Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pattern Mixing - Gingham and Florals

"Stone nuts!"
Pigtails said as she pointed to something on the table.
Camouflage and I looked at each other, "what?"
"She wants those stones,"
Princess Sparkles said as she pointed to the scones sitting on the table.
Good thing someone (sorta) speaks "Pigtails."

NAVY NURSING TANK - Motherhood Maternity
FLORAL SKIRT - H&M (swapped)

Monday's Inspiration - Emma Watson

This is the outfit I wore last week.  I was excited to wear something "springy."  Then it rained.  And I ended up changing into jeans and a sweatshirt (ssshhhh).  After seeing my blog friend Gracey mix patterns, I was inspired to wear gingham with floral.  The shirt is from last year's Old Navy clearance, and the skirt is something I got from my friend, Gingham, during a clothing swap!  I added the pink shoes because I love the color with navy.

Pigtails and Princess Sparkles eat "stone nuts."
Pattern mixing is like speaking a foreign language.  Sometimes it feels a little unnatural.  If only I had a "fashion translator" to guide me!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Red Animal Print Dress and a Photo Shoot

Bucket has been smiling a lot.
However, he didn't do it for our recent family photos.
Neither did the girls.
Pigtails tried to run away and Princess Sparkles wanted to eat.
It's nearly impossible to get a family photo where everyone is smiling,
or even looking at the camera.

RED "DRESS" - Forever 21
BROWN BELT - Forever 21
CUFF - September Rose
BOOTIES - Old Navy

Monday's Inspiration - Sara Rue

I decided to wear a "new" Forever 21 dress I got at a recent clothing swap.  I think it actually might've been a tunic (I got it from a friend who is 5'10!) but I like it as a dress for me.  I belted it for "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds and decided to wear booties instead of heels for practicality and also because I wanted to make the dress a tad less girly.

Bucket says "cheese!"

Princess Sparkles shows the photographer who contols the camera

It's funny, no one ever wants to pose for family photos.  But if I whip out my camera to take my blog pictures, suddenly everyone wants to be in them!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tribal Print Shorts, Isabella Fiore bag and a Comic

"Knock, knock."  Pigtails said.
"Who's there?"  I asked.
"Orange, who?" 
Pigtails paused, smiled and said "mac n' cheese!"
Then she roared with laughter at her own joke.

GREEN  SHORTS - Mimi Chica (via Nordstrom Rack), $17
BLACK KNIT TOP - August Silk (Loehmanns)
BLACK PURSE - Isabella Fiore (thrifted), $3.50
PIGTAILS - Target hand-me-downs and Princess Sparkles' boots

My current obsession with tribal prints lead to the purchase of these fun shorts.  I really liked how they had an elastic waist and the little ruffle at the hem.  The black knit top is so comfy.  My sister, Polka Dots, accidentally left it in my bag when she flew back home to Hawaii.  And that magnificient purse was thrifted by my mom, Fair Isle, who got it at Salvation Army for $3.50!!!  I looked online and those designer bags go for $350-500! 

The jokester dresses her brother in a floral headband.

I'm so in love with that purse.  The leather is buttery soft and the details are beautiful!  No joke about it, it's the best thrift find I've ever heard of!!!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pattern Mixing - Stripes and Argyle

"Thank you, me!"
Princess Sparkles really appreciates herself.
Especially when she makes chocolate banana pudding.
At least she's polite.

WEDGES - Payless, $20

I have a new obsession... high-low skirts (I know, I have a lot of obsessions).  Not only are they comfortable, but work well with my nursing tanks and cardigans.  I bought this striped one on clearance from for $7.50!  I thought I'd try "pattern mixing" so I wore it with the argyle cardigan.  The purse is my sister's LV knock off.  But Polka Dots wasn't using it so she lent it to me.

Princess Sparkles eats the dessert she made for everyone.
"Thank you, me!"

I recently ordered three high-low skirts from, this striped one, an ikat one and a coral one.  I figured I'd just keep the one I liked best.  I ended up liking them all... a lot.  So I'm keeping them.  "Thank you, me!!!"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas and a Sleepy Monday

"You tired?"  Pigtails asked.
I nodded yes.
"Go sleep."
Haha.  Don't I wish.

BLUE STUDDED TUNIC - Collective Concepts (thrifted), $5
OLIVE SKIRT - Forever 21, $7


Monday's Inspiration: Kerry Washington

I was thrilled when I saw the picture Two Birds decided to use for "Inspiration Monday."  Kerry Washington's outfit reminded me of this Collective Concepts tunic I just thrifted at GW the previous week for $5.  And I get to wear my fabulous JC knock off orange booties!

Pigtails tells Bucket to "Go Sleep!"

