Monday, October 31, 2011

Albertus Swanpoel for Target Hat and a Halloween Parade

WHITE TANK - Zoe Clothing Co.
CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
PURPLE/BROWN FEDORA - Albertus Swanpoel for Target
Monday's Inspiration - Jaime King

Saturday I took Princess Sparkles and Pigtails to a costume parade at a local senior home.  It started out with Sparkles putting on some dress, wings and heels.  She told me, "I don't want to be a mermaid, I want to be a Princess Fairy."  Basically she was wearing her everyday clothes.  I tried to get her to put the mermaid costume she had for Halloween on but it was a battle I wasn't going to win.

Another battle I wasn't going to win was Pigtails wearing the cute goldfish costume my mom, Fair Isle, made for her.  She wasn't having it and I tried really hard but she just lied down and screamed. 

Princess Fairy Sparkles
An unhappy goldfish
  Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Jaime King.  I really want a pair of red maternity jeans though I feel like I shouldn't.  So the only "colorful" maternity jeans I have are these green ones.  I decided to pair it with my adorable "Green Flower" tank from Zoe Clothing Co who also happens to be hosting a generous $50 Giveaway on my blog (so go here and enter now!).  This jacket I got on the Old Navy clearance rack for $11 and I went to Target early on Sunday morning to pick up the Albertus Swanpoel for Target hats.  I got 4!!!  This purple and brown one is my favorite one!
Anyway, I'm really excited about Halloween!  It's so much fun seeing all the kids in their costumes and watching them trick or treat.  Although, not really sure which costume Princess Sparkles will choose for the day and if Pigtails will even wear a costume at all!  Either way it'll still be a fun one!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Brights - Red Maxi Skirt and a Fur Vest

RED CASHMERE SKIRT - Thrifted (Thanks, Mom!)
FUR VEST - Forever 21

Last night I went out with some girlfriends.  We went to dinner at Taste on Melrose and a fabulous comedy improv show called "Groundlings."  It was a really fun night out and I laughed a lot.  I told Princess Sparkles to be extra good for her daddy since she was going to Disneyland today with my cousins.  I had to drop Sparkles off really early, so I asked Camo to dress Sparkles in something I could take her and go in.  I smiled when I got home because Sparkles was indeed all ready to go, dressed in jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.  I was surprised she didn't have her shoes on too :)

Here's what I wore on the night out with the girls.  Funny thing is I knew everyone else would be wearing jeans and a cute top but I decided to go all out.  Plus I was already thinking about what I was going to wear for "Fashion Challenge" which was Fall Brights.  At first I was just wearing the black cardigan, but after some thought I decided the fur vest really made this outfit more fun.  I was excited to also wear leopard heels (yes, I know I'm pregnant) and my GS Lillian necklace.

I love getting dressed up to go out, but I have to say that as soon as I get home I love taking off all my make up and throwing on my pajamas (even if it's in the middle of the day).  So unlike Princess Sparkles, you would never catch me sleeping in a pair of jeans...even if they were jeggings!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

$50 Giveaway from Zoe Clothing Co

STRIPED GREEN DRESS - Motherhood Maternity
FEATHER HEADBAND - Downtown LA Fashion District

"Mommy, would a princess wear this?"  This is the question I get from Princess Sparkles every morning while she gets dressed.  For 4 years Sparkles would wear anything I put on her, but that time is over and now she will only wear things that are "pretty" (i.e. pink, frilly, shiny or poofy).  Another mother recently said, "how cute that your daughter dressed in costume for the pumpkin patch" and I had to let her know it wasn't a costume.

Sparkles and Pigtails
in "princess" attire
I'm participating in "Fashion Challenge" from Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  Today's challenge is midi or maxi.  This wasn't too hard considering almost all of my maternity dresses are midi (yay for the trend!!!).  I'm also linking up to Pleated Poppy's "What I Wore Wednesday" and Momma Go Round's "Real Momma Real Style."

Zoe Clothing Co has kindly offered to GIVEAWAY $50 to a lucky Spinning Threads reader to spend at their online store!  They are a fabulous Christian clothing company who makes some really amazing t-shirts, dresses, kids clothes, sweatshirts and more! 

Here's how to enter:
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You have until Wednesday, November 2nd to enter.  Good luck! 

Here are some of my favorites from their store:

Black Dress - $30
Fruit of the Spirit - $22

Rain - $22
Green Flower - $25
If you want to buy something now they are giving 20% off all women's t-shirts and outerwear for joining their facebook page and/or email list!

