This week I'm participating in "Fashion Challenge: This or That Trends" from Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  Because I don't blog everyday, I thought I'd try putting a couple of the trends together - solid brights, bold prints, tribal prints and platforms!  I got this colorful top from a friend for my birthday.  I love the beaded details on the neckline.  The jeans were on sale at Urban Outfitters and they fit so comfortably!  The platforms are JC knock-offs from GoJane and they give me 4-5 more inches. 

Here's another outfit I wore for "Inspiration Monday" too from the lovely ladies at Two Birds.  It's a zebra pleated midi skirt and my favorite t-shirt brand, Alternative Apparel.  The necklace was another wonderful gift from my mom, who handmade it!

Camouflage feeds our yummy girls a yummy peach.

I love doing fashion challenges and inspiration link-ups because they inspire me to wear my clothes in different ways.  I really enjoy wearing bold colors and prints, especially tribal ones!  They're just so darn yummy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Turquoise Flying Monkey Jeans, Neon Stripes and a Yoga Puppy

Pigtails loves to exercise with me. 
She'll lie next to me and do sit ups, or stand and do squats.
The other day I saw her doing yoga poses.
I smiled and told her to do "downward dog."
Suprisingly she got on her hands and feet in the position,
Then she gave me a big "woof!"

TURQUOISE SKINNY JEANS - Flying Monkey, gifted (via Anonymous)
COLORFUL WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target

I love wearing bright colors all together!  These turquoise skinnies were a birthday gift from my friends, Fierce and Fedora.  I love turquoise because it seems to go with every other bright color!  The striped neon shirt was on clearance at Old Navy for $6 and those wedges are the ones I got a few years back from the Cynthia Vincent for Target collection.  They are my favorite and like the turquoise skinnies, they too seem to match everything!

Princess Sparkles and Pigtails do yoga.  Namaste!

I've been pretty tired lately.  Having three kids under 5 has definitely drained me.  But a bright colored wardrobe and a little exercise (maybe some caffeine too!), helps me feel refreshed.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kimono Top and Girl Band

"We're a girl band,"
Princess Sparkles said as she strummed her toy guitar.
Pigtails, dressed in sunglasses, wings and a serious attitude, 
shook her hips and clapped her hands.
Sparkles pointed to her sister,
"Her name's Leah and my name's Tia."

Monday's Inspiration - Jenna Dewan Tatum

FLOWY KIMONO TOP - Loehmanns, $8
DENIM CUT-OFFS - Paige Premium Denim (Nordstrom Rack)
CUFF, NECKLACES - Heavenly Treasures
BLACK HANDBAG - Isabella Fiore (thrifted), $3.50
BLACK TIE UP WEDGES - Old Navy, $15 (gifted)

After seeing the "Inspiration Monday" outfit from Two Bird's blog, I chose this flowy kimono-like top I bought from Loehmanns for $8 to dress up my nursing tank top.  I wore Paige denim cut offs instead of jeans because it's been so hot here.  The tie up wedges are from Old Navy (thanks to my best friend, Plaid!), the jewelry is from Heavenly Treasures, and the purse is the thrifted Isabella Fiore treasure my mom, Fair Isle, found at the Salvation Army for $3.50!!!

"The Girl Band" featuring Leah and Tia

I've really been into wearing denim cut-offs lately.  Partly because it's almost summer and hot here, but also because I like a little edge with my girly pieces.    Now if I just whip out my harmonica, maybe Princess Sparkles and Pigtails will let me join the girl band!