Even though it's the beginning of the week, somehow I'm still tired.  We really ought to have three day weekends all the time so Monday could be the recovery day and I could "go sleep."

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tribal Print, Jeffrey Campbell and a Spare Outfit

I was feeding Bucket this morning when I heard a huge explosion.
I wasn't at home and was thrilled to see nothing had gotten on his clothes until...
I looked and saw it was all over mine :(
Unfortunately I only carry spare clothes for the kids,
and of course I was wearing white.

CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
WEDGE BOOTS - Jeffrey Campbell

This is not what I was wearing when I got pooped on but rather the dress I wore this past weekend.  Again, I'm obsessed with tribal prints (amongst other things) and was thrilled when I saw it for 50% off at GW!!!  I like wearing strapless dresses because I can nurse in them.

"I like to poop on my mom!"

There are so many fun styles for spring.  I'm especially fond of bright colors, fun prints and of course, white.  But I've learned my lesson, maybe I should start keeping a spare set of clothes for myself in the car.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leopard Print Skinny Jeans and Fashionable Lizard Hunters

"Come on Pigtails, let's get him!"
I peeked outside and saw...
Princess Sparkles holding an empty peanut can.
"What are you doing?"
"We're trying to catch a lizard."
Then Sparkles got on the ground to climb through plants
in her new tutu dress...

RED PURSE - B Makowsky
NUDE FLATS - Me Too (Thrifted), $7
Inspiration Monday from Two Birds Boutique:
Miranda Kerr

I know it's Wednesday but I'm just now getting to my "Inspiration Monday" outfit post (though I did wear it on Monday).  Lately time seems to fly by me and I can barely keep up!  These leopard skinnies are from Target.  They weren't on sale but they were so cute and fit comfortably.  The jacket I got on clearance for $6 at Old Navy last year, and the Me Too flats were new when I thrifted them from GW.

Pigtails and Princess Sparkles, fashionable lizard hunters.
Although my daily life consists of chauffering kids, grocery shopping, nursing and changing poop, I try to take a page from my fashionable lizard hunters and "dress up."  I might not have anywhere special to go to, but I can still look like I do!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tribal Print, Green Skinnies and Layering Pajamas

"This one!  This one!"
Pigtails always knows what she wants, especially when it comes to her attire.
Whether it's polka dots, her Care Bears t-shirt or swim shoes,
Pigtails has to have it her way.
Lately she likes to "layer" her clothes.
That way she can wear all her favorites at one time.

WEDGES - Payless, $20

This is the outfit I wore to church for Palm Sunday.  It's comprised of all my recent obsessions - bright skinnies, tribal prints and wedges.  The skinnies are from Target when they were on sale a few weeks back.  The tribal top, which is perfect for hiding my belly, was on the clearance rack at Old Navy.  The wedges I got last year at Payless.  I have to say I've been quite impressed with their shoes.

Pigtails makes Camo put a kimono set over her pajamas.

I always love wearing a sweater or vest over my tops.  Layers are the perfect way to wear multiple obsessions at one time and they always seem to make an outfit look more put together, even if it's just your pajamas!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Snakeskin Platforms, High Low Skirt and a Backseat Driver

"No red lights!  No red lights!"
Princess Sparkles chanted from the back seat as we drove home from school.
Bucket kept crying everytime we stopped so she wanted me to keep driving.
She even encouraged me to run the light, which I didn't do.
Sometimes it's an entire symphony in the back seat, with Pigtails crying too.
I've learned to tune it out, or at least turn the radio up a bit :)

BLACK HIGH LOW MAXI SKIRT - Alternative Apparel (via Anonymous LA)
NECKLACE, RING - Jewelry by Cynde Daniels
SNAKESKIN WOODEN PLATFORM - Jeffrey Campbell (via Urban Outfitters), $39

"Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds - Louise Roe

Purple French Manicure
OPI - Purple with a Purpose, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Lacey Lilac

Thanks to "Inspiration Monday" I decided to wear a skirt and another tribal print top.  I recently did some shopping in the Old Navy clearance section where I got this top for $5 (thanks to 30% extra off clearance)!  I also shopped at Anonymous LA since I won a $50 gift card for blogging about them a few months ago.  I got this comfy high low maxi skirt which I loooooovvve!!!  The skirt is the perfect piece to wear with my Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin wooden block platforms.  I saw the JCs online at Urban Outfitters for $40 (on clearance and with an additional coupon).  At that price I had to snatch them up!

Princess Sparkles makes a wish, "Please make my brother stop crying!"

I've been having some really fun shopping trips lately.  I'm pretty thrifty most of the time, but every once in a while I go a little crazy.  Maybe I need a few shopping "red lights" in my life.  Nah!