Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Jeans, Green Sweater and Wings

"Santa, I love you, Santa!"
Pigtails looked up to the sky and shouted after seeing her gifts.
This was a complete 180 from last year when she saw Santa and ran away.
Bucket decided he would start walking for Christmas.
And Princess Sparkles, who got her pixie dust, let me know,
"Next year I'm going to ask Santa for wings."
Good thing I have a year to work on that one.

CONTRAST LEATHER JACKET - Foreign Exchange, $29
CHEVRON LEGGINGS - Loehmanns, $5
LEATHER BOOTS - White Mountain, $14 (thrifted)

RED JEANS - BDG via Urban Outfitters, $19
BROWN HEELS - Forever 21

Here are a couple red and green outfits I wore over the holidays.  I got a couple cute sweaters from the Loft, for 50% off!  The leggings are from Loehmanns when my sister, Polka Dots, and I went at midnight for a 50% off sale.  The contrast leather coat I got at the after Christmas sale from Foreign Exchange.  I was excited to wear my $19 BDG red jeans with the $8 sweater I got from Old Navy last year while I was pregnant.

The after Christmas shopping was especially fabulous this year with the 50% off sales going on everywhere.  We didn't go away for the holidays, but it was nice to have some time off from our usual hectic schedule.  But now that we're back I'm having trouble adjusting (hence not blogging for almost a month!).  I can't seem to get anywhere on time.  Maybe I need to get me some wings!


Style Journey said...

So glad to see a post from you! It sounds like you and your family had a relaxing Christmas and you scored some great deals. Love your nails too :)

Patti said...

You did some fabulous shopping, Claire - love those red jeans. And of course, the kids are adorable, loving up their mom : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

Shon said...


So glad to see you girl! The kids are getting so big!

I love the boots and sweaters! Great stuff.

Have a great week.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Just checking in, Claire, you and your kids are as cute as ever! :) I love the striped sweater and the chevron leggings - not together, but you know what I mean. you look great! :) I love that your kids are posing with you -what a fun memory that will be.

Mugdha said...

Ooooh, walking?? That's awesome! Also, I'm lovin those nails, especially the green!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Its so hard to believe bucket walking already. glad you had a good holiday season.

Punctuation Mark said...

kids come up with the cutest things!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Loving your looks, Claire!
I so enjoy seeing your little ones!

Keely said...

Love the red jeans with stripes! So striking! And those chevron leggings are so fab!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

The most darling photos ever. I love the girls' sense of style.
Your green mani is super cool.

Sarah the Stylist said...

What a fabulous sweater from Loft and fun red outfit! It's unreal how flattering those red pants are on you.

I love how economical these outfits are -- you are a real bargain shopper.

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