Thursday, December 29, 2011

Red Dresses and A "Big" Surprise

Princess Sparkles loves to drink out of my cups.
If I leave water on a table I often find an empty glass in it's place.
I always tell Sparkles to ask me first, it's polite.
Tonight I was in the kitchen when I heard this hacking and spitting.
Then Princess Sparkles ran in with a horrified look on her face.
She drank from a glass on the table, but it wasn't water but an "adult beverage" Camo was consuming.
Maybe next time she'll remember to ask...

Princess Sparkles (and Mommy) in Red
RED DRESS - Motherhood Maternity
BOOTIES - Forever 21
Here is the outfits Princess Sparkles and I wore to church this past month.  Sparkles wore her "Santa" dress and I decided I would layer up the red dress I wear every holiday that I've been pregnant (which has been now quite a few!).  The Target vest I bought a few years ago because I liked it's 70's look.  Now it's so in!!!

I've really enjoyed the restful holiday.  It's been a nice break having my sister, Polka Dots, and Camo around to help out with the girls.  Normally I enjoy returning to our "routine" but with a new baby on the way (6 weeks to go!) I can only expect the finding beer in a glass you think is water!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bright Orange Cardigan and a Diaperless Kid

"Mommy, diaper," Pigtails said as she ran into my room completely naked.
Not good when your kid has undressed herself, says "diaper" and isn't wearing one.
I looked closer and saw poo all over her.  I quickly cleaned up Pigtails
I prayed the diaper was on the kitchen tile or wood floor, somewhere easy to clean.  Or better yet, maybe Pigtails threw her own diaper in the trash.  Yeah right.
Afterwards I went out to find...the diaper and some poo on the rug.  Oh well.  Could've been worse...I think

MATERNITY TOP - Motherhood Maternity (thrifted)
JEGGINGS - $4, JC Penney
WOOD BRACELET - Heavenly Treasures
BROWN BOOTS - Jessica Simpson

Almost 33 Weeks...just a few more to go!

My sister, Polka Dots, arrived today from Hawaii.  We got to do our favorite activity, shopping!  We went to Old Navy where I got this $9 bright orange cardigan (along with some leggings and a $14 wool pea coat!!!).  We had Groupons.  I also wore this top my sister thrifted in Hawaii along with a pair of jeggings I got at JC Penney for $4 (thanks to a coupon). 

Pigtails, my little poop monster.

I've just gotten so caught up with the holidays, trying to get cards out and presents wrapped, that I haven't visited very many blogs nor have I blogged myself!  I'm just so wiped out!  But I'm sending lots of happy holiday thoughts out to everyone!  Please DON'T have a poopy holiday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Anjolee Diamond Pendant and Tribal Print Jacket

Pigtails LOVES playing with stickers. 
Unfortunately she likes sticking them on walls, floors and other places that stickers don't belong (i.e. me).  The worst is when I do the laundry and find the "very clean" sticker particles melted onto the clothes or parts of the dryer :)

ORANGE PRINTED PURSE - Heavenly Treasures (from Thailand)
SILVER/GOLD CUFF - Heavenly Treasures (from India)

I love wearing prints!  Most of my maternity wardrobe is solid/neutral, so I play around with fun accessories.  I recently did something crazy and ordered this tribal print tuxedo jacket from Forever 21 during the Thanksgiving sale.  It was BOGO and free shipping but it was also final sale.  It was risky but in the end I got lucky with this jacket!  I also splurged and bought the Indian cuff and Thai purse at a Heavenly Treasures Christmas Tea event.  I've gotten so many compliments on this purse! 

Pigtails adorns me with stickers

I recently received this gorgeous Rounded Triangle Diamond Pendant from Anjolee. I was thrilled when Anjolee contacted me about reviewing one of their diamond pendants. I chose a white gold one with a peridot center stone. It's classic and can be worn everyday or dressed up for a holiday party. Anjolee makes it so easy to design your own necklace. You go to their website, choose a diamond pendant then pick what color gold and stones you want. It's so simple and the result is a lovely piece of jewelry you'll keep forever.  They also have these amazing Riviera Diamond Necklaces which are stunning and make a real statement!

