Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Pink Polka Dot Purse

"Those are nice nipples!"  That's what I heard my 3-year old, Princess Sparkles, say as I walked into my favorite boutique with my littlest daughter, Pigtails.  I looked down (automatic reaction for a nursing mother), and no, I hadn't had a nip slip.  Phew.

Then I cringed, praying to God she wasn't talking to some lady in her dressing room.  I see my sister, Polka Dots, running towards me with Princess Sparkles in her arms, shushing her and trying not to laugh. 

And so Princess Sparkles decides to start yelling, "Nipples!  Nipples!  Nipples!"  I give her a look and do what any other mom would do...bribe her. 

So what caused Princess Sparkles' outburst?  A purse.  It looked a lot like this one...


D said...

OMG! Why do they keep making these purses. You can't help looking at them with amusement in shops but i have NEVER seen anyone actually using one...just out of curiosity, how much was it? Princess Sparkles usually has good taste--would she use it?

KcomeKarolina said...

nooooo! :/

xoxo from rome

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