Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Dress #2

Today while I was dropping off Princess Sparkles at Moms Day Out (in my ugly workout clothes, but really, what workout clothes look chic anyway?), I ran into my friend, FedoraFedora is an ex-model slash actress slash singer (doesn't that sound so LA?), who has become one of my besties in what another friend of mine calls, "The Mommy Mafia."

I told Fedora how uncomfortable I've been taking photos in clothes and she gave me a couple of tips which I will now share with you.  When taking photos one should:

-  Stand up straight, thrust chest out (makes boobs appear bigger...okay, she didn't say that boob part)
-  Turn to one side (makes everything look thinner)
-  Put one foot in front of the other (see last paranthetical)
-  And for that extra little vavoom, push front hip up in the air (not the back one - which I did - because that just gives you, as Fedora said, "the crotch shot").  This makes your waist look smaller, and who wouldn't want that? 

Anyway, I didn't do any of that in this picture.  However, I did wear my dress (here's a Similar One) with these cute over the knee boots, which I love (though they do remind me slightly of the ones that Julia Roberts wore in "Pretty Woman," so just be careful not to wear them with anything too hooker-ish).  I also wore my favorite "blacksessories" - a watch and a belt (which cinches the waist better than Spanx!!!).  As for the blazer, it's old.  So here's the closest thing I could find to it.


D said...

Hey, tried those posing techniques your friend suggested. Probably should have warmed up before contorting..almost pulled a back muscle trying to lift front hip(?!) Going to ask the man of the house if i look thinner but am afraid he's going to look like the Abe Lincoln character in that geico ad when wife asks if she looks big from behind

kat said...

OK, so in regards to the posing techniques.....lifting the hip works best mainly when you're wearing swimwear..(when will we see the swimsuit in three different ways Claire?) elongates the look of the leg and gives you a nice curve at the booteh. Who said modeling is easy? The stand up straight and shoulders back part is not really to make your boobs look bigger (unless you're doing push up bra modeling), but to exude confidence in what you're wearing and make the clothes hang better! Oh, and another model industry secret--the clothes you actually see on models in magazines, on catwalks, or in ads are actually specially cut to fit 5'9" and over size 4/6 bodies (not normal). So the lengths are longer and the fit is slimmer. Usually, you are not seeing the production size product at all in the photos! YOU look fantastic in your clothes Claire--ROCK ON with your bad self!

Claire said...

Thanks, Kat! So it's not to make your boobs look bigger :) haha. Maybe it'll just make my shoulders look more narrow.

You're awesome. Appreciate the tips. I'm lucky to have you. xoxo

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