Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Brights = Happy

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry
in "Sonic Bloom"

The funny thing about having a second child is EVERYTHING you worried about with the first, you don't have time to worry about with the second (or you're just so much less neurotic thanks to experience).  Like last night I was exhausted so I made a fabulous pizza dinner (I made the call...doesn't that count? Wait, never mind. I ordered online). 
First of all, with Princess Sparkles I would've pureed some organic vegetable and woulda never ever dreamed of giving her pizza (no dairy or tomatoes until 1, at least I think that's what the rule is).  But last night I grabbed a slice and put it on Pigtails' tray.  I know, I coulda at least cut it into little pieces, but she LIKES to take bites off it like a big kid (and she has 8 teeth!  Don't judge.  Please).  It worked out well, she was happy with her pizza and I was happy to have a peaceful dinner.

Yesterday was a little sad for me. I had to drop off my sister, Polka Dots, at the airport.  She starts her job in Hawaii after staying with us for 3 months (thanks, Camo!).  I'm really going to miss her, I mean, who's going to take pictures for my blog?  Hmm...I may have to “hire” Princess Sparkles (hope that angle from down below is flattering!).

Decided to cheer myself up today with a dose of "brights."  I found this amazing orangy/reddish/coral colored nail polish, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in “Sonic Bloom,” and I'm completely smitten.  I usually prefer fall when it comes to nail polish, because I love those dark hues (that's the closet goth in me), but for the first time in a long time I'm LOVING a spring color!


As for the lips, don't ask Camo about it (he asked me where the rest of my clown outfit was).  I never thought I could rock this lipstick but I was inspired by my blog friend at Heart Charlie (check out her blog here... isn't she great?).  I went to the MAC counter and tried on numerous shades.  At first I was a little shocked, but then I really started to like “the brights,” they made me HAPPY.  I decided on "Girl About Town."

MAC Lipstick
"Girl About Town"
I think everyone should at least try “the brights” whether on their nails, their lips, in their wardrobe or all three at once!  Be like a mommy with that second child and do something you normally wouldn't do!  Take a chance!  I promise, it might be a little weird at first, but in the end it'll make you feel happy!


D said...

Can't imagine you as a goth. You seem way too sparkly. Camo is lucky you only went for lipstick & polish as a "cheer-myself-up" treat. Regarding "clown" comments: men almost never like change. That lipcolor looks great.

Moniek said...

Great lipcolor! Such a great color for spring!

DilaanD said...

lovely lipcolour!

Melissa said...

Brights are good. Brights are very, very good. :)

No one can judge you about your parenting, unless you're doing something clearly dangerous or neglectful. Since becoming a parent and seeing how different everyone's parenting styles can be, I make a point to not judge anyone for their decisions. Unless it's something ridiculous like ignoring their kid for no reason (I understand ignoring whining to not feed into it) and wow this comment got longer than I intended. Oops! Sorry!

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Ashley said...

I love bright nail polish. However, I cannot pull off lipstick for the life of me.

Rebecca said...

Bright nail polish is my favorite.

DilaanD said...

hehe okay :D I don´t like the dentist,but I don´t go there often.. (:

Rach said...

I love it!! The pizza story is the best. Don't tell my hubby but Crew hasn't had rice cereal OR baby food yet but had some mexican rice and tortilla out of desperation when I took both kids out to dinner the other night. I knew you'd approve! ox

Tara said...

Ha! You are too funny! I'm the totally uptight first time parent, and I don't know why, because every time my husband does something with my toddler that 'they' wouldn't approve of, everything is fine. It's not the end of the world...shocking!

I'm looking forward to finally having a second kid, just so I can relax a little :)

Laundry is NOT a Hobby…stop by and say hi!

Heart Charlie said...

I love the brights!! Thank you for mentioning my blog ;)

AlbeeLucky said...

That is a pretty shade of nail polish.

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