Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Eighteen Motorcycle Jeans, Madras Skirt and Being Sexy

"Sexy?  We're not supposed to say that,"
Princess Sparkles said as she heard the word in a song on the radio.
A few weeks ago she had asked me what that word meant.
She caught me off guard so I just told her it was kinda an adult word.
"Radio, you are not talking nice," she said.
"In fact, you are being sexy."
Uh... Maybe I should've explained it's definition.

MOTORCYCLE JEANS - Project Eighteen via Anonymous
LACE SHIRT - Poof (swapped)
BRACELET - iSanctuary

BEIGE WEDGES - Payless Shoes
EARRINGS - 99 cent depot

These are outfits from the week.  I recently had a clothing swap with friends and got both the lace and striped tops from my friend, Gingham.  The motorcycle jeans are from Anonymous and I decided to pair them with girly lace and sky high fringe heels.  The madras skirt is an oldie from a CaBi party and I decided to mix patterns with the stripes.  I'm linking that outfit up with Two Birds' "Inspiration Monday."

Princess Sparkles uses Eucerin as make-up

Lately, I've been trying not to shop so much.  Having the clothing swap with friends helped because I got new clothes without spending any money.  But then I went to visit my friend Fierce at Anonymous and purchased motorcycle jeans and blue skinnies.  But it's almost my birthday so I thought it was okay for me to be, as Princess Sparkles calls it, a little "sexy."



Areeba said...

Haha oh my , I am totally impressed by a sexy radio. I think you shouldn't explain her anymore about it. Your skirt is lovely :)

Keely said...

I love your mustard jacket. It looks great with lace!

Kim Alston said...

Nice outfits Claire! I am loving that jacket in the first pic. Lol at the sexy comment. Too funny. Have a great week!

Patti said...

Love, love that mustard jacket and your fringe heels - you always look terrific, Claire! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday xoxo

Mrs C said...

Wow, clothes swap sounds fun! Wish I could have something like that here :)I try to shop only when I need something which turned out to be every month.. so I guess this shop less mantra of mine didn't work after all ;) Looking great and your children are super cute!


gracefully50 said...

Ooh, that jacket!! What an edgy look with leather & lace! The shoes are perfect, too!
Your kids crack me up. Don't you wish you could bottle these moments?

Frannie Pantz said...

LMAO Oh my goodness! This wouldn't be the LMFAO song would it? My kids always talk about the "bad word" in that song. I love that jacket and lace top in the first look!

Barbara Mizzoni-Young said...

Edgy outfits. Your fashion sense is impressive.

Ann, Heather and Sheila said...

Love the jacket and the blouse -- great combo of feminine and edgy!
Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You are such a Proud Mamma Beautiful Claire. I love that. Now that I am a Mommy too I am so proud to show my Beautiful Little One, too. =) Loving both photos & outfits. The first pic with your little boy's head popping in there is so cute.

The Shoes, Jacket & Top on the first outfit are all great. I need a nice White Lace Top. And a Mustard Blazer wouldn't be so shabby for me to have LOL. Love the Pattern mixing on the second one. The Skirt & Sandals are so Fun & Girly. =)

By the way, I am doing a special Birthday Blog Party where I invite all of My Readers & Followers to participate. Of course I love your style so you are Welcome to do so. =) All you gotta do is Style an outfit and E-Mail it to me by May 2nd. I will be running the post with everyone's outfits on May 5th & you can link My Blog or that post to your blog either on the 5th or the next time you post after that. My E-Mail is ada.furxhi(at) Let me know if you'd like to participate Stylish Lady. It will be FUN!! Thanks & please let me know, Claire. =)

Have a Fab Week Ahead, Ada. =)

two birds said...

i need to have a clothing swap, i have so many things i should get rid of! i love that jacket and those sandals, and your stripes and florals are great together!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That madras skirt is so fun and summery!

Domenic said...

always so many little children
xx Domenic

Jessi said...

Lol that is too funny! I love that she told the radio it was being sexy. That first outfit is amazing! I love the mustard motorcycle jacket over that lace top- what a great combination. And those shoes are killer. Love that your baby boy photobombed you too :) So cute.

Dawn Elliott said...

LOVE that first shot with the moto jeans, killer mustard jacket, and the heels - va va va voom!

Teddi said...

hooray for clothing swaps! is it bad that i laughed out loud about the radio being sexy? ;)

Mugdha said...

Haha, she is such a cutie. I always wonder how I'm going to stop from laughing out loud when my kids say things like that.

silvergirl said...

I love that lace top
I have been looking for one for awhile now

oomph. said...

i wish i had friends to swap with!! i'm really liking that lace top paired with the moto jacket!! bucket's getting so big!

mobile morsels

Coco said...

You look very sexy! I love it when my daughters pops in the outfit picture, you have three to manage :-)
Coco et La vie en rose
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CoastWithMe said...

Love that first look Claire! The leather jacket and lace top are gorgeous:)!

Beauty Follower said...

Cool jacket!

Sara Rowe said...

I would get the Serenade dress in electric blue