Anyway, I'm super excited about this and so thankful to Zoe Clothing Co for their generous giveaway.  Seriously, check out their clothes.  They have something for everyone, even Princess Sparkles would approve!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Predictions from the Donut Shop Lady

FEATHER TRIM WOOL CLOCHE - Forever 21 (exact)
LIGHT BLUE PYRAMID BRACELET - T&J Designs via Monday Mingle Giveaway (exact)

A while ago I went to a donut shop with Camouflage and the girls.  The woman behind the counter looked at me and asked, "How many months?"  I embellished slightly and rounded up a month.  She examined me, "boy or girl?"  I didn't know yet but asked her what she thought (I'm half Chinese and Chinese people always seem to know these things).  She looked at me then touched my belly.  "Probably a girl.  Because you're wide in the back area."  She extended her arms out.  Then to slightly make it not as insulting she said, "but maybe it's the dress." 

Here's the dress I was wearing to the Donut Shop:
TRIBAL PRINT DRESS - Heavenly Treasures

I recently joined the "Fashion Challenge" hosted by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  I always love their challenges, and today was snake or leopard.  I decided to wear the new top I got at Old Navy for $9.  I had seen my blog friends at [oomph.] and Find Your Fashion Steal My Style wearing this top and knew I had to have it.  I desperately tried NOT to copy their versions so I went with these white maternity jeans and my Forever 21 cloche.  I'm in love with the feathers!  To round it out I wore this T+J Designs bracelet I won from Monday Mingle!  Isn't it lovely?!!!

Anyway, besides being $9, the thing that sold me on this leopard top was it was NOT maternity and it fit well (meaning, I could button it).  I love the way it loosely hangs over the jeans and the print helps camouflage my belly.  In fact, I'm hoping that it I actually makes me look like I'm having a boy when I wear this top!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Colorful Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans and Old Navy Suede Wedge Boots


MONDAY'S INSPIRATION - Sarah Jessica Parker

now 50% off in stores!!!
"I don't like boys."  That's what Princess Sparkles told me while driving home from school last week.  She was talking about princesses and how boys didn't fit into that.  And I asked, "but I thought you wanted to marry a prince?"  Then she told me, "princes are okay because you need to marry them and then you kiss."  I was slightly concerned about the kissing part...

I know it's Sunday, but I thought I'd post my "Inspiration Monday" outfit today.  I was thrilled when I saw Two Birds had picked SJP wearing a wrap sweater since my mom, Fair Isle, just gave me this thrifted treasure!  It's perfect for a 24 week pregnant lady like myself!  I also wore these wedge booties I found at Old Navy for 50% off.  I love these because not only can you wear them with jeans but they look great with shorts and dresses too!!!

Flying Monkey Blue Skinny Jeans - $60
Flying Monkey Jeans Coral Denim Pants - $74

Speaking of jeans, I'm totally coveting these colorful ones from Anonymous Venice!  I really REALLY want some and Flying Monkey makes the best ones for a good price.  I even wore a pair of these pregnant!!!  They have just the right amount of stretch and don't get loose and baggy when you wear them all day.  Right now Anonymous Venice is having a 20% off $50 sale with the code: mytreat.

wearing my Flying Monkey jeans pregnant!!!
I'm loving my new sweater and the only thing that could make it even better is wearing it with those awesome Flying Monkey Blue Skinny Jeans!  I wonder how much longer I could fit those babies.  Maybe this time around I won't get as big.  That would be fabulous!  Almost as good as kisses (though in Princess Sparkles' case, I hope the only "boy kisses" she'll be getting are from her daddy!!!).

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zoe Clothing Co and a Burgundy Floppy Hat

GRAPHIC TOP - Zoe Clothing Co (exact)
EARRINGS - Jewelry Party
FLOPPY HAT - Forever 21
WEDGE BOOTS - Steve Madden

It's funny how kids ignore you when you ask them to do something (i.e. "pick up your toys,""go to bed") until you talk about something they want (i.e. chocolate chip cookies or watching TV).  Although many times I think Princess Sparkles is not paying attention to my conversation with Camouflage in the car until later when she asks me details about it.  I realize I really have to watch what I say around my kids because they hear EVERYTHING (at least what they're not supposed to)!!!

Minnie Mouse ears  help
Sparkles hear everything!
I recently received this awesome new shirt courtesy of Zoe Clothing Co.  Zoe makes super stylish, comfy Christian attire that anyone can wear.  I love this shirt because it's NOT maternity but works well with the belly.  It'll also be great after I give birth!  I decided to keep it simple (since it's just such a fab shirt) and pair it with my denim leggings (I know, so 2009, but they're extremely comfy for my pregnant self!), knee high boots and my burgundy floppy hat from Forever 21 (I'm obsessed with their hats!!!)

