Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Calypso St. Bart for Target Maxi Dress, Yellow Cardigan and Turquoise

MAXI DRESS - Calypso St. Bart for Target (Thrifted)
TURQUOISE NECKLACE - Gifted from Hawaii
Sparkles and her "belt"
Princess Sparkles is obsessed with belts.  But not always the way you're thinking.  Yesterday she took my vintage red belt that I wore on my high waisted jeans and used it as a "leash" for her stuffed animal (this will teach me to put my things away immediately after wearing).  Today she took a musical instrument and creatively turned it into a "belt."  

Today I decided to whip out the Calypso St. Bart for Target maxi dress I got at the Goodwill by my mom's house for $4.  Seriously, it was such a find because it was brand new, the only one there and it just happened to be my size.  Oh, and it was 50% off!!!

I wanted to show you all some more beautiful lovelies from my favorite sponsor, Jaclyn1423.  Be sure to keep an eye out next week for a giveaway she'll be doing on my blog.  My first!  I'm so excited!

Bronze and Teal Rose Ribbon Necklace - $9.50

Ivory Rose and Pink Dangle Earrings - $9.00

Anyway, I've been really into the bright color combos which just feel so summery to me.  But I did realize I wore a similar color combo on Sunday.  Oops!  Oh well.  But I guess I need to get more creative and do artistic stuff like use musical instruments as accessories!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Way Tuesday - High Waisted Jeans and Stripes

STRIPED TOP - Truelight
RED BELT - Thrifted (Thanks, Mom!)
LEATHER CUFF - Made by my mom
EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
BRONZE WEDGES - Steve Madden (Thrifted)
How I wore these jeans earlier this month!
PURPLE TOP - Hot and Delicious
PLATFORM HEELS - Charlotte Russe
Pigtails loves to be clean.  Despite her often messy appearance outside the bath (her hair falls in her face and she usually has food smeared all over), she loves to take a wipe or face towel and sweep it all over herself.  She also can spend hours in the bathtub pretending to "wash" herself.  She tries to squirt out some soap (luckily she can't really do it yet) and then she'll brush her hands all over her body as if she's bathing.  It's hilarious and very entertaining not only for herself but for her parents as well.

Today's "2 Way Tuesday" is a little bit of a cheat because I decided to rewear my high waist jeans.  I know, not super creative but I just felt like squeezing myself in these babies!  I was laughing that I wore the same belt, but oh well.  I bought this striped shirt at a boutique that was closing out (same as that purple top too) and I think it was under $5!  Anyway, I really like these short tops for wearing with high waist stuff, though if high waist goes out of style I won't be wearing these with low waist anything, thank you very much!

Anyway, I better run.  Princess Sparkles has her gymnastics class and I have to clean up the house before some friends come over afterwards.  I guess cleanliness (or at least the appearance of cleanliness) is not just important to Pigtails but for her mommy as well!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thrifted Pink Abstract Dress, Lela Rose for Payless Wedges and a Cloche

EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
CLOCHE - Eugenia Kim for Target
GREEN WEDGES - Lela Rose for Payless

Monday's Inspiration:
Diane Krueger
Princess Sparkles is obsessed with a set of Mr. Potato Head lips.  She calls them her "gummies" and pretends that they are actually bubble gum that she can chew.  Sadly, she has to pretend to have gum because we set a rule that she can't have any until she no longer needs diapers at night time.  Sometimes though I wish I could just give her gum, like when I'm shopping and want to distract her and I've run out of snacks!

Today's outfit is actually one that I will be linking up with Spunky Chateau and Two Birds' "Inspiration Monday."  I know this seems to look nothing like Diane Krueger's inspiration outfit, but really, it was my source of inspiration.  I decided that I would try this green and pink color combo, hence the shoes and the earrings, which I normally wouldn't have paired together.  I also decided to wear a cloche instead of a fedora, mainly because I just wore a fedora last week. 

I love this dress because it reminds me of the 80's and I found it at the thrift store for 50% off.  I also got these shoes from Payless.  I had been eyeing them online for a long time and I happened upon them in the store only because someone had returned them (they were only avail online!).  They weren't my size but somehow they fit pretty well anyway.  They were part of a BOGO 50% off and the salesman even gave me an 10% off because they had a little wear on them.  I was so excited!

