Monday, July 8, 2013

Rag and Bone Harrow Boots and Privacy

"Don't look at my privacy,"
Pigtails said as I helped her change into her watermelon dress.
I averted my eyes as I put on her "panty wear."
I asked her if she wanted to wear her usual leggings.
"No, I want that gold skirt."
Pigtails definitely has her own special way of layering.
Like how she made me put her in two princess nightgowns at the same time.
Because... "Mommy, it's comfortable."

BLACK AND WHITE FLORAL TOP - Forever 21 (swapped)
GRAY CUT OFFS - Black Orchid
BLACK BOOTIES (not pictured) - Hogan (thrifted)


I got the floral top from a swap I did with girlfriends and the gray cut offs were on clearance at Loehmanns.  The black booties you can't see (thanks to Bucket) were thifted by my mom, Fair Isle.  They're Hogan and they're fabulous!  The light wash jeans have been a staple for me lately.  They match everything.  The top was thrifted from GW after Gingham spotted it on the rack.  The Harrow boots are the nicest thing I own.  My sis-in-law, Argyle, got them for me at American Rag.  I LOVE them!!!  Walked a couple miles in them and they didn't hurt at all!

Pigtails poses with Bucket in her watermelon dress (and my sunglasses!)

Yes, I'm still wearing cut offs.  A lot of them.  It's just hot and well, I like them.  But don't worry, you can't see my privacy and honestly, they're just so darn comfortable.



Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

You look great and the kids...darling.

Barbara @

Patti said...

Love your summer looks (with boots - fab) and of course, I look forward to what you kids are up to this week! So cute! Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday

Maiken said...

cut-offs are my staple as well (when I'm not at work, of course). and I always create new ones from all kinds of thrifted jeans.
oh and Claire, reading about your little ones always makes my day. it really does because they're just brilliant and it's so cool that you store all those funny things and sayings :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Shon said...

You look great as always!! I love the shorts and booties.

The kids are getting so big! I hope Summer is treating you all well?

Kim Alston said...

Claire, I couldn't stop laughing. Your kids are hilarious girl. They're so cute. I know you must get a kick out of them everyday. I love both outfits. That floral top in the first on is gorgeous. Thanks for the tips on Skin Food. I loved them and want to try more! I'll put that post up tomorrow. Have a great day doll.

poziomka said...

Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

very cool post :)

Karen Curtis said...

That first photo is so funny. The kids expressions are priceless and yet you are giving us so much fab in your pose! Looking good, mama!


Anonymous said...

Oh, they are always so cute! I loved your first outfit, with that sweet top and white jacket. The second top is also great, but I loved the match in the first picture! Your children look so sweet! The one on your right with such a sweet expression! "Give me some privacy", hahaha, so sweet! Sorry that I was somehow absent - I had high fever and I'm also dealing with other troubles...

Milex said...

that's so good.

Mélo l'imparfaite said...

your white blouse is absolutely perfect !

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing pics! So lovely:)

Frannie Pantz said...

LOL My oldest son and daughter are the same way with their clothes! I think it's a good sign of independence. I love your cutoffs and if its hot girl work 'em!

Teddi said...

hooray for comfort, easy style, privacy, and the cutest kid photos!

Thania SG said...

haha how you do to pose with your kids?


Beauty Follower said...

Like both outfits!