Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Uniform

CASHMERE SWEATER - thrifted (similar)
SCARF - made by my mom (similar)
SWEAT SHORTS - Old Navy (exact)
KNEE HIGH SOCKS - Forever 21 (similar)
BOOTS - Jessica Simpson (similar)
Today was a down day...at least dress wise.  I have to admit, this is one of my favorite "uniforms" for running around: cashmere sweater, sweat shorts and boots (I know, there's probably some rule that says "boots and shorts should be left to those in their teens and early 20's" with an addendum that reads "and especially NOT for moms" but I just can't help myself.  And I gotta rock it while I still can, right?)

One of my girlfriends from college, Silk, who has kiddos the same age as mine, asked me if I would post some fashionable mom wear for the park.  This has totally got me thinking (and slightly stumped) about different outfits.  Do I do sweats?  (I mean, I love how they do sweats and wife beaters in the PINK section of Victoria's Secret...but then...should us moms really be wearing that?)  Do I do leggings?  T-shirts?  Cargos?  All of the above?

Anyway, Silk and I are going running tomorrow with the babies, so I'll ask her for more specifics.  I do love a challenge.  I think I'd like trying to "do up" sweats... just like I like wearing cashmere sweaters, sweat shorts and boots :)


Jeni Quillen said...

Thanks so much for the comment. I just started out this whole blog business, and it's always nice to hear feedback! I've got to say - I don't think there's ever a rule for boots, they go with anything ;)
I love your blog - consider me a follower!

LizAnn said...

I love the look! That scarf is stunning :)

VPV Intern

Ashley said...

Love the look! ;] I think boots always win.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love the boots and socks :)

Jess said...

Definitely love this outfit, even if it's just your "down day"!

Claire said...

Thanks, all. You really made me feel good about posting this outfit (and wearing the boots!).

Heart Charlie said...

Love your outfit! You have a great body! Hmm interesting question your friend posed...park mom chic? My first instinct is something comfortable, moveable, and breathable. Something classic too. I think jeans, cargos, and leggings are always mom appropriate and chic when paired with a great simple top! Even cashmere with a classic trench over and some bensimon shoes, or flat knee high boots ;)

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