Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flying Monkey Jeans, Argyle and a Plane Ride

"I wish I could be on a plane forever,"
Pigtails exclaimed as we drove by the airport.
"Mommy, can we go to Jersey again?"
"Why would you want to go to Jersey?"
Princess Sparkles interjected.
"And what's Jersey anyway?  It's New Jersey.  I want to go to Hawaii."
Sounds good to me (except for the part about
being on a plane forever with 3 kids!)

SKINNY JEANS - Flying Monkey
BRACELET - Downtown LA
FUR SUEDE BOOTIES - Linea Paolo (thrifted)
HAT - Shop With A Mission (formerly Heavenly Treasures)

NAVY BOOTIES - Rag and Bone

Here are a few outfits I've worn recently.  In the first, the sweater was a sale purchase from the Loft last year, along with my favorite Flying Monkey jeans, a Shop With A Mission hat and some thrifted Linea Paolo booties.  My sister bought me the cute crossbody purse from Hong Kong.  The second outfit is a thrifted olive suede skirt from my mom, an argyle sweater from Target and my navy Rag and Bone boots.

Princess Sparkles, Bucket and Pigtails - "Flying Superheros"

I love writing, but the last few months I've been doing it a lot, thanks to a couple freelance jobs.  It's made it challenging to keep up with the blog.  Maybe I need a vacation to Jersey, or better yet, Hawaii!  Doesn't really matter, as long as the plane ride doesn't take forever.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Peplum Leather Jacket, Anorak with Leather Sleeves and A New Year's Resolution

"What's a resolution?"
Princess Sparkles wondered after I asked her if she had one for New Year's.
I explained it was kind of like a goal -- something she wanted to do or learn.
She thought for a little bit then smiled,
"I'd like to learn the password to your phone."
Ha!  Good luck with that one, kid.

GRAY PEPLUM JACKET - Bernardo via Loehmanns, $25
BLUE PRINTED TOP - Target, $10
BLACK MULLET SKIRT - Alternative Apparel
NAVY BOOTS - Rag and Bone via American Rag

BLACK SWEATER - Gap (thrifted)

I know, I always have my obsessions.  My winter one has been jackets -- kinda impractical since I live in 70 degree weather, but oh so adorable.  The first gray leather jacket is a peplum and I got it at Loehmanns on Black Friday.  I just really liked it.  I paired it with a Target top I forgot to return, an Alternative Apparel mullet skirt and my navy Rag and Bone booties.  The second jacket I got from Charlotte Russe for $20!  It has shearling in it so it's nice and warm.  And the leather sleeves stole my heart.

Sparkles celebrates New Year's with a glass of bubbly... Sparkling Cider.

There's something about a jacket that really pulls together an outfit.  Because let's be honest, you can wear sweats and throw on a cute coat and all people will really notice is that fabulous jacket you're wearing.  So, my New Year's Resolution is going to be looking put together (i.e. wearing the new coats I bought!).  Oh, and not letting my kids find out the password to my cell phone.