Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Layers: Long Over Long and "Quiet" TV Time

"Does anyone know where the TV remote is?"
I asked but didn't expect the girls to know.
"Momma, come he-ya, come he-ya,"
Pigtails shouted as she ran to my bedroom.
Guess the girl was desperate to watch a show...
(please don't judge, my girls have actually learned stuff
AND it's kept me from going completely insane).

STRIPED SKIRT - Old Navy, $15
BROWN TOP - Gap Maternity (hand-me-down)
NAVY CARDIGAN - Express, $15
NUDE BALLET FLATS - Me Too, $8 (thrifted)

Today I'm linking up to "Fashion Challenge: Layer Up," hosted by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  They always come up with something really creative!  This is actually tomorrow's challenge, "long over long" (today was "cropped over long" but the cropped wasn't looking great with my pregnant belly hanging out), so I decided to go with a maxi skirt from Old Navy and a long cardigan.  I also wore a long necklace for extra credit.  The Me Too flats are leather and a thrifted treasure I got from GW!

My TV junkies having some "quiet time" at Fair Isle's house

I've had a long day and it's still early!  Princess Sparkles had a dentist appointment that didn't go so well (and I cried in front of everyone - seriously embarrassing).  Then Pigtails decided to take off her own poopy diaper...again.  Maybe I'm just pregnant and tired.  Really tired.  I think I need to throw on some sweats, turn on the TV and veg myself!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Patterned Leggings and a Junk Bed

Princess Sparkles loves her new bunk bed.
She now goes to sleep at night willingly.  Yay!
She likes to "protect" her bed with lots of dolls and animals.
It actually looks more like a junk bed than a bunk bed :)

Monday's Inspiration - Taylor Swift

BLACK TOP - Gap Maternity (hand-me-down)
BRACELETS - Forever 21, Cynde Daniels
PURSE, CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
HAT - Made by my mom
BOOTS - Frye (gifted)

I'm back in leggings, boots and a sweater thanks to "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds.  I went with a cardigan because it's warm here.  This 20's style hat a favorite my mom, Fair Isle, knitted for me.  And these Frye boots are so comfy.  I'm so thankful my sister-in-law, Argyle, gifted me with them!  The Heavenly Treasures purse is from Thailand, and it's been so versatile for me since so many of my maternity outfits have been neutrals!

The new bunk bed (after limiting Sparkles to 10 "friends" to slumber with)

Both girls were born on Saturdays so Camouflage and I thought it was possible the baby might come over the weekend. But baby stayed put for now.  It could be any day now which is good since even my maternity clothes are starting to NOT fit.  Once the third arrives Camo and I too are going to need to limit the number of guests in our bed, otherwise no one's going to get good sleep!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flower Head Bands and My Blog Turns 1!

Pigtails loves a head band.
Mostly because her sister loves a head band.
Sometimes she'll wear it in her hair, just like Princess Sparkles.
But other times she'll do her own thing and wear it...differently.
She's always surprising me with her creativity.
I think she might be a fashion genius.
(I'm not biased or anything)

BLACK AND WHITE DRESS - Motherhood Maternity (thrifted), $2.50
BLACK CARDIGAN - Motherhood Maternity, $15
BOW EARRINGS - Gifted from Polly (a blog friend from Bulgaria)
BLACK BOOTIES - Madden Girl (thrifted), $10

Today began my 38th week of pregnancy.  I can't believe it!  I'm also proud to say after I wore this black and white one, I've now worn every single maternity dress I own (and I have a lot of them!).  There are a few pants and skirts I haven't worn yet, but hey, I have two more weeks...maybe.  I also wore these cute bow earrings that I received from my "Secret Santa," Polly, who lives in Bulgaria and has a wonderfully stylish blog, Polly's Boudoir!

My "fashion genius" models a tutu of flower head bands.

A few days ago my blog turned 1!  I can't believe it's been a year since I started.  So much has happened over the last year.  Not only has my style evolved but I've gotten pregnant and figured out what I like to blog about (fashion and my kids!).  I've also made some amazing blog friends!  Thank you for being part of the journey!  I may not be a "fashion genius" but I have really enjoyed doing this blog!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Pirate, A Doctor and A Dentist

"Look, Momma, I'm a pirate!"
Princess Sparkles said with a headband across her eye like a patch. 
I giggled and told her she was very clever.
"Now I'm a doctor, see?"
Sparkles had moved her headband over her forehead.
Then she put it over her mouth.  I asked her what she was.
"Moooommmma, I'm a dentist!"  Obviously.

AQUA SHIRT - Gap Maternity (hand-me-down)
BROWN MATERNITY SKIRT - In Due Time (hand-me-down)
NECKLACE, CUFF, PURSE - Heavenly Treasures

Here is my attempt at wearing more color.  I usually have a very bright closet but my maternity clothes are mostly neutral.  Being almost 38 weeks, I needed the colorful pick me up.  Also, my camera broke so I'm stuck using my iPhone and only taking photos when I can find someone to do it for me.  Good thing I have my poses down.


Dr. Sparkles

"Open wide so I can check your teeth!"