Here are some beautiful pieces from my lovely sponsor, Jaclyn1423, that would look great with my outfit:

Vintage Pearlescent Studs - $12
Vintage Amethyst Pendant - $18
Anyway, as you can see I stopped the remix and I have to say I feel okay about it.  I'm feeling inspired by my clothes again and it's nice to have the freedom to wear whatever.  I think I just wasn't in the mood to be so limited right now.  I'll try to keep up with the shopping ban part though, that way I won't have to worry about feeding Princess Sparkles gum!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Casual Friday - Yellow Shorts and a Neutral Button Up

YELLOW SHORTS - Necesary Objects
SUNGLASSES - Kenneth Cole
SHOES - Airwalk (Payless)

Today Camouflage had the day off so we decided to take the girls to the aquarium.  Princess Sparkles was so excited to see all the fish, especially "Nemo" and the sea horses.  Pigtails too enjoyed herself.  She would press her face right up to the window (yuck, I know), smile and point.  She loved watching the fish swim around and really enjoyed snack time.

Pigtails and Princess Sparkles watch fish

I know this outfit isn't fancy, but it was the most casual comfy pieces I had in my remix so I wore them to the aquarium.  I added green feather earrings just for fun.  Sorry, the pics are a little grainy because I took them with my phone.

I've been thinking that I might stop my 30 Day Remix.  I hate stopping something right in the middle, but my heart is really not in this remix and I'm not enjoying the creative process of it.  I think I just have a lot going on right now and this is making the remix really hard for me. I feel bad about it but maybe I can do it later.

It's been a long and wonderful day.  Camo and I even got to have a little movie date (thanks to my mom, Fair Isle, and stepdad, Henley) in the afternoon.  Sort of feel like one of those crazy little fish we saw in the aquarium swimming all over the place and now I'm really tired and ready for bed.  Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color Blocking - Blue Dress, Coral Cardigan & Fedora - WIWW

FEDORA - Eugenia Kim for Target
MULTI-COLORED WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target
One thing I can say about Pigtails is she knows what she wants and goes for it.  Lately she's been interested in boys her own age (15 months), especially the ones who can't walk yet.  She likes to sneak up behind them and give them a big hug.  She's smart and must realize they can't get away.  But honestly, they don't seem to really mind all that much.

Pigtails attempts to "wear" a dress
Today I'm linking up to "What I Wore Wednesday" over at the Pleated Poppy.  I went for bright bold colors.  I wasn't feeling all that great so I figured I could use a little pick me up.  I almost wore this with my bright yellow cardigan but remembered that last Friday I wore a similar color combo.  I was also having a bad hair day, hence the hat. 

I love a fedora and bought almost every single Eugenia Kim for Target hat in the collection.  In October the Albertus Swanepoel for Target collection will arrive.  I can't wait for that!!!

Anyway, I better keep this short.  The girls want a smoothie, and when those girls want something...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wearing Brown, Black and Bronze Together

BELT - Vintage (my mom's)
BRONZE LOAFER WEDGES - Steve Madden (Thrifted)
BROWN/GOLD CUFF - Made by my mom

WEDGES - Cole Haan
Today I decided I needed to go for a run (and really I needed to get out of the house since our wonderful housekeeper was here - dunno what I'd do without her!).  Anyway, I packed up a bazillion snacks for the girls and attempted to drive down to the beach and push the 80+ lbs. of fun.

I know I mentioned this before but Princess Sparkles just kept asking me so many questions.  And there I was, huffing and puffing, trying to keep running.  I kept trying to feed her snacks to get her to stop talking, but it was no use.  So I tried my best to give her relatively quick but detailed answers but she just kept coming at me with more.  She was like a machine gun of curiosity!

I decided to try and do another "2 Way Tuesday" and remix something I wore before.  So here's a top I wore a few months back.  I also wanted to show you some really great jewelry pieces from my sponsor, Jaclyn1423, that I would totally wear with this if I had her entire collection (and I soooo wish I did).  So if you haven't already, definitely go check her out her shop!!!