I'm really excited about my new necklace.  It's a real piece of jewelry that I can pass down to my girls.  I love accessories and it's rare that I get something of this caliber, so this is a true treat!  Most of the time I'm getting the kind of jewelry that turns my finger green or wearing something lovely from the food or stickers!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sequins, Sparkles and Creative Decorating

Princess Sparkles and Pigtails love decorating for Christmas.
At Fair Isle's house they had special plastic ornaments to decorate the tree.  
Let's just say they were very creative with where they put their ornaments.

OLIVE SEQUIN MATERNITY TOP - Motherhood Maternity (hand-me-down)
MATERNITY JEANS - Paige Premium Denim (thrifted)
PIRATE HANDBAG - Siren (c/o Cat Hag giveaway)
BRONZE LOAFER WEDGES - Steve Madden (thrifted)

The Siren bag I won from the Cat Hag giveaway
Since "Everybody, Everywear" was doing Sequins and Sparkles I decided to stick with accessories.  It gave me a chance to wear this fabulous hat I picked up last year at a Shecky's Girls' Night Out event, as well as display my edgy new Siren bowling bag I won from the Cat Hag.  I'm wearing a shearling jacket I bought last time it was trendy.  I LOVE when I keep something and it comes back in style!!!

Ornaments on my mom's artwork and a pirate ship...

Yes that's a softball and yes that's an ornament hanging from the top.

Princess Sparkles' "groom" wears a basket for a hat

His friend gets a sparkley headband and carebear sticker.

Sequins and sparkles are perfect for the holidays.  I love them as day wear, but they're also great to dress up a party dress!  Basically they're ornaments for an outfit!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Leggings and a "Magic Hat"

Princess Sparkles is a hide-and-seek expert! 
Although she tends to hide in the same place (currently it's under the table), she will roll out from under it when you look, and roll back when you're done. 
Good thing Pigtails has her "magic hat" to help her find her sister!

TUNIC TEE - c/o Zoe Clothing
SWEATER - Apt. 9 (Thrifted)

Monday's Inspiration from Two Birds
FUR VEST - Sanctuary via Nordstrom
CUFF - Downtown LA
BOOTS - Jessica Simpson
I'll be the first to admit this isn't the best "inspiration" I've done.  But it's "Inspiration Monday" from the sisters at Two Birds and I wanted to participate.  These eggplant leggings (which I wore 2x last week) were in the same color vein so I thought I'd post it.  I'll try and wear some cute bell bottom pants later this week to change it up.

Pigtails wears her "magic hat" to "look for" Princess Sparkles
I know I've been wearing a lot of leggings, but when your belly sticks out as far as mine does, you'd want to wear leggings too.  I'm looking very pregnant lately.  I don't think I could hide it even if I tried really really hard.  Not even a magic hat could help me with that!

Friday, December 9, 2011

BP Ginger Over-the-Knee Boots and a Wedding

This morning I heard humming coming from the other room. 
I found Princess Sparkles "dancing" with our giant Nutcracker (the one she didn't break in half).  She smiled and told me, "I'm going to marry the Nutcracker."

NAVY TANK - 369 (thrifted)
GRAY LEGGINGS - Forever 21
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme in Posh Plum

I almost missed "Fashion Challenge: Neutrals Week," hosted by Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  I've just been so distracted with the holidays (hosted a "Naughty or Nice" Bunco party last night).  So today I decided I would wear every neutral they did this week in one outfit.  The black feather hat (Monday), the gray leggings (Tuesday) and the brown sweater (Wednesday) are all from Forever 21.  The cognac OTK boots (Thursday) are the ones I'm keeping since they're real leather and I love the color and style (it was between these and some faux leather ones from F21).  Finally, the navy tank (Friday) is thrifted from another mom's garage via craigslist!  Tomorrow's challenge is color, so I guess I could say my nails are purple!

