Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashionable Ways to Hide a Tummy

Last night I got a huge compliment from Princess Sparkles.  She said, "Momma, this is the bestest food you ever made!"  And with that she gobbled the entire thing up.  I was shocked. 

Usually I force feed (or bribe) her to even take a bite.  It wasn't anything special either, just threw together brown rice pasta, butter, parmesan cheese, leftover broccoli and meatballs.

Anyway, one of my new mom friends, Gingham, asked me if I would put together some flattering tummy-hiding pieces.  Here are a few things I think are really great...

VEST - American Eagle (similar)
RUFFLE TOP - Song of Love (similar)
JEANS - Goldsign
SHOES - Forever 21 (exact)
- RUFFLES (girly layers provide the perfect camouflage)
- VEST (looks stylish while simultaneously hiding any extras you might have on the back and sides)

PLAID SHIRT - Forever 21 (similar)
BLACK TANK - Old Navy (similar)

- BLACK and other DARK COLORED TOPS (always slimming)
PATTERNS (distract attention away from the stomach, and a button up shirt works similar to the vest, especially when worn open and over another top)

I really think "distracting" away from the tummy is key.  Layers are great too.  Not only are they practical for going to the park (because often it's cold in the shade, hot in the sun) but they also give an outfit dimension and automatically look more "put together."

So go ahead and try it... just throw some pieces together.  Who knows, maybe it'll be like Princess Sparkles and my mishmosh dinner, and you'll look "the bestest ever!"


Jess said...

It's so funny what kids will and won't eat. My friend's kid eats Mustard and Peanut Butter sandwiches... ick!

Anonymous said...

I love the ruffle look! So cute!

Kimberly said...

Love it! And so begins my search for ruffle tops. :)

Heart Charlie said...

mmmm, that pasta dish looks simply delicious! Love the tummy hiding tricks ;)

Melissa said...

I love that ruffled top! So fun and girly and it really does hide the tummy perfectly like you said.

I supposed I really should start learning how to cook so I have a chance of making the bestest dinner ever. :)

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KcomeKarolina said...

great idea!!!

xoxo from rome

LyddieGal said...

Great tips - I'm definitely having one of those days when I need them!

Ashley said...

I can't pull off ruffles for the life of me. So sad!

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