Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steve Madden Coleton Boots, Sanctuary Fur Vest and a Birthday Boy

"Mmm, cake.  Delicious." 
Bucket said as I gave him a birthday cupcake.
Bucket loves to eat.  Unfortunately it's not always from a plate.
I'll find him grabbing snacks from his car seat, the floor, 
a restaurant booth, even the bottom of his shoe!
I recently took him off dairy, then found him 
hiding in the pantry eating cheese crackers.
Oh Bucket, what am I going to do with you?!

GRAY DRESS - BCBG (thrifted), $9
FUR VEST - Sanctuary (via Nordstrom)
EARRINGS - iSanctuary
BOOTS - Steve Madden

DENIM JACKET - Gap Outlet, $13
GRAY EMBELLISHED TANK - Phillip Lim for Target, $6
EARRINGS - iSanctuary
BOOTS - Steve Madden

Here are a few recent outfits.  The first is what I wore to my cousin's baby shower.  The BCBG dress is thrifted from GW and I paired it with my Sanctuary fur vest I price matched at Nordstrom.  The second outfit is a Philip Lim for Target top I found on clearance for $6 and a denim jacket from the Gap outlet I got for $13.  The boots are Steve Madden and I also found them at the outlets.

Birthday Boy, Bucket, and his dairy free frosting goatee

My Steve Madden boots are absolutely delicious.  I love how they're rugged yet fitted and match with practically everything.  They're also so comfortable.  Even though they're new they look worn, kinda like a cracker on the bottom of Bucket's shoe.


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Happy Birthday Bucket

two birds said...

Happy Birthday, Bucket! He's so cute. My son also loves to eat and will eat anything from anywhere. Maybe it's a boy thing??? That vest and those boots are amazing!

Frannie Pantz said...

Aw happy birthday Bucket! I can't believe how big he is now! That photo of his goatee is so adorable. Boys are like that--they don't have any fear of germs, I've found.

Denise Sabs said...

Aaah, so Bucket is an Aquarian... happy birthday! I guess, and sorry to say that, he'll aways like snacks... typical Aquarian (like me). I used to be like him and... I am like that till today. I like Steve Madden very much and the boots are great! I also love anything with fringes, so I want that bag! Looking lovely and beautiful as always, and the kids too! denisesplanet com

Shon said...

Happy Birthday, Bucket! He is too adorable and all boy! Fun times!

What a looker you are in these outfits. I love a great thrifted dress and beautiful boots.

Happy Weekend!

Kim Alston said...

They are all so cute! Happy Birthday Bucket! Claire, those boots are awesome and i love that dress. The print is so pretty.

andres said...

Happy birthday bucket...from your cousins

Hena Tayeb said...

Happ Birthday Bucket! Ah a fellow Aquarian..
Love his hair.. you're so lucky he eats.. if given the choice my toddler would simply go hungry.

Mary Jo said...

Happy birthday bucket! I'm so glad he made it another year {remember I was there that day your daughters were kind of trying to suffocate him?} Lol. Love your boots. Hope you are well! Happy valentine's day a little early :)
xo Mary Jo

oomph. said...

oh my gosh...look at that it!! happy belated to him!!!

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