A polka dotted bride, Princess Sparkles, with her Nutcracker groom and maid of honor, Pigtails 
Some naughty and nice treats (cupcakes and angel food cake) at my Bunco party

It was a major life decision, but I'm glad I finally chose a pair of OTK boots.  The F21 ones weren't that comfortable since they were the last pair left and a size too small.  The BP ones were leather, on sale for less than $100 and my friends wanted them (which of course makes them that much more desireable).  It's not quite as important as choosing a husband (aka Nutcracker), but pretty darn close...

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Faux Leather Fur Vest and other "Accessories"

Lately Pigtails has been really into accessorizing. 
Unlike Princess Sparkles who loves tutus, crowns and anything girly, Pigtails prefers paper bags, buckets and toys.  She's creative with how she wears them too, often over her head so she can't see.  Then she runs...right into the walls.

DRESS - Liz Lange Maternity (Target), $7
WOOD BRACELET - Heavenly Treasures
ORANGE PATENT HEELS - Vince Camuto (Thrifted), $10

Here's a maternity dress I recently got on the clearance racks at Target for $7.  I was trying hard NOT to buy anymore maternity clothes, but I couldn't help myself with this dress (and the super sweet Pastor Pleats generously gave me a Target gift card - Thanks, Pastor Pleats!).  I'm wearing it with my thrifted heels, but boots would be great too!  I'm also wearing a Target vest I purchased a few years ago.  I love it because it reminds me of the 70's!

Pigtails wearing her "hats"
and her "bracelets"
I know, I've been wearing a lot of vests lately.  But they're so practical, not only do they keep me warm and don't restrain my arms, but they help pull together an outfit.  Like Pigtails and her "hats," they've become my favorite accessory!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Maternity Outfit, Burgundy Hat and a Santa Visit

This past weekend Princess Sparkles met Santa.  She was excited and waited in line to talk to him.  She sat on his lap and asked him for a "bouncy ball."  I told her she had to wait until Christmas for her gift (***note to self, get bouncy ball!). 

Then we asked Pigtails if she wanted to sit with Santa.  She took one look at the strange guy, said "no," then quickly ran away.  Don't really blame her.

FLOPPY HAT - Forever 21
LEATHER CUFF - Made by my mom
NUDE FLATS - Me Too (thrifted)

Monday's Inspiration - Hillary and Haley Duff

"Inspiration Monday" from the sisters at Two Birds are Hillary and Haley Duff.  I decided to try and combine the two girls' looks and wore a cardigan, black jeggings, a hat and nude flats.  The top was a maternity hand-me-down from a friend and the flats were a recent Goodwill purchase.  They're real leather, never worn, Me Too flats that I saw at Nordstrom for $80 and I got them for $7!!!

Princess Sparkles:  "I want a bouncy ball for Christmas...
and my mom wants some over the knee boots.  Thank you."
These flats are perfect "pregnant lady" shoes.  I usually lean towards heels or wedges, but now that I'm bigger I'm appreciating comfortable shoes more (just like I love my leggings!).  I really want some flat heeled over the knee boots I can rock with leggings but I can't find the right pair.  Maybe I should have Princess Sparkles ask Santa for me, though I'm not sure I can wait until Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fair Isle Sweater, Fringe Boots and a Bucket

"Can we name the baby Bucket?" 
That was the latest name suggestion from Princess Sparkles
She loves to make up unusual names for the baby (i.e. Nook-Nook or Ula). 
She puts her hand on my belly and squeals with excitement when the baby kicks. 
Pigtails likes to ram her head into the baby and use my belly as her pillow. 

FAIR ISLE CARDIGAN - Sweet Romeo via Loehmanns
GRAY SHIRT - Motherhood Maternity
BRACELET - Forever 21
FRINGE BOOTS - Forever 21

This cozy sweater is another early Christmas present my sister, Polka Dots, bought me from Loehmanns on Black Friday.  I really love fair isle!  I'm also obsessed with fringe and so glad I bought these boots last year at Forever 21. 

Princess Sparkles:  "I know, we'll call him Bucket!"

I always find it best to purchase any and every shoe you might like at F21 because if you don't, they either run out of your size or you'll never see it again.  And there's nothing worse than shoe regret... Except maybe being 8 months pregnant and having someone sit on your belly.