Upcycled Vintage Brown and Gold Splattered Necklace - $16
Upcycled Vintage Gold and Topaz Floral Earrings - $12
Amber Beaded Gold Necklace - $24

Anyway, I'm excited to try and keep up with this "2 Way Tuesday" while I'm still doing my 30 Day Remix.  It's sort of like a remix within a remix.  I know it's going to be a challenge, but honestly, nothing is as tough as pushing two kids in a non-jogging stroller on the beach while trying to answer lots of questions!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thakoon Tye Dye Skirt and Purple Tank - Inspiration Monday

SKIRT - Thakoon for Target (Thrifted)
PURPLE TANK - Banana Republic (Polka Dots' closet)
BLACK BELT - New York & Co
ZEBRA EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
CUFF - Heavenly Treasures
BLACK STUDDED HEELS - Forever 21 (via TJ Maxx)
Olivia Wilde
This past weekend my dad, Trousers, and I took Princess Sparkles with us to get our nails done.  I know, she's only 3-years old (I don't think I even got a manicure until I was in college!), but I thought it might be something fun for her to do with us and it would give Camouflage a little break.  We got there and she was really nervous.  I had her pick out her own nail polish and she of course chose... SPARKLES!!!  The woman was really sweet and gave her the full on treatment: nail filing, massage then nail polish.  Princess Sparkles was so excited!  She was swinging her legs and saying "I'm like a big girl!"

Today's Inspiration Monday from Two Birds is Olivia Wilde.  A quick funny thing about Olivia Wilde is I'd like to think I had a little something to do with her becoming famous (yeah right).  I was working for a TV producer way back when and he was doing a show that she was up for.  They were looking at a couple actresses and my boss turned to me and asked me which girl I thought was better for the part and I said Olivia was.  Anyway, she got the part and I'm sure I was the reason why.  You're welcome, Olivia!

Anyway, this outfit was very simple but fun.  I got to wear my thrifted Thakoon for Target skirt that I got 50% off at Goodwill!  I love it's print because it always adds that extra "sparkle" to everything I wear!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

FLORAL ROMPER - Forever 21
WHITE BLAZER - Forever 21
BLUE PURSE - Linea Pelle for Target
MULTI-COLOR WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target
FEATHER EARRINGS - Charlotte Russe
The other day I was reading a book with Princess Sparkles about planets and I was talking about Venus.  She turned to me and said, "Mommy, penis is not a planet."  I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help myself.  I looked over at Camouflage who just shook his head.  He was doing a much better job of holding in his laughter.

I'm really blessed to have some great fathers in my life.  There's my own loving and supportive dad, my helpful and encouraging stepdad (Henley) and my kind-hearted and thoughtful father-in-law.  I also really appreciate how much they love Princess Sparkles and Pigtails.

I'm also so lucky to have such a great husband and partner in Camouflage.  He always thinks of others before himself.  Yesterday he watched Princess Sparkles and Pigtails all day while I helped throw a baby shower and then he let my own father stay over night and hang out with us all Sunday.

Camo is the most wonderful husband and father there is.  Thank you for taking care of our family, loving us and knowing when NOT to laugh at inappropriate phrases!  I love you, Camo!  Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

White Eyelet Skirt, Turquoise Silk Tank and Yellow Cardigan

MULTI-COLORED WEDGES - Cynthia Vincent for Target

Princess Sparkles and Pigtails never cease to inspire me with their fashion creations.  Of course 3yo Sparkles loves a tutu and she paired it with a "musical shoe."  I have to admit, I love red and turquoise together.  That girl has an eye for color!  Pigtails loves to wear everyone else's clothes (can't really blame her, it's always more fun in someone else's closet!).  She recently took one of my cardigans and turned it into a pair of pants.  Oddly, it matched pretty well too!

Cardigan "Pants"

Musical "shoe"
I know a few people asked me what I told Princess Sparkles after she asked me if the homeless man was Jesus.  I told her that I didn't think the man was Jesus, but I didn't know for sure.  Honestly, God has come in stranger forms than a homeless man (i.e. burning bush), so I didn't want to say it definitely wasn't him, you know?

