Sunday, September 16, 2012

Patterned Denim Jacket and a Poopy Day

"Watch out for dog poop,"
I told Pigtails after we dropped Princess Sparkles at school.
She nodded and walked along the stroller.
Then as I loaded her into the car, I smelled it.
Pigtails had missed the dry piece of poop I pointed out only to step in a wet one.
It was all over her pants, her socks and her shoes.
I threw away her shoes and put on the only pair of pants in my car... Bucket's.
After I cleaned her up she pointed to the grass and said,
"It's a poop land."  Tell me about it.

MULLET SKIRT, TANK - Alternative Apparel, $10 and $5 (via Karmaloop)
PATTERNED DENIM JACKET - Forever 21, $22.50
GRAY WEDGE BOOTIES - Jeffrey Campbell

Monday's Inspiration - Eva Mendes

This week's "Inspiration Monday" from Two Birds is Eva Mendes in a skirt and t-shirt.  My kind of outfit!  I got this Alternative Apparel skirt on clearance (with a $10 off coupon) at Miss KL (Karmaloop's women's site) for $10.  The denim jacket I had been eyeing at F21 and when there was free shipping I ordered it.  I know I've been wearing my Jeffrey Campbell's almost every day but I just love them!

Pigtails poses near the "poop land"

"Yay, I can fit into Bucket's pants and they even match!"

My obsession with t-shirts has now carried over into my skirts.  I love a comfy "t-shirt" skirt.   It's almost as snuggly as wearing a pair of "culottes" that belong to your baby brother!!!



Maiken said...

this is such an awesome outfit! black, grey and white look SO good together and especially I like that jacket.
btw, sometimes our backyard looks like a poop land because of Elvis so it's a familiar situation, haha.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Style Journey said...

That is awful she stepped in the poop! We have a "poop zone" in our backyard that everyone knows to avoid, ha ha! She still looks adorable in Bucket's pants.

You look adorable too. That jacket is fabulous!

Steph said...

Don't you HATE when people leave their dog poo around?! I know I do... I loathe it... Especially when innocent children step in it! Ugh! Anyway, I'm glad you had an extra pair of pants! She looks adorable in Bucket's pants!

Melina said...

thanks dear, i'm following you :)
hope u can like my new fb page:


Keely said...

Eeewww! But love your printed jacket.

Style Me B.A.D said...

LOVEEEE this outfit!!!

and hahahaha your kids are too cute!

Alex said...

oh my goodness! to step in wet poo has to be one of the worst/most hilarious things you could step in! poor thing, haha, that's the type of story you bring up when you're meeting her boyfriend over dinner 15 years from now! those shoes are beautiful, by the way. swooooon <3 and I hear you on that 30's thing... I just read in a magazine that an overwhelming majority of women look back most fondly on their mid to late thirties as being the time at which they felt the most free and in control of their own lives. I can't wait!

Patti said...

I love the stories you tell about your adorable kids. Poopville is a messy one! But your look is fabulous - thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I can't even believe how big Ms. pigtails is getting since I saw her a few months ago! Love tee shirt anything--I need to find more to add to my daily wardrobe. Your outfit is so cute!

xo Mary Jo

Shea Sayers said...

Oh no!! Good thing Bucket had an extra pair of pants and they fit her!
That patterned jacket is so cute, I love it!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

haha! stepping in poop is the worse! you handled it very well. hahaha great outfit claire. i love the layers.

Renae said...

That poop story is funny. My sweet husband cleans up our doggie's do-do. Isn't he sweet?

Juliann Whicker said...

Nobody else can look so chic while dealing with poo! You are an inspiring fashion mommie!

rlutz said...

Pigtails is just too cute!! I love the way you too they inspiration and made it work for you...such a great jacket and the hemline with the boots looks great!

Anonymous said...

Loving your style so much more than the inspiration! Your daughter is really adorable! Model in the making???

Teddi said...

ugh! that's the worst. good thing you had bucket's spare pants. :P nice jacket, & skirt. claire, i like the stylishness without fuss comfort of your outfit. :)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I hate that people don't pick up there dog poop

Sarah the Stylist said...

What a fabulous jacket! I was literally saying to myself that I need to get back to F21 for gems like this! Great find.

Cable Car Couture

Roma is Love said...

I understnad your love for those wedges! It's so lovely!
Happy you didn't land them on the wet poop! I'm sure even if you did, you wouldn't throw them away! lol!

I want a tshirt skirt too!

Kezzie said...

Ahrgh! Dog poo! It's horrid when you step in it as you can't get it off for ages! Let alone if you are a child!
Loving the outfit, very stylish- I loved Eva's outfit this week!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

That first photo is just the cutest! Yuck, nothing worse than the smell of dog poo, hope the shoes weren't ruined! I love your mullet skirt with the boots, very biker babe!

Dawn said...

Claire you look gorgeous in this outfit. Its a great look. How do you do it girl. You make it look so easy. Have a great day! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Jill said...

Oh gosh, parents cannot escape poop. It's EVERYWHERE ;)

Love the slouchy skirt with the structured jacket. Very cool look.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, cute jacket! Target has a chiffon version of your skirt that I have been eyeing. You should check it out it looks just as comfy as the one you have on.