Friday, July 20, 2012

Tanned, Mobile and An eShakti Giveaway

"Baby, you did it!"
Princess Sparkles enthused as Bucket army crawled.
Camouflage loves to put the TV remote in front of Bucket
(and like most men, he loves to reach for said remote).
However, I have reservations.  He's only 5 months. 
And I like the fact that 1 of my 3 kids can't go anywhere.

IKAT TOP - Old Navy, $6
ORANGE CUT-OFFS - Forever 21, $12.50
BRACELET - T & J Designs
LEOPARD RING - Forever 21
FRINGE NECKLACE - Made by my mom

The Payless wedges I ended up changing in to :)

Yesterday I got a spray tan from my good friend, Bronzer.  I only had one done before my wedding, so it was fun to try it again.  I was originally wearing gray and white, and realized, it did nothing for my newly tanned self.  So I decided to go with some bright F21 cut-offs and a brown ikat top that sorta matched my new skin tone.  I started out wearing these awesome fringe stilettos, but in the end realized that I would probably not be able to wear these out all day.


Remember this dress? Well, eShakti inadvertently sent me a second one. So they said I could give it away! It's a great one shoulder maxi, size Medium (or an 8). It was a tad looser than the measurements said but I was able to belt it. It's pretty long, I'm 5'2 but wearing 5 inch heels!!!

Here's what you have to do to enter:

- FOLLOW Spinning Threads via GFC
- Leave me a comment telling me where you'd wear this dress :)
***for a BONUS ENTRY, "like" Spinning Threads on facebook
(if you already like Spinning Threads than you can have another entry as well)
This giveaway is open internationally.  Good luck and I'll announce the winner July 30th!  And if you're checking out eShakti and find something you like, use the code "SP25ZRE" to get an additional 10% off the already 40% off that's going on right now!!!  It's good until the end of the month.
Bucket army crawls to the TV remote
I love to wear sky high heels, but I'll admit, while they look good on, they don't always feel good.  And while I'm all for suffering for fashion, I unfortunately have to be practical at times, especially now that I'll be chasing 3 mobile kiddos!


Melaina25 said...

Super cute shoes! Be sure to check out the new WIWW badge!

Erika said...

Thank you for the great giveaway! I'd wear it out to dinner with my husband! Very cute!
saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

Erika said...

I like you on fb too! thanks!
saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to enter. I follow you via Google Reader and I may have liked you on Facebook too, but I deactivated my account months ago. How curious that the remote is a good reward for crawling.

Teddi said...

claire, bucket is growing so fast. tell your mom she makes the best necklaces! :) i adore how it looks with your shoes & that blouse. i'm 5.1, so the maxi is a no go for me. i like heels, but don't own any that are 5 inches, maybe 3?

Roma is Love said...

Hi claire! Having a hard time with our mailing here...sorry...I promise I'll give you those tassels once I got everything settled and figured out...

Tribal print looks good on you and the shade, just perfect!

Gosh, bucket's crawling already..??how time flies..

Maiken said...

yay, an international giveaway! I'm afraid size M is rather big for me but hey, I can always use a waist-belt or my grandmother to make it work :P so, I would wear it for an example in the beach (or actually to celebrate the day when I finally get to the beach!! :D). I'm your follower via GFC and also on Facebook (Maiken Mölder).
oh and before I go I must say how wonderful your shoes are.. again! I bet you have thousands of pairs :P

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Steph said...

That dress is very pretty! I'm all about maxi dresses but I would definitely need to have it hemmed because I'm 5'1 and don't wear a lot of heels. I'd live to enter but I don't know what GFC is :-S

Heather Morris said...

So cute! Love the top look and the awesome shoes!

Clara Turbay said...

love it!

Jessica said...

i love the tribal feel of that first look and the dress is awesome!! your children are too cute!!


Frannie Pantz said...

OMGoodness look how big he's getting! So cute that he crawls for the remote! LOL I LOOOOOOOVE your orange cutoffs Claire! I have recently started spray tanning for my upcoming wedding. I like it a lot, but I hate the sticky feeling you have afterward. I swear all I want to do from the moment I'm done until my next shower is wash my hands. I adore eShakti. How cool that you are using this "extra" dress as a giveaway! Wish I could enter, but it's not my size. Boo because it is super pretty!

two birds said...

you look gorgeous in all the outfits! those fringe shoes are fabulous, but i totally get what you say about having to be practical sometimes! what a nice giveaway...happy accidents!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Love your shoe

Jazmin said...

Love the print on this top! Goes very well with the necklace and shoes :D


Squared said...

cute shoes!!! The baby is SO adorable! Come by soon hun! xx

Squared said...

cute shoes!!! The baby is SO adorable! Come by soon hun! xx

Steph said...

Now that I'm official :-) I'll say that since I'm short (5'1), rarely wear high heels, and even more rarely go anywhere special. I'd have the dress hemmed so that I could wear it with ballet flats and wear it to work (I'm a middle school teacher). I'd probably pair it with a wide, vintage inspired belt (I saw a really cool one with a butterfly buckle) and denim jacket or cardigan.

ashley said...

I would wear it to a bridal shower!

ashley said...


rachel said...

I follow you via GFC and liked you on facebook!! That dress is so cute! I'd wear it to a nice dinner with friends.