Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nautical Dress #2

Dress - Forever 21, $10.80 (exact)
Hat, Forever 21, $3 (similar)
Cuff - Heavenly Treasures, $15
Sweater - Motherhood, $15 (similar)
Shoes - Target, $10 (similar)

I have this new rule.  We'll call it FASHION RULE #3 (#1 being "if you buy it, you should be able to wear it 3 ways" and #2...I'm sure I wrote another one in there somewhere).  So here it is...

"When buying a new article of clothing or pair of shoes I should wait at least 5 days before wearing it." 

That way I'll either find a bunch of things from my closet that will go with the new item OR I'll just be over it and can return it (and I'll still have that buyer's high from buying something that day, but it won't cost me anything!).  Either way it's a win-win.


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