Wanted to share with you all a beautiful new accessory I received a few days ago from my very first sponsor, Jaclyn1423.  She makes the most amazing jewelry and this piece is no exception.  It's Taiwanese turquoise and it's pink!!!  Definitely check out her shop, she has really great upcycled and vintage jewelry!  Here are just a few of her gorgeous pieces:


The great thing about fashion is you don't have to match...colors, prints, whatever.  The more out there, the better!  The next thing you know we'll be wearing a tambourine as a shoe and a sweater as pants.  I'm thinking Princess Sparkles and Pigtails might be ahead of the fashion curve!

***Linking this outfit up to Bloggers Do It Better!  Today is the neon/neutral trend and this is the closest thing I have since it's part of my Remix!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abstract Top and Pink Capris - WIWW

#3 - "Pink Panther"
PINK BELT - Thrifted
EARRINGS - Forever 21
T-STRAP HEELS - Forever 21 (via TJ Maxx)
"Mommy, is that Jesus?"  I hear Princess Sparkles say as I'm getting off the freeway.  I look around wondering who or what she's talking about.  Then I see an older homeless man with a long beard standing off in the distance.  "You mean that man over there?"  Princess Sparkles nods. 

Today I'm wearing a lot of pink.  In fact, I feel a little like Princess Sparkles, since that's her favorite color.  But although I'm wearing pink, I'm feeling a little blue since my sister, Polka Dots, is returning to Hawaii today.  Luckily Camouflage and I have a date tonight with another couple to see one of my good friends, Fedora, perform (she's an awesome musician!). 

I always enjoy Polka Dots' visits.  We got in a lot of eating, thrifting, and quality time in.  We both got some really great deals at the thrift store (Polka Dots almost couldn't fit it all in her suitcase).  My fave was a Calypso for Target maxi dress that I got last week for $4 (but can't wear until I finish my remix).  Seriously, it was almost as cool as having a Jesus sighting!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lace Jacket, Abstract Romper and Loafer Wedges

#2 - "Arsenic and Old Lace"
LACE JACKET - Forever 21
BROWN BELT - Forever 21
7-IN-1 - Heavenly Treasures (exact)
WOODEN BRACELET - Heavenly Treasures
ZEBRA EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
BRONZE LOAFER WEDGES - Steve Madden (Thrifted)

Yesterday Polka Dots took Princess Sparkles to see "Kung Fu Panda 2."  That evening, the normally "girly" Sparkles suddenly turned into a kicking, punching, fighting machine.  She was going around saying "a-ya" as she threw herself all over the place.  She also had serious attitude to match her moves. 

Princess Sparkles fighting
Today is "Everybody Everywear" and since the theme was "lace," I decided to wear my lace jacket which I paired with an abstract/floral romper I got in the clearance section of Target for $10!  I know, I'm ridiculous about my Target purchases, but I can't help myself.  I love their clearance section!!!  I'm also wearing these cute Steve Madden loafer wedges I got at the thrift store for $8 as well as some Heavenly Treasures accessories.

I love lace.  It's so much fun and it looks great with not-so-girly pieces like ripped jeans, leather and menswear.  I also love a romper because while it's girly like a dress, it's actually shorts.  So if you feel like it, you can kick and punch in it and no one will see your goodies! 

Image 1729

Monday, June 13, 2011

High Waisted Shorts and Animal Print Top - Inspiration Monday

#1 - "Out of Africa"
HIGH WAISTED SHORTS - American Eagle Outfitters
WEDGE SANDALS - Payless Shoes

"Inspiration Monday" - Liv Tyler
Recently, I've been finding these little wadded up tissues around the house.  Usually Pigtails likes to pull all the tissues out of the box and just leave them there in a pile (and I hate wasting them so I shove them back in the box and make Camouflage and I use them!).  So I'm walking around the corner and see my sister, Polka Dots, laughing.  She tells me that Pigtails has learned how to "blow her nose" (which really means making the sound of blowing her nose because the tissues were dry).

Today's challenge was to find something that I could wear for "Inspiration Monday."  I went with some high waisted shorts, though didn't stick with Liv Tyler's nautical theme and wore jungle print (don't forget "Everybody Everywear" tomorrow!).

