Monday, August 13, 2012

Daytime Gold Skirt and a Vacation

"That's a swimming pool, mommy!"
Pigtails shouted enthusiastically.
I smiled and told her that swimming pool was called the ocean.
Last weekend we went on our first vacation with all three kiddos.
We drove down to San Diego to see the Wild Animal Park.
It was fun but not terribly relaxing.
I definitely needed a vacation from our vacation afterwards.

WHITE BURN-OUT TEE - Alternative Apparel
AQUA WEDGES - Mossimo (thrifted)

Monday's Inspiration - Jessica Biel

Today's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Jessica Biel in lace and metallics.  I was excited to whip out the $7 gold skirt from H&M and decided to pair it with a burn-out white tee.  I wasn't feeling like wearing lace, but I figured I could cheat with the textured tee :)  I needed a splash of color so I wore the suede fringe necklace my mom made and some aqua Target wedges I thrifted from GW.

Pigtails and Sparkles check out the big "swimming pool"

I love wearing metallics and this skirt is extremely stretchy and comfy.  Pairing it with a white tee seemed perfectly summery.  Isn't it great that metallics aren't just for night anymore?  Just like relaxing isn't just for vacation!


Style Journey said...

That sounds like me coming back from vacation! You need a vacation from your vacation lol :)

I have to say that your mom is one awesome crafty lady making that fringe necklace. It looks great with the rest of your outfit! Heather

Patti said...

Yes, I love metallics in the daytime too - and your outfit is just great, Claire! Love the picture of the big swimming pool and your two adorable girls. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

Renae said...

WOWZERS -- what a signature necklace you have. loved the combo with the shoes.... wow!

I found you visa Inspiration Monday. I have a lacy skirt almost identical but couldn't get it snapped and ready... too many other things going on (see my post today)

I'm going to join you! You - Me?

Jill said...

Love how you played down the skirt but I am drooling over that necklace!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Awesome price for that skirt Claire! And that necklace is to die for. I always feel I need a vacation after my vacation. HaHaHa

Megan, said...

great skirt
Xo Megan

CC said...

What a great causal glam look! ;) Love that necklace. ;)

I have a statement necklace giveaway going on right now - come check it out! CC's Cheap Chic

Teddi said...

claire, i knew your mom made that necklace as soon as i saw it. her style is signature. yes i like it! :) well done with the textures in your outfit. i adore the aqua in the necklace shoes, & nails. pigtails is so cute, calling the ocean a swimming pool.

Steph said...

That necklace is awesome! And yes, metalics are fun to wear any time of day (or night)!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

adorable outfit. I feel the same way after a vacation.

Anonymous said...

This outfit rocks!! Love everything about it! Awesome necklace, too! Can't believe your mom made that! Wow!

Keely said...

Adorable! I love the simple white tee with the fun metallic. I wore a similar silhouette the other day and it was so comfy and chic:)

Jessi said...

I'm loving the blue necklace and shoes!


Kezzie said...

Goodness! What a pretty necklace and so unusual! I like your take on Ms Biel's outfit! Hope you are well!x

silvergirl said...

i like your take on the look very much
great skirt and i really like that you paired it with a t for a relaxed look!

Maiken said...

I love your golden skirt! it looks fabulous together with the blue pops of colour. so cool contrast!
oh and the ocean.. this sounds amazing as well :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

two birds said...

i love this look! that skirt is so cute and such a bargain! and your mom is such a talent! i love that necklace!

Frannie Pantz said...

Going on vacation with kiddos is definitely fun but definitely exhausting! I hope you get some down time now that you are back!

I love your metallic skirt and I think it looks perfectly with your tee! Beautiful necklace as well!

oomph. said...

isn't it funny how we need vacations from vacations?!

your mom did a nice job on that necklace! i have all the materials and i've been wanting to try this! hope i can get to it soon!


rlutz said...

Vacations with the kids Rae definitely not vacations for the parents! That necklace is fabulous and added such fun to your outfit!

aki! said...

I didn't realize this when I was younger, but vacation for the kids =/= vacation for parents!

~ Everest ~ said...

I have that gold skirt too and am loving it!
Love how you wore it in a relaxed style and with such a gorgeous statement necklace!


Anonymous said...

Metallic in the daytime is like sequins at night...PERFECT!! I really like this outfit and I love how you made the inspiration fit you.