Monday, December 30, 2013

Thrifted Kilt, Leather Bracelet Watch and a Christmas List

"Why can't Santa give me everything on my list?"
Princess Sparkles asked when I informed her Santa only gives one gift.
I told her there were a lot of children in the world.
"Well, Mommy, you get everything you want!"
Camouflage interjected from the kitchen,
"No we don't.  Sometimes we want peace and quiet, but we don't get that."

GRAY JACKET - thrifted
PURPLE HANDBAG - B Makowsky (thrifted)

CROCODILE HANDBAG - Badgley Mischka (thrifted)
SHOES - thrifted

Here are a few holiday outfits I wore.  The first are some F21 faux leather leggings I paired with a thrifted jacket and purse (B Makowsky!), a hand-me-down sweater, and the fabulous Frye boots my sis-in-law gave me for Christmas a few years back.  The second outfit is a plaid skirt, shoes and Bagdley Mischka purse, all thrifted!  My mom found the latter two.  


I recently received a women's watch from Born Pretty to review.  I have to say I was skeptical at first, seeing that the bracelet watch was less than $10.  But when I tried it on, I couldn't believe how amazing it was!  Not only was it stylish, but easy to wear with strings you pull to tighten.  It's made out of real leather with wooden beads, and looks way more expensive then it is!  Definitely check out their site, there are so many watches to choose from and Spinning Threads readers can get an extra 10% off by using the code CLAIRELC10.

I love the holiday season.  It's filled with so many fun and funny moments --

- Princess Sparkles' 5 page Christmas list
- Pigtails handing me ads she cut out to practice using scissors 
(and tell me what she wants for Christmas) 
- Princess Sparkles telling my sister her friend at school told her Santa is 
just your parents putting presents in your stocking but she doesn't believe that.
- Bucket finally getting some "boy" toys.

But most of all I appreciate being at home with the family, even though I don't always get peace and quiet.  Santa might only dish out one gift but there are fantastic after-Christmas sales and sometimes I even get cool things in the mail, like leather bracelet watches!


Frannie Pantz said...

Aw looks like a very fun Christmas indeed! Love Bucket's face on that car! How cute! And yes, I always think I want the quiet. But when it is quiet, I always kind of miss the chaos. I love your leggings and skirt!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

glad you had a great Christmas

JTWisdom said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!
That plaid skirt is very pretty and I will definitely check out that watch, it sure doesn't look like it's only $10.

Patti said...

These pics make me so happy! What a loving family you are. Thanks for sharing some of the joy with Visible Monday. xo

poziomka said...

Nice pics!!
I also got a watch from Born Pretty :)
I wish you a happy New Year!

two birds said...

that was a perfect answer to that question...haha peace and quiet! i love your leggings...what a fun color!

Tina Bradley said...

Lovely holiday stylings and family photos! What a wonderful tartan print skirt! :) T.

Denise Sabs said...

A very very happy new year for you and your family! Wow, a 5 page Christmas-list! I think you and your kids look fantastic! I loved the tartan skirt and the watch, no matter it was less than $10! Many times god things don't need to be expensive! Believe me, in December I bought what I thought was a great watch, and unfortunately it was expensive and... it broke last Monday. How cool is it... anyway, I want to say that yes, peace and quiet are good things sometimes, but being with family is priceless and your kids are so sweet! She didn't believe in parents giving presents as Santa! That is so sweet! denisesplanet com

silvergirl said...

love that plaid skirt
fun Christmas pics

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Kids are so cute. Santa only brings one special gift in our family too. I love that plaid skirt/white sweater combo. I have a similar inspration idea with plaid pants.

Kim Alston said...

i love that tartan skirt claire! looks so fabulous on you girl. you guys had a great Christmas :D lovely tree and presents. always a beautiful family.

Nilesh Raval said...

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