Anyway, I finally got to picking my 30 pieces for my "30 Day Remix" (if you don't know what that is, check out Kendi's description here).  I decided to name these outfits after movies (last time I did places).  I'm excited to stop shopping (not really, but I need to) and start appreciating my closet!  This is my second remix, and I've noticed I'm getting a little more bold.  Instead of picking solids that can be paired in all sorts of ways together, I've chosen lots of prints and crazy colors.  Hopefully I won't be sorry.

I'm excited about my remix (but of course it's only day 1, so let's just see what happens around day 10 or so).  I'll miss shopping but luckily the girls and I will be busy with summer time activities.  I'm hoping these 30 pieces can easily carry me through the next 30 days, otherwise I'm the one who's going to be blowing my nose into tissues!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Real African Tribal Print Dress

TRIBAL PRINT DRESS - $30, Heavenly Treasures (call to order)
YELLOW CUFF - Made by My Mom
ZEBRA WOOD EARRINGS - $10, Heavenly Treasures (call to order)
GLADIATOR WEDGES - Dolce Vita for Target

My sister, Polka Dots, arrived today from Hawaii (at 5am!) and Princess Sparkles was super excited to see her.  Not only does Polka Dots give her complete devoted attention, but she also brings presents.  When Princess Sparkles saw my sister for the first time she yelled, "Auntie," and ran up to hug her. Then she got a huge smile on her face and said, "presents?"

Princess Sparkles wearing her "present"
However, Princess Sparkles doesn't just like to get, she also likes to give, so she had prepared a "present" for her Auntie as well.  She ran into her bedroom and handed Polka Dots a backpack filled with various goodies including a size 3T sweater, a playing card from a game, an empty plastic bag, a sushi toy, a bathtub net and a book, "Too Big For Diapers."

Pigtails wearing her "presents"
The 30 Day Remix starts on Monday and I really need to figure out my 30 pieces!!!  But I wanted to wear something I wasn't going to choose, so I decided on this tribal print dress.  The great thing about this dress is it's completely legit.  I got it from a non-profit, Heavenly Treasures, who purchased it from a village in Kenya.  It's super comfortable and I don't have to worry about anyone wearing this exact same dress (though you can get a similar one by calling the Heavenly Treasures store...they're only $30 and you'll be helping someone out in another country!!!).

Anyway, I'm really excited to spend time with Polka Dots.  We're planning on going thrifting today at some of Fair Isle's fave thrift stores.  Hopefully I'll get something vintage, inexpensive and super fabulous.  Getting a really good deal on a thrifted treasure is even better than getting a present (unless you're Princess Sparkles, then maybe you'd rather have the present).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Striped Blazer, White Denim Capris and Red Gingham Wedges

RED BELT - Thrifted (Thanks, Mom!)
SUNGLASSES - Fierce left them in my car :)

Today I went shopping with my best friend, Plaid, to celebrate her birthday.  I always find it amusing how we get along so well yet are so completely different.  We're in a store and Plaid is looking at neutral colored cardigans, flannels, and white tank tops, while I'm pulling out tribal print shorts, feather earrings and lacy dresses!  But regardless, we always have a fun time, and the good thing is we never have to worry about showing up somewhere in the same outfit.

I decided to wear my striped blazer because, well, I haven't worn it in a while and it was overcast.  I originally paired it with light blue rolled up jeans, but later decided it looked better with white capri ones.  I also decided to mix prints by pairing the stripes with my new gingham wedges from Payless.  Payless was having a BOGO 1/2 off sale so I couldn't help myself and had to buy 2 pairs of wedges.  These were the 1/2 off ones and ended up being only $7.50!!!

Obviously I have a shoe obsession.  Or addiction.  Whatever.  There are probably worse things, right? (just nod your head)  And while I'm at it I'll leave you with one more pair of shoes I've been scoping out (in case Camouflage wants to give me an "I love you" gift).  They're on sale and they look almost identical to the Jeffrey Campbell ones which are almost $100 more!  And if you end up buying them too?  Let's just try not to wear them at the same place at the same time, deal?