Monday, January 31, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Dress #1

So here it is, my first outfit.  It's a dress (couldn't find the exact same one but here's a Similar One) I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law, Argyle (and my brother-in-law, Slacks - THANKS!).  This year Argyle asked me if I wanted to buy my own Christmas gift, and I said YES!  I love shopping (obviously) and what's better than shopping for yourself with someone else's money? 

The sweater came from Motherhood Maternity (but here's non-maternity sweater just like it).  Normally I try to put away all maternity clothes after giving birth...first, because I've worn them for the last 9 months and really, I'm ready for a "new" wardrobe.  And second, because they remind me that I have this belly blob and no baby inside.  (Why don't people tell you that your uterus is huge after giving birth and you still look pregnant, except your belly now jiggles?!!!)

SHOPPING TIP: The Combat Boots are from Nordstrom.  I got $50 off because they ran out of them during their sale, so when I saw them available online later, I just asked if I could get the sale price and they agreed.  It never hurts to ask and Nordstrom is often quite accomodating.  Nothing better than getting a good deal.  Except getting a good deal while shopping for yourself with someone else's money!


Shana said...

Love the look & esp those boots! I'd forgotten about Loehman's (pronounced "Romance" in Tomo's family). closeup on the dress?

kat said...

You're only missing the red carpet! You look hot and famous!
Did you get the belt recently at Forever 21? I gotta have it.
Is "mom" selling her hats anywhere this year?

Claire said...

Great idea, Shana! Will post a CU of the dress!

Kat, I did buy the belt at least a year ago (and you know how quick things go at 21). But I will say I checked out their stash of belts last week and they seemed to have a lot. I'm sure you can find something similar or equally fantastic at the store.

Mom still does custom orders for hats! I do HAVE to get her to join ETSY someday so I have something to link to :)

Claire said...

Oh, and thanks for the nice compliment about my picture, Kat! Because I was feeling really REALLY self conscious.

Claire said...

you look like you're famous being taken ny the paps at aan awards or something! very cool :) said...

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