Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Florals, Argyle and Something Personal

"Daddy has so hot laps!"
Pigtails protested when Camouflage offered to brush her teeth.
She always has a unique way of expressing herself.
Whether it's what she says or what she wears
(Pigtails loves pairing polka dots with polka dots or hearts with stripes).
She definitely has confidence and never ceases to entertain me.
BROWN PONCHO - Forever 21, $4.50
BRACELET - {Share} and Do Good


Here are a couple outfits from the week.  The black maxi and brown poncho were both on clearance.  The camouflage flats I fell in love with from Target.  I also decided to pair some floral jeans with an argyle cardi, which I'm linking up with "Inspiration Monday."  I had been searching for a pair of spikey black flats and was thrilled when I saw them at... Target.  They're edgy and comfy too! 

Pigtails and Bucket check out their new personalized water bottles!

I wanted to give a special thanks to Sarah and Personal Creations for kindly sending my little ones personalized gifts.  There were so many cool things to choose from - personalized backpacks, pillowcases and even nap mats (check 'em out HERE)!  In the end I picked these fabulous water bottles because not only are they cute, they're functional.  They're also big, they don't leak (a serious pet peeve of mine!) and each kid knows which one is theirs! 

It's so fun to see how excited my kids get when they get something with their name on it.  Suddenly the item becomes personal and they feel special.  It's kind of like an outfit.  Whether you're pairing florals and argyle or polka dots with polka dots, it's how each person puts it together that makes it unique!



Domenic said...

so cute!!!

xx Domenic

oomph. said...

these are great flats! as much as i love my heels, i find myself shopping for more flats lately. can't beat comfort when you're running around with kids! love the gray floral denims!!

and i LOVE those water bottles! will check them out!


Style Journey said...

I really like your maxi skirt outfit. Love the water bottles too. So fun for the kids!

Maiken said...

oh how cute those bottles are :) and even I have a cup with my name on it and I find it pretty cool.
your outfit shots are awesome as always (the second outfit is my favourite) and those fancy princess dresses the girls are wearing are super cute :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Frannie Pantz said...

My oldest and youngest are the same way. Totally. (My middle son is more easy going with what he says and with what he wears) I love your black maxi!

Isa said...

Oh my god, those girls are too cute!!!!!!! Especially in all their princess dresses!


Kim Alston said...

Claire, you guys look so cute! Love the personalized items they sent your little ones. Fabulous brown and black outfit! You look so chic! Love that grey floral. Just joined you on Bloglovin girl :D

Kezzie said...

I remember adoring anything with my name on as a child (which didn't happen often because I have a weird name!) so I can imagine how excited they were! Love your outfits! I love the fact there is also a random Belle from Beauty and the beast in the photos too!x

rlutz said...

My boys love when their things are personalized too! I love how you are styling that maxi skirt!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Loooooooove the little princesses!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Your little ones are so adorable! Love those gray floral skinnies - I just tried them on at Target and I didn't get them - I wish I had!

Mišmen said...

Beautiful kids :)

Ann said...

Those pics are so cute
and your outfits always so chic.

Jess said...

I love those water bottles! I want to make one for myself with the skull and crossbones (and the bow of course)

Laila R. said...

What cuties:) I am now following~

Townhouse Palette

Yvonne said...

how do you keep finding these cute stuff at target? i rarely ever see any cute clothes there. you and your babies look so happy and lovely!


Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

adorable Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

Alex said...

done, that's it. I'm in love with the top/poncho-y thing over the maxi dress. it's effortlessly chic, yet still comfy and boho. LOVE IT. also, those Disney outfits are to die for... and I love the encouragement you have for your little one's individual style, you're going to raise some confident, fashionable little guys :)

Teddi said...

she's like a ballerina in that photo! those water bottles are darling and so are your outfits. :)