Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Award, Some Yummies and 100 Followers!

NAVY ROSE TOP - Irene's Story
BLACK SKIRT - Jonathan Saunders for Target
NECKLACE - My grandmother's collection
CUFF - Made by my Mom
FLOWER BRACELET - Just Lovely Things
BOOTS - Charlotte Russe

Today my friend, Chambray, came to visit wearing a fabulous pink maxi dress with a denim jacket.  She proceeded to tell me how a man in the parking garage had asked her when her baby was due.  Chambray is NOT pregnant.  She said she was going to go home and burn her dress.

***NOTE:  NEVER ask a woman when she's due, even if she's 9 months preggo and it's super obvious, unless you KNOW FOR SURE that she is indeed pregnant.   

Chambray also brought me some delicious baked goodies from the new company she started, SKINNY BATCHES.  Isn't that the best name ever?  And what's even better is her "Salted Janets," a brown sugar cookie sprinkled with salt.  DELICIOUS!!!  Oh, and her crumbies are to die for...and her oatmeal cookies...and I LOVE her gingerbread.  Yes I've had it all, and I love it all.  Good thing they're only 45 calories each! 

SKINNY BATCHES - Oatmeal cookies, Salted Janets, Pear and Mocha Crumbies

Today was a really nice day for my blog.  Not only did I hit 100 FOLLOWERS but I received the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD from Burning Skies.  I feel so honored.  Thank you!  I really appreciate the blog world because everyone is so nice (which is not always how the real world is), and you can be connected to these people all the way across the world (or right down the street!).  Tomorrow I will write my 7 facts and pass along the award!

Anyway, here's the outfit of the day.  I thought I would attempt to change it up and wear something a little fancier.  I have to say I like this outfit because it's flattering (thanks to those nice dark colors!).  In fact, wearing it makes me feel like a skinny batch!


Ashley said...

OH NO! How mortifying for your friend! That man must not know that maxis are THE thing. :)

I love your outfit today! You are rocking that skirt!!!!

SeƱorita said...

That is sound advice about asking women when they are due... It is so embarrassing to ask this type of question and then, in the end, insult the person because there is no pregnancy... Good advice ;)


Dear Girl Wallflower said...

loved the outift, must be warmer out there....you should show the cuff closely bec your mother made it=) I love things that my mother makes too!that's so sweet! Congratulations my dear! and sory to hear about your friend, we ladies are very sensitive when it comes to figure, thanks for the tip!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I really really really want to try a "salted janet". Really.

Your top is pretty! I like the interesting detail on it.

Claire said...

congrats on 100 followers! xx

Natalie said...

Aww I feel so bad for your friend!! I agree you should never ask a woman unless you really know!!

Congrats on 100 followers!

AlbeeLucky said...

Cute post :) Congratulations on hitting the 100 mark and the award for versatile blogger.

Rebecca Clairine said...

congratulation for 100 followers !
keep blogging ,


Dilan Dilir said...

great outfit :D

Courtney Erin said...

That's pretty sound advice - sometimes you can never tell for sure!

xoxo ~ Courtney

P.S. Love the booties!

Vale ♥ said...

I love your boots ! Your blog is really pretty and I'd like to give a try to those bakery products, they seem to be so good and even healthy ! Greetings from Italy xoxox


Bonnie said...

Best name for a bakery EVER.
P.S. If anyone ever asked me if I had a baby due, I would kick them in nutsack.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sunny & Star said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers. Your outfit is amazing.

Kimberly said...

wish i could try some of her stuff sounds delicious! and love the outfit so cute! thanks for the comment!


Dodo said...

The blue in your outfit really pops! And autsh for your friend! It's never fun to hear indeed! Some people told me I looked a little preggo in some pictures some time ago and that's the time I decided that it was not smart to eat dinner and then take pictures afterwards xD

Amy said...

Congrats on the 100 followers! Like those booties too!

Gracey said...

Congrats on the 100 followers - that's fabulous!!

You look amazing in that blue too - very cute outfit once again.

The Salted Janets sound amazing!!!

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Congrats on the 100! You definitely deserve it :)

I love the name Skinny Batches! Your friend Chambray sounds like a witty lady. I have a friend who had a mild fixation with the book, Skinny Bi-otch (as she calls it). The treats look yummy!

I look forward to reading your 7 things :)

Nnenna said...

Congrats on your blog accomplishments! :) Also, those baked goods look so yummy- I have such a sweet tooth! :D

star-crossed smile

lauren said...

Congrats! And I am mortified for your friend! I'm sure she's beautiful and that guy is such an idiot.

xoxo Lauren

M said...

Congrats on the 100!!

Sound advice that you would think everyone would know by this time in 2011. But for any man or woman teetering on the edge of a moment of impending stupidity...
Never ask a woman:
1. Her age
2. Her weight
3. Her gestational status

Love the necklace. It's the accent that makes the outfit.


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

So jealous of those cookies! I need some right about now! I'm going to look for them. And so true about the pregnant comment, some men are just clueless!

xo Mary Jo

Jen HaHA said...

Congrats! I'm almost there. Great outfit! Love all of your accessorizing. Yeah, NEVER ask that of a woman! I look like I'm about 5 or 6 months pregnant, but this belly is just overdue--for exercise!
Come check out my A-to-Z!

GretchTM said...

Love your outfit! you look fabulous! Congrats on the award!

Style, She Wrote said...

Congrats on 100 followers! Well deserved. xo style, she wrote

Angelica Ng said...

Ouch about the question! Did she end up telling the man? If she did, must've have fallen on him pretty hard! Nice shoes btw! And congrats on the followers.


shealennon said...

Those cookies look all kinds of good! I love the pretty blue top with that beaded necklace!

ANN said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers :) You look great in this outfit!

And Skinny Batches, hahaha I LOVE that name. You friend is so witty.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the award you deserve it and Congrats on the 100 followers!! I love the fancy outfit today especially that skirt.

Yummy, does she deliver I stay in PA? lol :)

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