Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Camel Cape, Burgundy Hat and a Cookie

 "I'm going to leave this cookie out for Santa in case he comes early,"
Princess Sparkles let us know as she put her cookie next to a drawing.
Earlier she had taped a hand written note on our fireplace that read,
"I want pixie dust and long hair" for Christmas.
I guess I should be happy she didn't ask for an iPad.

CAMEL CAPE - Jolt via Nordstrom, $35
JEGGINGS - JC Penney, $5
BURGUNDY HAT - Forever 21
BRACELETS - iSanctuary, Forever 21, Shop With a Mission
PIGTAILS' PINK PILLOW - Shop With a Mission

BLACK T-SHIRT - Alternative Apparel

Here are two outfits I've worn recently.  The brown and black jeggings are my new fave.  I love those two colors together.  The mustard Krochet Kids beanie is from [Share] and Do Good.  Krochet Kids helps people out of poverty with their beautiful crochet pieces.  The cape I picked up online from Nordstrom last year when it mysteriously went on sale for a day.  I wore it to a "Shop With A Mission" (aka Heavenly Treasures) Tea Party on Sunday.

Sparkles poses with her "Christmas Display"

Sparkle's picture and cookie note for Santa.  I put the cookie in a bag so the ants didn't get it.

I love the idea of shopping with a mission.  Gives me a chance to do good things while buying stuff.   It's a win-win situation.  Much better than receiving a well-aged cookie after buying creative gifts for my kids and having to give credit to a robust bearded guy in a red suit.



Shea Sayers said...

Long hair and pixie dust...it sounds like a good list to me :) I love that jacket and that cute yellow hat!!

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL Long hair and pixie dust! My 12 year old . . . you should see his list. iPad, iPhone, laptop, TV, dvd player, real ninja stars . . . the list goes on. I love your boots!

Shon said...

Looks like fun was had as always!

I love the hat and cape...very mysterious!

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

Kezzie said...

Oh I DO adore your children- they are just so precious and innocent- that's the nicest thing I've heard a child ask for at Christmas!
How lovely your outfits are! I'm soooo appreciating the hats and cape!x

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Your children are so cute

Anonymous said...

Totally rockin' in both outfits! LOVE them both! I envy your home on Christmas morning....kids & Christmas...nothing better!

Claire said...

haha, yes the ipad would have been a killer, you all look fab as usual!

Roy Kimmell said...

Love the blog cuz! Your talent shines through in everything you do! Lotsa love!

Teddi said...

she's so thoughtful putting the cookie in a bag so the ants won't get it. ;) we got to see two of your very classy outfits. bonus points for your children and their photos.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Loving your look in that that cape and hat Claire! Don't you love mysterious one day only sales? Although I never seem to find any and sadly paid full price yesterday at J Crew for a pair of boots I "needed". Anyway, pixie dust and long hair seem like really sensible desires, I need to add them to my list too! Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year and hope you have a fun celebration!
xo Mary Jo

Whitney said...

you guys are adorable!

oomph. said...

happy new year, claire! hope you and the family enjoyed the holidays!

i'm having another boot obsession phase...love these pairs! i really want a pair of frye boots!!

Jess said...

Ooooh! I Love that camel cape! And look how big Bucket is getting! I obviously have some catching up to do! Miss your blog, and hope you had a Happy New Year!

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