Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red Prabal Gurung for Target Dress and a Sign

"Do NOT do this!"
Princess Sparkles wrote on a sign for Bucket.
Bucket recently hurt his thumb after playing with canned food.
Camouflage asked Sparkles to make sure her brother didn't go into the pantry.
She obliged by creating her sign and taping it to the door.
Of course Bucket completely disregarded it.

RED DRESS - Prabal Gurung for Target (thrifted)
BROWN AND BLACK BELT - Tory Burch (thrifted)
EARRINGS - Heavenly Treasures
BRACELETS - iSancturary
NUDE CAGE HEELS - Kelsi Dagger

LEATHER ORANGE BELT - Dimensions (thrifted)
NECKLACE - M Haskell via Ross
RED PURSE - B Makowsky
BRACELET - iSanctuary
WATCH - Michael Kors

Here are a few outfits from the week.  I recently bought this Prabal Gurung for Target dress at Goodwill for half off.  I decided I'd pair it with a Tory Burch belt my mom, Fair Isle, thrifted for me and some nude cage heels I found on clearance for $11.  I was trying to be unexpected by not wearing black accessories.  I also wore white skinnies and a black t-shirt.  Trying to make it interesting I paired it with a thrifted orange belt and necklace Fair Isle and Henley bought me for Mother's Day.

Bucket eats berries with his injured thumb :(

A belt is the ultimate "supporting" accessory.  It's never the "star" of an outfit, but without it the look would not be complete.  Not only does it make everything look fabulous, it's also functional.  So even if you think no one can see it, do NOT disregard the belt.



Mrs C said...

Your outfits are fabulous but it's the children that makes me smile.. in the last picture, what was going on? Poor boy was crying aww...! The drawing reminds me of my boys' when they were much younger, they made these posters that they pasted everywhere! They were of my usual caution to them like "NO running on the stairs" "Don't shout, someone's sleeping" "Eat your vegetable" No drawing on the walls" and each poster was with drawing like your kids'.. I miss those days when they were younger. Enjoy yours, you look like you have a great bunch there :)

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

Areeba said...

Both of the outfits are nice. But I am loving the necklace most. Your girl is such intelligent one and she cares about her bro ;)

Patti said...

Good advice about the belts - they are the supporting players : > Love these looks, and as always the adventures of your little ones. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

Frannie Pantz said...

Aw! What a cute sister looking out for her brother! I love that red dress on you and the black and white in the second look is such a great combo!

Kim Alston said...

That last picture of you and the kids is classic! hahaha Claire that Prabal Gurung dress looks amazing on you. I can't get over the price you paid! Good for you doll. Love the black & white outfit. Gorgeous necklace. Have a great week!

Maiken said...

hehe, once again I looove the photos. your kiddies are way too brilliant with their expressions and poses, especially little Bucket ;)
oh and both of your looks are awesome! and you're right about belts too.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Mélo l'imparfaite said...

this dress is fabulous

Shon said...

Looking great as always! I love this dress and the shoes!! What awesome deals you got on these items.

Poor, poor Bucket's thumb! The girls are getting so big. What sweet kiddos you have.

Nicole Feliciano said...

The kids are the perfect accessories. Glad to see you are having fun with the chaos.

Abigail said...

Love both looks for different reasons. But that red dress is really pretty <3

If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Bucket's expression in the second photo!

silvergirl said...

what a great red dress and those shoes are fabulous

Meera said...

Both these outfits are absolutely gorgeous! I love these photographs.

xo, Meera |
twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Claire that derss is amazing, why we don't have this colelction in Italy??
Ah ah ah poor bucket!!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Style Me B.A.D said...

You are the second person to find Prabal for target at a thrift store!!

Love that you added a belt.

And that sign is hysterical!

CoutureTrend Jessica said...

Love red dress

New post on the blog:

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Hope bucket thumb feels better soon

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!

EIDesign Glamour said...

amazing red dress !!!!

EIDESIGN GLAMOUR facebook fan page

Imogen said...

Amazing red dress.

vgolove said...

Great outfit! Beautiful dress!!
Cute kids!

  Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

Best wishes,

Coco said...

You are the hottest mum! Are you children edible? They look like it!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!
Coco et La vie en rose
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Rocka Follow said...

Your outfits are gorgeous! you look really nice, and the children awww so cute :)

Megan, said...

love the prabal dress on you Xo, Megan,

Mileide Almeida said...

Claire hello! I've always been in love with the entire collection Prabal ... this red dress is gorgeous, you made ​​it very elegant!
I also like the look with white pants ... I love it!

La borsa di Mary Poppins said...


Natalia said...

Love the outfits :) x

Michelle Verpuggi said...

love babe

Milex said...

Ok this is amazing

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Haha, I love the sign and WHERE do you find all this great thrifted stuff! I swear I'm going to take a day off and go with you one of these days--you're killing me with all your fashion thrifting loot!

Hoping June has been a good month so far for you Claire!

xo Mary Jo

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Nonchalant Rebel said...

AMazing post!

xx Mounia

Anonymous said...

you look great and the kids are so cute!

Nora Aradi said...

Yay, such a lovely photos! Great blog! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?
kisses and have a nice day,

Pril del Rosario said...

you have such cuties there! love your outfits too! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, absolutely stunning!

Monica Harmony's Blog

Teddi said...

holy awesome thrifted finds claire! poor bucket and his finger. the sign sparkles made is cute. you're right about the belt, and that statement necklace with the white jeans looks marvelous. :)

Jessica said...

Poor little Bucket. I hope his finger is healing. You have the most adorable family. And you look amazing in your pictures too.

Tracy @

Beauty Follower said...

I like the dress and the second outfit!

Karen Curtis said...

I had to comment here too b/c I like your style. I added you to Bloglovin' so I will not miss anything!