Anyway, the thing I love about Zoe's shirts is even though they have an encouraging message, they aren't in your face.  Like this shirt, the graphic is a subtle reminder to be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves."  Isn't that cool?!  It's the kind of message even Princess Sparkles might pay attention to!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GAP Maternity Wrap Dress and Jeffrey Campbell Wedge Booties

WEDGE BOOTIES - Jeffrey Campbell
FRINGE PURSE - Last Chance Boutique

WEEK 23!!!

"I'm not wearing any panties!"  Princess Sparkles announced to her entire gymnastics class.  I was horrified as I read that in a text from an embarrassed Camouflage.  Poor Camo, nothing like hearing your daughter announce something like that, especially when you innocently had no idea.  Earlier Sparkles had woken me from a nap with Pigtails, "Momma I peed in my pants."  Luckily it wasn't anything major (probably just a small leak while trying to get on the toilet) but I changed her pants anyway and was too lazy to throw on another pair of underwear.  I've learned my lesson...

Here is the maternity dress I wore to the 4th birthday party of Fancy's son, Elvis, on Saturday.  It's one of the dresses I bought on clearance this third time around.  The pattern sort of reminds me of an animal print.  I paired it with my favorite Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I love these because they make me really tall and yet they're so comfortable.  I know I'm 23 weeks pregnant, but I just can't stop wearing big shoes!

Anyway, Princess Sparkles wanted to be part of my pictures (obviously), and in fact took over the entire photo shoot.  At least in these she has built in shorts with her denim skirt (she added the hat and did her own poses).  And thank goodness, she's wearing panties so there won't be any "oops" in these!

Momma Go Round

Monday, October 17, 2011

Living Dolls

BROWN CORDS - Gap Maternity
LEOPARD RING - Forever 21

This morning I emerged from the kitchen to find the girls in their toy box playing.  I wasn't sure what exactly was going on but they seemed to be amused and not fighting which are two very good things.  When I asked Princess Sparkles what she and Pigtails were doing she told me, "we are dolls.  And we are being very very still so you can't find us."  I laughed and asked why she didn't want me to find her and she said, "because you were mad at me for knocking over my cup."  Oops.  I felt a little bad about that one.

Little dolls, Sparkles and Pigtails
Today's "Inspiration Monday" from the ladies at Two Birds is Vanessa Hudgens in a brown-toned monochromatic leopard outfit.  I don't usually copy a look so closely, but I really liked it (though have to admit it didn't necessarily photograph all that well).  I was excited to put on my leopard top since this is probably the last time I can wear it for a while since the belly is growing quickly.  And I finally got to wear some cute fringy shoes I bought in downtown LA at the fashion district.

Anyway, I have to say I look forward to these days because I never have to think too hard about what to wear thanks to "Inspiration Monday."  In fact, I think I'd like to have someone else dress me sometimes.  Like celebrities and their stylists.  It'd be kinda like being a doll!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweaters with Shorts and White After Labor Day

BLUE/RED/PINK HEELS - Charlotte Russe
BLACK MATERNITY SHORTS - Joe's Jeans (Pea in the Pod)

Pigtails often becomes fixated on particular objects and will carry them around with her everywhere she goes.  For a while it was rags, then baby dolls, socks (not just her own, but other peoples' dirty ones), even an Easter egg.  Lately, Pigtails has been obsessed with her shoes.  And not just any pair but her white patent leather mary janes.  I tried to let her know that white after labor day is a "fashion faux pas" but Pigtails doesn't care.  She loves those shoes.
Pigtails' fave white mary janes
This past week I went shopping with Pastor Pleats.  October is "Pastors' Appreciation Month" and I told Pleats that every year I'd take her shopping and help her pick out clothes.  It's such a fun way to hang out.  We went to Target and Old Navy, she got lots of cute tops, sweaters, a great jacket, a pair of ankle boots, even a purse.  I tried desperately to NOT buy anything and escaped with only these two sweaters I bought on clearance for $9 each at Old Navy.  Woohoo!

Lately I've been obsessed with shorts and sweaters.  The thing is, they don't exactly "go together."  I mean, shorts are usually for spring or summer, and sweaters belong to fall and winter.  But somehow I love wearing them together whenever it's temperate enough to do so.  I guess it's kind of like wearing white patent leather mary janes after labor day.