Friday, February 4, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Dress #3

Here is the final outfit for the week.  I think it looks kind of bohemian (check out a similar dress).  And these are my favorite boots (at least for the time being).  I got them at Forever 21.  I actually had gone to the store to purchase a different pair of fringe boots, saw these and fell in love (also didn't hurt that the lady next to me saw me trying them on, nodded and said, "cute").   

Anyway, I was slightly nervous about getting fringe, I mean, it's so, well...fringy.  So I texted my girlfriend, Fierce, the most fashion-forward friend I have, and she texted back, "I already got them."  I bought them immediately. 

Lemme tell you something, if it's "in," Fierce already wore it last year.  And if it's "out," it's soooo out of her closet.  It's what she calls "editing," which not only involves organizing her closet, but something I have difficulty doing (thanks to the “hoarding” gene passed down through my maternal grandmother), giving things away! 

The best part is I often become her charity!!!  Like the vest I'm wearing (she calls it the "itchy" vest because it's made of polyester and she usually wears cotton), Fierce gave it to me after she got tired of it.  She got it a few seasons ago at a CAbi party.

Speaking of charity, I'm wearing accessories (the cuff and the earrings) from one of my favorite organizations, HEAVENLY TREASURES.  They change lives by helping people in other countries build up businesses.  They have a lot of great stuff and I can feel good about myself by buying it.  It's like I'm a shopping hero, "saving the world" one purchase at a time!

***NOTE, here's another cute pair of FRINGE BOOTS I like.  I hear they're comfy too!


Jan said...

Out of the three, this is my favorite look Claire. I must say, I really love the fringe! I need more fringe in my closet...haven't seen any fringe boots least ones that catch my eye. I must be behind on the shopping curve!

kat said...

speaking of fiercely fringy--can you wear fringe boots AND carry a fringe
purse at the same time? Or is that a fashion don't?

Claire said...

Hey Jan, I edited the post to show you another cute pair of fringe boots I like. They're called Minnetoka. They come in 3 colors. I hear they're comfortable like Uggs too!

Kat, I personally wouldn't wear fringe on fringe. I think it's better just to have one accent piece. Just my opinion... though maybe if you're in Nashville it might be okay :)

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