I'm really looking forward to wearing my regular clothes again.  It'll be like having a whole new wardrobe!  But until then I have to be creative, like Princess Sparkles, and find multiple ways to wear my maternity pieces!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year - Knee High Socks and A Slide

"Weeeeeee!!!"  Pigtails exclaimed as her figurines went down the "slide."
I recently went to the GAP and found a fabulous pair of heels for $6 (originally $80!). 
Of course they weren't my size but they did fit my sister, Polka Dots
Because somebody needed to have those shoes I bought them for her. 
Pigtails liked them too and so did her dolls!
TANK TOP - Gap Maternity
LEGGINGS - Forever 21
HAT - Albertus Swanepoel for Target
SUEDE BOOTS - Jessica Simpson
Monday's Inspiration: Eva Longoria

"Gung hei fa choi!" To those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year, I hope that the year of the dragon is a prosperous one!

Today was a cold rainy day. I'm sure the rest of the country would laugh at us Californians for even calling it cold (except maybe for Hawaii). I was very happy to participate in Two Bird's "Monday Inspiration" since I could wear a cozy sweater, leggings, warm socks and boots. I also love wearing a hat on rainy days!

Leather/Linen heels on clearance for $6 at the GAP

Wee!  Pigtails uses Polka Dots' shoes as a slide.

I wish our weather would make up it's mind.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's.  You might even find me in shorts and a t-shirt at the park.  Pigtails' figurines won't be the only ones going down the slide!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Striped Maternity Dress, GS Lillian Necklace and Mermaids

"Mommy, last night I had a good dream!"
Princess Sparkles has been having nightmares about biting orange spiders,
so it came as such a relief to hear she had a good dream. 
I asked her what she dreamed about and she told me,
"You were a mermaid and you turned me into one too!"

NAVY AND WHITE STRIPED DRESS - Motherhood Maternity (thrifted), $2.50
NAVY CARDIGAN - Express, $15
BOOTIES - Old Navy, $6.50
HANNAH NECKLACE - c/o Shelly at GS Lillian

Hannah Necklace - GS Lillian
(get yours here)

This is one of the fabulous thrifted maternity dresses that came from my sister, Polka Dots, in Hawaii.  I must say the people over there in Hawaii have some really great taste!  The booties are from Old Navy clearance.  This beautiful Hannah Necklace was given to me by Shelly over at GS Lillian.  She asked me in December to do a guest post and as a "thank you" I received this amazing necklace!  It also comes in different colors.  If you haven't checked out Shelly's blog or her GS Lillian jewelry, you definitely have to do so!!!

Princess Sparkles in mermaid costume with "added flair!"

There's nothing more fun than receiving packages in the mail, especially when they're surprises, like clothes and accessories, from someone else.  I really appreciate the thrifted dresses and the beautiful necklace.  It's like a good mermaid dream come true!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plaid Leggings, Sally Hansen Salon Effects and a Few Reminders

"Momma, I hungee!" 
Yesterday we had eaten but forgot to feed Pigtails since she was napping. 
Being the 2nd child is tough.  And it's not getting easier when baby arrives.
"Momma, change pants!"
She often tells me when she needs a diaper change too.  Bad mommy.

PLAID LEGGINGS - Hue (thrifted)
BROWN TANK - Gap Maternity
BLACK CARDIGAN - Motherhood Maternity
FEDORA - Forever 21
BOOTS - Frye
Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Thank goodness for leggings.  My legs are probably the thinnest part of me (though maybe not my ankles) so it's something I like to wear.  These fun leggings were a Christmas gift from my mom, Fair Isle, who thrifted them new!  And the boots are my Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, Argyle

I also decided to try out Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  This plaid one was on clearance at Target (since it's "Christmas-y").  Even though it comes with one set for each hand, if you have short nails like me you can cut them and get two sets out of them!  They were easier than I imagined, though I definitely had some trial and error this first time.

Pigtails "cooks" since her mommy forgets to feed her :(

Speaking of cooking, this little baby is almost ready to come out.  I'll be full term (37 weeks) on Friday.  Good thing Pigtails learned to speak early because once the new baby arrives I'll really be in need of reminders... 

***Linking up to Silverstyle's "Trending Through The Decades: Neutrals"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tuxedo Jacket, Joe's "Erin" Boots and Chauffeur

"Later can the baby drive me to McDonald's?"
Princess Sparkles asked if the baby could drive her when they grow up. 
(Yes, sometimes my kids eat McD's... please don't judge).
I told her she was the eldest, therefore she would most likely do the driving. 
She liked that idea...

GREEN DRESS - Motherhood Maternity (thrifted)
ORANGE PURSE - Heavenly Treasures
JOE'S OPEN TOE ANKLE BOOTIES - Loehmanns, $65 (orig. $300)
***please ignore the wrinkles, I sat a lot at church :)

Monday's Inspiration - Emma Stone

Here's what I wore to church today.  I checked out Two Bird's "Monday Inspiration," and decided to go with a printed tuxedo jacket from F21 and a thrifted maternity dress my sister, Polka Dots, sent me from Hawaii.  I also was excited to wear my new Joe's open toe ankle booties I got from Loehmanns.  I used coupons and discounts.  They were originally $300 and I got them for $65!!!

Future Chauffeur - Princess Sparkles (wearing an Old Navy hand-me-down)
I've been really lucky to inherit a lot of great maternity clothes (It's also been nice to have receive thrifted dresses from Hawaii!).  I have about a few weeks left to wear them all.  I guess sometimes it's nice to NOT be the first one to do things (like have kids), then you can benefit from those who have gone before you...though I think Princess Sparkles is happy she'll be the first to drive!