Friday, August 31, 2012

Stripes, Compliments and a Pink Pirate

"I hope baby grows up to be a pirate,"
Princess Sparkles informed me as we drove to Target.
"I really want a pirate in our family."
Hmm, that's not exactly what I pictured my son doing, but okay.
I asked her why she wanted a pirate in the family.
"Because, then he could give me treasure!!!"

BURN-OUT TANK - Alternative Apparel, $15
FEDORA - Eugenia Kim for Target
NECKLACE - Betsey Johnson
TIE-UP WEDGES - Old Navy, $14

This is what I wore yesterday to run errands.  Princess Sparkles is having a 5th birthday party this weekend so I had some last minute things to get.  I also "needed" to stop in to Forever 21 to see what was new.  I ended up with a pair of black faux leather skinnies for $25.  I know it's been in the 80s and 90s, but in the mall it seemed cool enough to buy some pleather pants :)

Sparkles holds her "pink pirate"

While I was in line at F21 to buy my pleather skinnies a young girl turned to me and said she liked this outfit.  I wanted to kiss her and tell her she made my day because she did.  Sparkles might want treasure but I'd take a compliment anyday! 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Fringe Boots, Shorts and a Big Girl

"Look, I'm a big girl now," Pigtails shouted proudly.
Camouflage accidentally put one of Princess Sparkles' shirts on Pigtails.
She decided that made her older.
Princess Sparkles wasn't exactly amused.
I'm just glad Pigtails doesn't mind the hand-me-downs.

GRAY CUT-OFFS - Black Orchid (via Loehmanns)
WHITE T-SHIRT - Alternative Apparel
EARRINGS - $.99 Depot
FRINGE BOOTS - Forever 21

Monday's Inspiration - Jessica Alba

Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Jessica Alba. I decided to link up this outfit which I wore to the local fair Saturday night. It's my "transitional" outfit with the jacket and boots (both old favorites), but shorts too! I added a pop of color with bright orange lips and coral earrings."

The "big girl" in her sister's shirt

The fun thing about this time of the year is mixing fall clothes with summer ones.   And there's nothing better than wearing shorts and boots (okay, really I just love wearing boots!).  It's almost as good as getting to wear one of your big sister's tops!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Studded Tank, Cut up Tee and an F-Bomber

"Stop using the F-word!"
Princess Sparkles shouted in a busy restaurant.
"Shhhh!" I said, completely horrified.
"Mommy, Pigtails keeps saying fart."
I knew that, but I don't think everyone else did.

NECKLACE - Betsey Johnson

It's been hot and I can't seem to get myself to wear much else besides tanks and cut-offs.  The tank and cardi were thrifted by Fair Isle and I got everything else on clearance, even the necklace!  Lately my new obsession is cutting up t-shirts.  I buy them and cut off the sleeves.  I'm a huge fan of Alternative Apparel but recently the Target tees have been on sale for $5 (they now make crew neck too!), so I've been buying those! 
One of my Target tees masterpieces (oh, and $1 store earrings!!!)
The girls smiling for a pose after I bribed them... sigh.
(their "hairbands" are from my cut up t-shirt)

Fierce posing F-bombers
Being a mom of three, especially a 6-month old, means it's important to wear comfy clothes I don't care too much about.  Tees and tanks are perfect for that, especially when they're only $5.  Because no one likes getting stuff on their nice clothes.  It'll make 'em wanna drop an F-bomb.  (I was talking about the word fart, sillies!)



Monday, August 20, 2012

Motorcycle Vest and a Good Baby

Bucket and I flew to Seattle over the weekend for a family reunion.
It was his first plane flight and he did amazingly well.
We stayed with my cousin, Cupcake, and his partner, Gilmore.
Although we were away from his sisters, Bucket probably didn't notice
since Cupcake and Gilmore's scotties were all over him.
"I don't like kids," I overheard Gilmore say while carrying Bucket.
Then with a slight smirk he said, "But this baby is good." 

