Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Chambray and Nap Time

"Do you want to take a nap?"
Camo asked Pigtails since everyone else in the house was sleeping.
Pigtails smiled and said "No!"
Yet on Tuesdays when I have to pick up Princess Sparkles from preschool,
Pigtails always falls asleep just before I get to the parking lot
and I have to carry her and Bucket.
 It's difficult -- no, make that impossible -- to schedule nap time.

PINK CHAMBRAY SHIRT - Parasuco (via Loemanns), $7
MATERNITY JEANS - Citizens for Humanity (thrifted), $.50
SCARF - Heavenly Treasures
SHOES - Forever 21
CUFF - GS Lillian

Today I attempted to wear jeans, albeit maternity ones.  However they are super long and kinda small.  I actually didn't fit them when I was pregnant (sad, but true).  But my mom, Fair Isle, thrifted them for 50 cents!!!  And they make the perfect post-pregnancy jeans.  For a while I was slightly obsessed with the Loehmanns clearance racks (there's something about getting an additional 30-70% off already reduced prices that gets me everytime!) and I found this pink chambray shirt for $7.

Princess Sparkles takes a nap...

Pigtails doesn't :(
(Camo's pic of Pigtails after asking her to take a nap)

This time around I'm definitely fine with wearing maternity clothes after having the baby.  In fact, I still want to wear my maternity clothes, because this is probably -- no definitely...I think -- the last time I'm ever going to be wearing them.  And like trying to schedule a nap, I know me getting my old body back within a few weeks by just breastfeeding is not going to happen.  Because only celebrities can do that.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yellow: A Cardigan and a Fountain

You'd think by my 3rd kid I'd be an expert diaper changer.
People warned me about boys... But I had no idea.
I'm constantly changing Bucket's onesies thanks to diaper changes.
It doesn't make it easier that the girls crowd around and laugh as Bucket cries.
Then the other day, as another fountain was spraying, Princess Sparkles yelled,
"It went in my eye!"
I know it's wrong to laugh at your children but I couldn't help it.
Neither girl stands around as much now when I'm changing diapers.

BLACK TOP - Thrifted

Monday's Inspiration - Drew Barrymore
Thank goodness for a little "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds' blog.  Because I definitely need it.  I'm slowly getting back into my fashion groove, but my closet is still full of maternity clothes and I'm not really feeling them now that I'm no longer pregnant.  I do love the sweater though, something I got on clearance at Old Navy for $6. 

Bucket: "Watch out!  I have great aim!"

I always forget, the challenge isn't wearing cute maternity clothes but finding outfits to wear afterwards while nursing.  You can't just wear a dress, it has to be button down, a cardigan or two pieces.  And I almost always wear a nursing tank because, well, it's just easier.  And like Bucket, thanks to his fountain, I too seem to have my share of outfit changes!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Fur Boots and Maternity Wrap Dress

"This is me when I was a baby.  Isn't that cool?"
Princess Sparkles loves being a big sister and tries to "babysit" Bucket when he's in his crib trying to sleep.  The other day I came out of the bathroom to find Princess Sparkles waving her baby picture in Bucket's face, telling him all about when she was his age.

WRAP DRESS - Motherhood Maternity (hand-me-down)
FUR BOOTS - Old Navy (with DIY fur by my mom)
Old Navy Boots, $9

I think the hardest thing about staying home for two weeks with the baby is I have absolutely no motivation to get dressed.  Since doing this blog I have always enjoyed putting together outfits, but suddenly I find myself in pajamas, or if I'm lucky, sweats.  And so I decided I'd post the last few maternity outfits I took pictures of.

These are the boots I got for $9 on clearance at Old Navy.  I wanted some fur boots and I thought my mom, Fair Isle, could make it happen.  She found these coyote tails my dad had given her over 20 years ago when he had gone hunting so she put them on my boots.  I thought they looked uniquely cute, though I will say the tails kinda creeped me out.  But at least they're being used.

"This is me when I was a baby.  Isn't that cool?"

I have to say I'm so lucky to have Fair Isle.  Not only does she make me feel better when I'm having contractions and about to give birth, but she also goes thrifting for me when I'm stuck at home and makes me things like fur boots.  Isn't that cool?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Super Bowl Sunday

I've spent the last few days in a gown...
No, not a ball gown, a hospital one.
It was like a vacation having one baby, lying in bed and eating meals,
but it was also a little like being in prison (since I couldn't leave the 3rd floor).

SHEARLING VEST - Bernardo (via Loehmanns)

Here's the "Inspiration Monday" outfit I wore on Saturday (my last "maternity" one maybe ever!). We went to Target, I cleaned up the spare bedroom, then ate a huge bowl of frozen yogurt. Afterwards I felt a little guilty so I did some push-ups, light weights and squats. Camouflage teased me that I was going to make the baby come out.  Oops...

It's a BOY!!!

Baby "Bucket" (nickname c/o Princess Sparkles)
Born at 5:22am on February 5, 2012
(sorry Frannie, he didn't quite make it to your birthday)

I'm going to be a little busy but I promise I'll be back soon to check out what everyone else is up to!  Hope you all had an exciting Super Bowl Sunday too!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fur Vest Over a Military Jacket and George Washington

 "Looks like George Washington,"
Princess Sparkles said as she looked at a picture she drew.
Camouflage and I turned to each other, impressed with Sparkles.
Must be preschool... or TV. 
Then Camo asked, "Do you know who George Washington is?"
Then Sparkles replied, "He's on the money."

BROWN MOTO BOOTS - Lucky via Macys
RIMMEL - Midnight Blue
OPI - Turquoise Shatter

I'm participating in "Fashion Challenge: Layers" from Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki.  Thursday's challenge is vest over jacket.  It took me a few tries but I finally found a look I liked...a military jacket and fur vest (I also did "layered nails" for extra credit!).  The black dress is "thrifted" from another mom's garage and I went with the brown Lucky boots (which I got on sale for $40 at Macy's) because Princess Sparkles told me to!

George Washington, "the money guy"
I have to say I get a serious thrill out of getting a good deal...thrifting, clearance racks, coupons, buying from another mom's garage!  Even if we were super rich I'd still shop at the same places.  Hopefully Sparkles and Pigtails will feel the same way and have an appreciation for "the guy on the money!"