Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Good, The Bad and Some Printed Jeans

"Mommy, I'm the goodest,"
Princess Sparkles whispered to me before bath time.
"I think I'm on Santa's good list."
Sparkles has been obsessed with "Santa's list" after viewing it at Disneyland.
I told her she should be as long as she listens to her parents.
Then she looked over at her crying sister and whispered,
"But I think Pigtails is on the bad list."
FLATS - Me Too (thrifted)
EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
LONG NECKLACE - oh so mere

I know, another pair of printed skinny jeans.  This time in a camouflage colored ikat print.  I love these.  Not only did I get them for cheap, they're also comfy and match with everything!  The necklace I got from my friend, Share, who started "Share and Do Good Things."  It's made by oh so mere who is raising money to on a humanitarian trip to India!  You can read all about it on her blog.
The goodest and the other two :)
The great thing about wearing a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt is you can really play up the accessories.  I love this long necklace, it's colorful, fun and it's going towards a really good cause!  If Santa had a list for jewelry, this necklace would definitely be on the good one!




Shon said...

Hey girl! I missed you on Two Birds this Monday. I finally link up and you are not there!

I love your printed jeans. What beautiful gifts you have under your tree!

Merry CHRISTmas!!

Anonymous said...

We need to form a "printed jeans club!" Gal after my own heart! Love this look so much!
Darling photo of your little ones. Christmas and kids- nothing better!

Shea Sayers said...

Those printed jeans are so cute--I love the print and neutral colors!

Maiken said...

oh I like that outfit a lot! it's so simple but at the same time totally classy and special because of those pants and your lovely jewellery. I wish I had more patterned pants in my wardrobe too!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL My younger kids are pretty into the Santa list thing but my 12 year old? Forget it. He's over it. I love the picture of your kiddos!!! Too cute!

Melaina25 said...

I've not seen printed jeans like that before they are super cute! Are they flocked?

And how cute are your kids!?!?!?
✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Cute tree and you look great

Mariamma C. said...

Very nice outfit and your kids are so cute!

Teddi said...

your kids in front of the tree are the "goodest"! claire, looking good in another pair of printed jeans and a t. :)