Monday, January 24, 2011

Claire's Cluttered Closet

Yikes!  I'm cringing looking at this picture.  I know what you're thinking (probably the same thing as my husband), I have way too many clothes.  But really, can anyone have too many clothes (or boots for that matter)?  I decided I would start a fashion blog to:

1. Get me to organize my closet
2. Get me to start writing again
3. Get a tax write off for all those clothing purchases?!!!

Anyway, I thought this could be fun.  And my little sister, I'll call her Polka Dots, came up with this fantastic idea... "Why not do one piece from your closet, three ways!"  Brilliant!  I thought.  No wonder she's the smart one in the family and I'm the...uh... "creative one."

So that's what I plan to do.  ONE PIECE, THREE WAYS.  It's honestly a rule to live by.  Because if you can't wear it three ways, then you probably shouldn't be buying it (unless it's your wedding dress...ooohhh, a challenge.  Maybe I'll eventually take that one on!).


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