Friday, February 25, 2011

Comfy Casual Loungewear

After talking to my friend, Silk, who wanted to see what she and other mommies could wear to the park (without getting dolled up...and for a mom that can sometimes mean jeans), I decided to take on her challenge of "doing up" sweats, yoga pants and leggings... because I LOVE a challenge (and I actually enjoy wearing sweats, yoga pants and leggings too, though have been trying to dress up more because I am doing this wannabe "fashion" blog and now people put on their style goggles and look at me with judgy eyes...jk). 

So here it is, my attempt (hopefully an okay one) at "doing up" comfy casual loungewear...

YOGA PANTS - Gap (similar)
DENIM VEST - American Eagle (similar)
FLUTTER SLEEVE TOP - Old Navy (exact)
CUFF - September Rose
SHOES - Converse (exact)
I would've slid down the slide but unfortunately my butt... I mean, rear end (according to Princess Sparkles I am NOT allowed to say the B-U-T-T word.  It's not nice) would NOT fit down that slide.  Sigh. 

I liked the idea of wearing a fluorescent shirt because it brought me back to the days of my youth (when my rear end WOULD fit down that slide) and it adds a pop of color.  I wore the vest to hide the love handles, and I thought I would "do up" by accessorizing with a hat and cuff (because I can't resist a big chunky cuff!  This one is made by SEPTEMBER ROSE.  Check out her etsy shop here).

SWEAT PANTS - Victoria's Secret (similar)
STRIPED SHIRT - H&M (similar)
This next outfit I did with my red Victoria Secret PINK sweats (my hubby, Camo, likes to point out that these PINK sweats are NOT actually pink.  It's really not that funny).  I decided to pair it with a striped shirt (because I'm obsessed), a black cardigan (because it looks more "done up" than a sweatshirt) and a turquoise purse (which I accidentally left outside after these pics and it rained.  Bummer).

JEGGINGS - Macys (similar)
FEDORA - Eugenia Kim for Target
CARDIGAN - Ann Taylor Loft (similar)

This last one is the most fancy because I'm wearing my super sweet jeggings (say what you will about jeggings being a fashion faux pas, but they are so comfy and admit it, kinda cute).  My love affair with leggings really intensified during my pregnancy with Pigtails.  I wore a fedora because it blocks the sun and looks better than a baseball cap (my skin will be thanking me in another 10 years).  And I added color with the floral Old Navy tank and the turquoise necklace which I got in Hawaii.  I wanted to wear my Converse with this outfit too but it just didn't look right.  So I paired it with the flats.

And that's how I "do up" comfy casual loungewear.  If anyone else has any fab ideas, I (and mommies everywhere) would LOVE it if you would share!


Katarina Esperante said...

cutee outfits! i love all the colours you incorporated :)

D said...

Am also obsessed with stripes and they are so hard to find this season. Best bets seem to be clearance racks. Listen, if your derriere still fit into that kids' slide you would have had one heck of a time having those darling girls. Especially loved #3--looks good enough to go from park to a date. Floaty tunics over long tanks also great over jeggings. Tanks add color & prevent unintentional frontal or rear exposure:)

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I think you have awesome and totally unique style! Love it!

Ashley said...

Cute as usual!

Love the last one the most. I wish it was Spring-like weather here!

Heart Charlie said...

I LOVE the way you've styles your sweat pants here! So fun, comfortable, playful, yet totally outdoor appropriate! I love the little touches like the cardigan or vest, helps to spruce up the look! I am SO with you on Jeggings...I know some people find them offensive, but I find them comfortable and totally awesome to wear with a loose/long fitting top! I love the way you've styled yours. The little ballet flats, hat and necklace make the outfit!

Heart Charlie said...

Oh and my lipstick is NARS - Schiap ;)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Great going to the park wear. I try to slide down the kiddie slides too and my rear end doesnt fit either. LOL.

Write it in lipstick

Jan said...

I love the 3rd look...fedora and turquoise necklace -- my kinda gal! ;) I've gotta get more stripes to go with all my yoga pants! LOL!

Señorita said...

I'm all about comfort; love the last outfit :)

cheyenne davide. said...

loving stripes ! :)

and you look soooo cute on the slide loool!
ahahha init I read back and was thinking wth how can she be 6 months old and standinglike she's posing haa x

Tonya said...

You are WAY more fashionable than I'll ever be and I don't even have 2 kids as an excuse. I'm gonna keep reading so i can learn some things!

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