Friday, August 3, 2012

Mom's Night Out Dress and No Pockets

"Where are my pockets?"
Pigtails asked, carrying her toy phone.
I told her she was wearing leggings and didn't have any.
She shrugged, then shoved her phone down her pants.

DRESS - Velvet
CARDIGAN - Forever 21 (swapped)
FLORAL HEELS - Rebels (via Loehmanns)
BLUE PURSE - Linea Pelle for Target

I wore this out to a birthday dinner for my friend, Fedora.  We did a mom's day out and spent the day at a hotel pool, they went to the spa (I went home to nurse Bucket), then we all met up for a fun dinner!  The dress was something I purchased with a Groupon at a local boutique.  I had a swap party and got this sweater from a friend.  The shoes were from Loehmanns.  They eventually went on clearance after I got them, but oh well!

Pigtails finds a place to put her phone.

I have to say I love these loose cardigans, especially when they have pockets.  That way when I'm rushing with the three kids I can shove my phone and keys into them, especially since my purse is like a black hole and I don't really like shoving bulky things in my pants. 


Shea Sayers said...

Way to improvise, Pigtails! I love that dress and how you mixed it with those printed shoes! Yet another pair of awesome shoes. I've said it before, but can I raid your shoe closet? :)

Jaclyn said...

Oh man, love the print mixing happening with your dress and shoes. Bravo.

Style Journey said...

That's a gorgeous dress! Love it with the bright blue bag. Pigtails is so darn cute. You always have great kid stories :)

Teddi said...

pigtails can get away with that, but the rest of us, i don't think so. i like how the prints on your shoes & dress go together. claire, isn't it too hot in california to wear a cardigan? it's triple digits, in texas.

Kat said...

such a pretty dress! you look absolutely beautiful :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Your daughter is so funny Claire! HaHaHa She's a doll! So cute! I LOVE your dress! The print and cut looks awesome on you. I love throwing on a cardigan with a dress too. Cool bracelet!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

kids do the cutest things

Fashion Tales said...

Pigtails is so funny and cute. I love the printed dress! -xo

Anonymous said...

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two birds said...

You look gorgeous! I love your dress. And your Mom's night out sounds really fun! I am jealous.

Emily said...

I adore your bag! The color is astonishing. Pockets certainly are handy. Without them, I have to shove things in my bra, and then one of my boobs looks rectangular. So, yeah, pockets are wonderful.

May the force be with you.

Pink Chai Raj said...

I love how you layered the different shades of purple and florals in this outfit. Such a great look - I love stylish Moms!

Pink Chai Style

Frontrow said...

You look darling;

Love your blog; I'm your new follower.

Lots of love: Pauline

Maiken said...

the dress and your shoes make a beautiful floral match :) all the colours are outstanding and it's a gorgeous look overall. oh and don't you even tell me about bags and black holes! no matter how big or small my bag is, everything gets lost there anyway!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Roma is Love said...

Your tassel is on its way! :) Can't wait to see them on you! Delivery time around 7-15 days! :)

Andy After Flats said...

Lovely little girl

Foldable ballet flats

Anonymous said...

Women put money in their bras all the time so a phone in the pants isn't I'm so mad I missed so many outfits. You look really pretty!