Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sequin Dress 3 Ways

SEQUIN DRESS, MM Couture (similar)
SWEATER, Forever 21 (exact)
BELT, Express (similar)
BRACELETS, Cara (similar)
WATCH, Sprout (exact)
BOOTS, Charlotte Russe (similar)
NECKLACE, gifted (similar)

My friend, Sequins, is a self-proclaimed clothing mismatcher (is that even a word?).  She's also really good at keeping things so long that eventually they come back in style (aka "Vintage").  But rather than storing them in her closet, she actually wears them.  The other day she joked about how she used to (and still does) wear sequins on stage.  And I said to her, “You do realize sequins are back in, right?” She was super excited (yes, I said super. My daughter watches Ni-Hao Kai-lan, all right?)

SEQUIN DRESS, MM Couture (similar)
MOTORCYCLE VEST, My Beloved (similar)
BLACK TIGHTS, Brass Plum (similar)
WATCH, La Mer (similar)
TORQUOISE NECKLACE, gifted (similar)

I'm obsessed with sequins (the clothing, not my friend).  There's something about their shininess and symmetry.  They're fabulous.  I bought this SEQUIN DRESS for $15 at Macys when they were having a sale.  It's actually much more versatile than I thought. 
SEQUIN DRESS - MM Couture (similar)
RUFFLE TOP - Bizz (similar)
BELT - Forever 21 (similar)
WATCH - La Mer (similar)
BOOTS, Forever 21 (exact)

I decided to do "3 Ways to Wear It" Thursday.  And I wanted to post all 3 outfits at one time so you can see them side by side.  That way, if one of them sucks worse than the others, hopefully you won't notice.  Or maybe I'll get lucky and you'll think all my outfits are just like sequins, shiny and symmetrical.


Gertrude said...

Oh my would you believe me if I told you that I did not even realize it is the same dress! You're great at mixing clothes :) x

Bows and Pearls

Ashley said...

Your style is so cute!

I love it! :]

Heart Charlie said...

I love the different used of a single dress! That last picture is genius turning the dress into a lovely skirt and belted, gives it a totally different look!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Hi Claire thanks for stopping by. Love the outfits. So cute!! Have a great weekend:-)

D said...

If you're into sequin berets (i.e. matte black sequins ala that reality stylist Zoe-i-can't-remember-her-last-name),i saw one on sale in the Avon booklet@ the hair salon this week.

Claire said...

Oh, D, I got me a sequin hat! It's a brown beret and I LOVE it!!!

But thanks for looking out!


love te different ways to style the dress!!! cute blog!!

visit my blog and follow me if you like:)


lolita said...

wow your such a yummy mummy heheh you look FAB :D

AlbeeLucky said...

My favorite is #3. I like that you were able to put different looks together using the same core piece. It makes an investment out of a sequin item. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Maybe we can follow each other?

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