MOTORCYCLE VEST - Local Boutique, $15
LONG NECKLACE, BRACELET - Jewelry by Cynde Daniels
NECKLACE - c/o Anjolee
GREEN WEDGES - Seychelles, $10

Monday's Inspiration - Elizabeth Olsen

Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Elizabeth Olsen in a sundress and moto vest.  I personally LOVE a vest, and I got this motorcycle one from a store that was closing down for only $15!!!  The dress was from Macys and I got it to nurse in since it's strapless.  And it was only $6!!!  The wedges I got at a Seychelles warehouse sale for $10.

A family reunion (in Port Orchard) makes Bucket happy

Bucket gets kisses from the scotties

I like pairing a motorcycle vest with a dress.  It gives the girly piece an edge.  There's something about a tough piece mixed with a soft one.  It adds just the right touch.  Like a baby in the arms of a guy who "doesn't like kids!"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Daytime Gold Skirt and a Vacation

"That's a swimming pool, mommy!"
Pigtails shouted enthusiastically.
I smiled and told her that swimming pool was called the ocean.
Last weekend we went on our first vacation with all three kiddos.
We drove down to San Diego to see the Wild Animal Park.
It was fun but not terribly relaxing.
I definitely needed a vacation from our vacation afterwards.

WHITE BURN-OUT TEE - Alternative Apparel
AQUA WEDGES - Mossimo (thrifted)

Monday's Inspiration - Jessica Biel

Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Jessica Biel in lace and metallics.  I was excited to whip out the $7 gold skirt from H&M and decided to pair it with a burn-out white tee.  I wasn't feeling like wearing lace, but I figured I could cheat with the textured tee :)  I needed a splash of color so I wore the suede fringe necklace my mom made and some aqua Target wedges I thrifted from GW.

Pigtails and Sparkles check out the big "swimming pool"

I love wearing metallics and this skirt is extremely stretchy and comfy.  Pairing it with a white tee seemed perfectly summery.  Isn't it great that metallics aren't just for night anymore?  Just like relaxing isn't just for vacation!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Denim Vest, Chambray, and A Personal Dresser

Mornings are always a challenge.
Getting everyone up, fed and out the door - on time - is nearly impossible.
I really appreciate when Camouflage helps me out.
He often gets cereal, brushes teeth and changes diapers.
The other day he helped get the girls dressed.
It's funny how we each dress the kids...
I like skinny jeans, skirts and mixed prints.
Camo likes t-shirts and cargos.

Monday's Inspiration - Katie Holmes

STRIPED SHORTS - Lamb (thrifted), $6
OMBRE DENIM VEST - Forever 21, $29
SHELL NECKLACE - gifted from Hawaii
BRACELET - Heavenly Treasures

Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Katie Holmes in a chambray dress.  I do wish I had a chambray dress but since I don't I decided to wear a pair of striped chambray shorts (which are Lamb and I thrifted new at GW for $6!) and my new ombre denim vest I got at F21 on a recent shopping trip with my friend, Fancy.  I saw it on the mannequin on my way out and ran back in to get it.  The shell necklace was given to me by my sister, Polka Dots, and the shoes are Vince Camuto thrifted new from GW.

Princess Sparkles in an outfit by Camouflage

It's so great that someone somewhere decided that denim on denim was no longer a "fashion don't."  Because it's a fun look and super comfy.  Just like my kids' fashion is influenced by which parent dresses them in the morning, I have magazines and other bloggers (and Inspiration Mondays!) to help me with my style!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mom's Night Out Dress and No Pockets

"Where are my pockets?"
Pigtails asked, carrying her toy phone.
I told her she was wearing leggings and didn't have any.
She shrugged, then shoved her phone down her pants.

DRESS - Velvet
CARDIGAN - Forever 21 (swapped)
FLORAL HEELS - Rebels (via Loehmanns)
BLUE PURSE - Linea Pelle for Target

I wore this out to a birthday dinner for my friend, Fedora.  We did a mom's day out and spent the day at a hotel pool, they went to the spa (I went home to nurse Bucket), then we all met up for a fun dinner!  The dress was something I purchased with a Groupon at a local boutique.  I had a swap party and got this sweater from a friend.  The shoes were from Loehmanns.  They eventually went on clearance after I got them, but oh well!

Pigtails finds a place to put her phone.

I have to say I love these loose cardigans, especially when they have pockets.  That way when I'm rushing with the three kids I can shove my phone and keys into them, especially since my purse is like a black hole and I don't really like shoving bulky things in my pants.