Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wow, I Wore 3 Outfits Today!

Running Shirt - Target, $12.99 (exact)
Running Pants - TJ Maxx, $14.99 (similar)
Running Shoes - Asics, $59.95 (similar)
Visor - Adidas, $9.95 (similar)

Being a mom is fun...like when you finally get out to go for a run with your (almost) 1-year old because it's usually the best nap she gets all day but instead of sleeping she decides to throw a fit and in the end you only run a quarter of what you normally do, and end up having to carry your (almost) 1-year old back to the car ( 2 miles!!!). She doesn't nap but she does poop. You have to clean it in the car, you're nearly out of wipes, and it gets on stuff.

Cardigan - Express, $29.99 (similar)
Dress - Last Chance Boutique, $10
Boots - Target, $39.99 (exact)

Later, force yourself to dress cute to 3-1/2 year old's dance class (because, you did decide to write that fashion blog, after all, and what would people think?).  Then try to keep the cute outfit on for the rest of the day.  Get uncomfortable, especially when no one in the house naps but you want to take one so you lie on the couch for 2 minutes (just enough time to fall asleep) and wake to the sound of, “Momma, I have to go poo poo!” You yell, “Can't you do it yourself?” But you know it won't be pretty and it's just better if you get up now and help (though it's best to act like you're “not helping” so 3-1/2 year old feels independent).

Sweater - Thrift Store (Thanks, Mom!)
Shorts - GAP (similar)
Boots - UGG (similar)

Finally, go to the grocery store but wear "Old Korean Man's Sweater" (no really, looked at the tag and it's Korean) your mom bought you from the thrift store because you said you wanted something fair isle and well, it's kinda fair isle-ish.  It's also bright.  Really bright.  If you were lost in the mountains while hiking, this is the sweater you'd want to be wearing.  You consider wearing it with fringe boots, but out of better fashion judgment, decide to keep it simple. 

Realize you were wrong.  Technically it's 4 outfits since you're now wearing flannel pajama pants and v-neck t-shirt, ready for bed.  But won't get to go to bed for a few hours.  Why?  Because although it seems like you did so much today, you really didn't get anything done (is that actually possible?).  Sigh.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow...


Jan said...

Sounds like I missed an eventful run today! ;) I must admit, I was a bit disappointed that you didn't post a photo of the "Old Korean Man's Sweater." I love your mom's thrift store finds! Makes me reminisce about my high school days when I used to frequent thrift stores and find the coolest funky and retro pieces! ...and oh yes, the poo stories. To-be independent or not...aaaahhh! You've inspired me to hit the thrift stores again! ;)

Claire said...

Jan, too funny! You're so fast!!! I actually wanted to post the writing first then put in the pictures (because I had to edit/write on them). So now you will get the wonderful picture of the OKMS. Haha. Yes, missed you on the run. But be glad you weren't there. Pigtails was screaming constantly. But she stopped once I held her. Ayayay! And yes, hit the thrift store. It's fun. And cheap!!!

D said...

Sounds like you had an "i deserve a $25 foot massage day." you may laugh about it after you get a good night's rest. Lucky that almost-one isn't chunky altho you did say she was great for doing free wt exercises. didn't know you could read Korean..thought asian men didn't wear brites unless they were extremely hip. some old man must be really missing his favorite sweater that accidentally went to the thrift shop

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