Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Best Workout Ever

Never challenge your 3-year old to a dance off.  Never.  You're not going to win.  They have much too much energy.  And somehow they look awesome doing those acrobatic moves and you look... well, ridiculous.  Needless to say, I pulled a muscle in a place I didn't know I had muscles.  Sigh.

Anyway, here's a pic Polka Dots took of me while we were setting up for Pigtails' 1st Birthday Party (yesterday).  Doesn't the sky look amazing?  (what doesn't look amazing is my hair... because it was still wet from my shower)


D said...

wow! a vertical leap to challenge Blake Griffin.
wish i could have seen that dance-off. hope someone was videoing. you're really going to have to teach Pigtails to massage if you keep accepting challenges from those kiddos.

tiny dancer said...

bwahahaha, that is so true! I know when I was little (I practiced dance for 14 years) I was ALWAYS challenging people to danceoffs. My mother was usually the victim too ;) Adorable picture! And I love the graphics for your header - super cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Mika said...

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kat said...

THAT is the most hilarious picture! OK, tell the truth, were you a cheerleader? That looks like almost a herky!

Gabriella said...

That is the coolest picture ever!

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