Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Say Cheese

I'm excited about "cataloging" my closet.  I just spent 3+ hours in there putting together outfits.  Yes, you heard right.  THREE HOURS (no wonder my husband goes crazy everytime I get dressed to go out).  I enjoyed every minute of it!  Combining dresses, with belts and jackets and, I can see why celebrities have stylists. 

Polka Dots and I went shopping today at our favorite store, LAST CHANCE BOUTIQUE.  They were having a sale.  I, of course, could NOT help myself and bought three dresses (all for $50 total!!!).  Oh, and a fringe purse (because who can resist one of those?). 
My purse looks like this JJ Winters one except mine was $35 and this one is $385!!!
I also took my first photos today (which I'll post soon).  I had Polka Dots do it.  What would I do without my sister?  I mean who else would tell me "yeah, those stripes make you look wide" and "your legs look much fatter in the picture?" 

It's kind of embarrassing posing for these pictures.  I don't know whether to smile, turn to the side, put my hands on my hips (and it's even harder when my sister is behind the camera laughing and telling me to put my hand on the wall in a half twist, lean back and make the "magnum" face).  I feel like a dork (and not a tall/skinny one either!).  Maybe when they said, "say cheese," they were talking about how I feel when I take these pictures.

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