Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"One Lovely Blog" Award

Today I got up early and rushed to get the girls out the door  for preschool when suddenly I realized... Princess Sparkles is on spring break (okay, it wasn't suddenly but THREE people had texted me that morning to see if we wanted to hang out and all mentioned spring break and then a light bulb finally went on in my head). 

Wanting to not "mess up" my routine (which basically consists of a morning run), I decided to pull out the double stroller and go for a run with my cousin, Leopard, who I hadn't seen in quite a while.  Leopard had offered to push one stroller, but unfortunately I only had an umbrella stroller and that would so be a mistake to jog with.

But let me tell you about another mistake.  Pushing a double stroller (NOT a jogging one, despite the brand being "Baby Jogger") with two girls, stuff (including LOTS of snacks and waters) and plenty of stuffed animals.  It only weighed about, I don't know, 80 lbs!!!  Somehow I managed to finish the 4-1/2 mile jog but I must've been burning more calories than usual since the entire way back all I could think about was eating a huge cheeseburger!

Anyway, GretchTM awarded me the "One Lovely Blog" Award, which I am so very honored to receive.  Her blog is fantastic, she has such a classic, simple style that I wish I could replicate.  Thank you so much, Gretch!

I have to post 7 random things about myself, so to keep it interesting and in the fashion theme, I decided to tell you what I love about each of these dresses I bought today (YES I BOUGHT 7, but I had to entertain the girls somehow, so OF COURSE I took them to TARGET!!!  And since they won't let me try stuff on without going nuts, I decided to buy ALL these dresses, try them on at home, then return the ones I don't want).  So do me a favor and let me know which are your favorites, okay?

1. I love to wear black, especially in family photos, because it's always flattering even when I forget to suck in my stomach!

Alice Temperley for Target

2. I have an obsession with stripes and would pretty much buy anything (yes, anything) in this pattern.

Libertine for Target

3. My sister, Polka Dots, didn't realize she had so many polka dot clothes until I gave her the blog nickname.

Zac Posen for Target

4.  A skinny red belt is one of my favorite accessories (I have 2!) because it gives just the right pop of color.

Jonathan Saunders for Target

 5. I love animal print and own a pair of cow boots (not to be confused with cowboy boots - hope they make a comeback!)

Rogan for Target

6. If I had to pick a favorite "uniform," it would be a plaid shirt and jeans (followed closely by shorts and boots).

Luella Bartley for Target

7. I always love the bohemian look.  It's probably my favorite style in the magazines and I wish I wore it more.

Jovovich-Hawk for Target

So here are the blogs I'd LOVE to pass this award along to:


Anonymous said...

Number 1, 2, 3 and the last one are to keep.
Hope that helps.

Ed said...

7?? My counting skills are pretty good (at least up to 20 or so) and I definitely see more than 7 new dresses hanging up. Are you sure you're returning some of these? -Camo

GretchTM said...

This is such a cute post. You definitely deserve this award. I love all your dresses in these pics!!

I wish I was on spring break too. :P

D said...

My faves are 5,6,7. I love,love the strapless plaid--if it is a comfortable fabric that can be worn daytime. Grrr, animal prints always come back and the bohemian look--can't remember seeing any in previous photos. The black has a nice silhouette esp.sleeves,but hard to tell details.

rachel said...

they're all pretty cute. 2 and 5 look comfy and stylish. 1 looks classic and something you can wear for a while. don't know how often you'd actually get to wear 6 although it's flattering and reminds me of an 80's prom dress. i like the idea of 7, but practically might be a little short if that bottom portion is see-through. it's going to be tough to figure out which ones to return!!

Katariina said...

Those are such cute dresses! I fell in love with the last one!

Burning Skies said...

Wow you bought 7 dresses, yey for you! :) Congrats on the award! Love the 2nd and 4th one!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

wow jogging that long with two girls in a regular stroller, props to you my dear. that is awesome .

Claire said...

Aww thanks!
My fav is no 7, so summery!

Closet Fashionista said...

Congrats on the award! and wowie so many Go International dresses! haha :D I love 1, 2 and 4 on you :D

AlbeeLucky said...

Congratulations on the award!
Dresses 1,4, and 5 are the top three I pick. Tough call, they all look really great on you. I can see why you grabbed them all (:

Juillet Clair said...

love no.5 & 7 outfit! :D


Lacy said...

Claire, Congrats on the award! And THANK YOU! for giving me an award. I was so surprised when I saw that in your comment this morning, how exciting :) I love it!

I always buy a lot of clothes and bring them home to try on as well and then return the ones I don't want. I like to do that so I can really see how they look and feel and see what else I have that goes with them.

All of the dresses are so cute, but I especially like #1,2,4,6
You look great!

Heidi said...

Than you so much for the award!! My favorite is the black dress :)

Pau Villafuerte said...

Congratulations! Love all your outfits! Love how you paired the shoes too. Bright side with the jog is you burned more calories right? Not so good that you were thinking of cheeseburger after. xD

<3 Paulyn

Bonnie said...

I LOVE THE DRESSES. I wish I was more of a dress person because they are sosososososo cute. I just feel so unnatural wearing a dress everyday. I wear skirts a little more frequently, especially in the summer, but I usually rock shorts or capris.

I can't believe you jogged 4 and a half miles with all of that extra weight. Seriously, girl, you have balls. I love it.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Carla Violet said...

congrats on the award! those are such cute dresses!


The Suburb Experiment said...

Thank you! You're too sweet. And I have to do the same thing at Target. Kids do not like to be confined in a dressing room and I only had to try once before I learned my lesson. :)

I think you look pretty great in everything but I LOVE the animal print Rogan on you.


Jan said...

Bohemian and Black are my favs! I am a big fan of Bohemian as well!


Sophie - Country girl said...

congrats on your award and thanks for tagging me! Love all your beautiful dresses, you look awesome in them all! The green plaid has to be my favourite :)

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

Please keep the J-Hawk dress!! It's lovely!! ..this is a big haul! I was in Target killing time before meeting the hubby last night w my lil one....but went through the kiddy stuff!I need to have more time when it comes to my self shopping=p Congrats on another award!

Khlaren said...

Awww thank you for giving me this award!! :-) <3 Just saw it now. Sorry! Thank you! :) I like number 3 and 5 :>

Kezzie said...

Oh wow, I LOVE the Alice Temperley! I love her stuff, so I'll be trotting over to Target to have a look! Forgive a random comment from a random reader, I transported from Sophie's blog to have a look as was intrigued by the name and wanted to find out what I had to do with this one lovely blogger thing!
I love your writing style- you have JUST the type of engaging style that keeps me reading!

Lei said...

I love the first one with the red shoes and the last one, the bohemian one! :) Thanks for the tag! Will get to it soon!!! :P

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