Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Pirate, A Doctor and A Dentist

"Look, Momma, I'm a pirate!"
Princess Sparkles said with a headband across her eye like a patch. 
I giggled and told her she was very clever.
"Now I'm a doctor, see?"
Sparkles had moved her headband over her forehead.
Then she put it over her mouth.  I asked her what she was.
"Moooommmma, I'm a dentist!"  Obviously.

AQUA SHIRT - Gap Maternity (hand-me-down)
BROWN MATERNITY SKIRT - In Due Time (hand-me-down)
NECKLACE, CUFF, PURSE - Heavenly Treasures

Here is my attempt at wearing more color.  I usually have a very bright closet but my maternity clothes are mostly neutral.  Being almost 38 weeks, I needed the colorful pick me up.  Also, my camera broke so I'm stuck using my iPhone and only taking photos when I can find someone to do it for me.  Good thing I have my poses down.


Dr. Sparkles

"Open wide so I can check your teeth!"

I'm really looking forward to wearing my regular clothes again.  It'll be like having a whole new wardrobe!  But until then I have to be creative, like Princess Sparkles, and find multiple ways to wear my maternity pieces!!!


BragonDorn said...

Best of luck being creative :) I am sure it wont be a problem for you :D

Whitney said...

oh she is so cute :)

tammy Silverstyle said...

So soon and you will have another bundle of joy. Have you given the new one a nick name yet?
Take care these last weeks my little friend, it has been a joy and pleasure to watch you through this journey!


she looked like a doctor or a....miner!!! :) creative little kid :)

Teddi said...

claire, i haven't noticed you repeating any looks. at least they weren't obvious to me, & i am a very astute observer. go princess sparkles, doctor, dentist, & pirate! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the new baby is almost here! I know your excited and hopefully Dr. Sparkles can
You are glowing and look so beautiful!

ps. I need some tips for when I finally start having babies.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the new baby is almost here! I know your excited and hopefully Dr. Sparkles can
You are glowing and look so beautiful!

ps. I need some tips for when I finally start having babies.

Emma said...

Dr. Sparkles is Too Cute! I am Loving your colorful ensemble. There is nothing like a colorful outfit to brighten your day!

D said...

I feel more cheery just looking
at your colorful wardrobe. May the
Princess Sparkles always have her
wonderful sense of style and imagination.

Ivana said...

Aww, she is so cute and adorable! And I love your bright and colorful outfit, amazing!

xx Ivana

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Stop by sometimes :)
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Polly said...

Hey, Claire, you look so cute! I love your boots!

P.S. I can't wait to see you wearing the earrings soon :) I already tried the eye liners and soon I'l make a post about the eye shadows :) I'll keep you posted :)


Maiken said...

I like the combination of red and blue and it suits you so nicely :) hope you'll have the chance to wear your regular clothes soon! ;)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

yiqin; said...

so cute <3

Baby Budget Blog said...

Great color use! I too am all about color - a far cry from my all grey days when I was younger :)

Mary said...

super cute!! love the skirt!!and you look to be ready to have him by now!!hope you r feeling great.because thats the way you look!!!

rachel said...

this post really made my day. princess sparkles is so creative!! love the bright sunny colors =)

Ashley Marie said...

I found you via The Pleated Poppy! I noticed your prego belly and just HAD to come see if I could steal some style ideas... I'm running low on inspiration!

lol @ your little girls quote... I log mine from my son constantly, he's so funny

I'm following you and can't wait to see more!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

great look

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I love these bright colors on you...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Princess Sparkles! Wouldn't it be great if we could transfer careers so easily!

Francesca R said...

That top has a great color and look at you, you look fab!!

Maria said...

How cute and adorable she is!! Love your colorful outfit :)

Maybe you want to follow each other?


"Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico em casa"

Brandi said...

OMG you are adorable!!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I cannot believe you are still managing to get around and take photos etc. This has got to be a world record! Next photo will there be another baby added to the mix? Your girls must be excited!

xo Mary Jo

Mongs said...

Sparkles is always so adorable. You always look great in colors and brights. Blue and red is such a stunning combo. And the necklace is a nice statement piece.


Summer-Raye said...

She is definitely one stylin' pirate, she gets it from her momma! Happy friday love boat.

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, your preggo belly is adorable!! As is Princess Sparkles! =) I love the things they say at that age!

♥AdamAlexMommy♥ said...

nice bright colors. love those colors together. i am a huge fan of wearing three colors. :) i love boots or booties with long dresses, and you look great! princess sparkles is so cute! my kids love to pretend also. :)

hope you have a great wknd, claire. :)


Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Princess Sparkles is so smart and oh so adorable-love those pics! And I LOVE your red and blue outfit- you look so radiant!

Jayme and Mendi said...

I love that necklace! And I think Sparkles has some excellent career opportunities ahead of her. Let's hope she doesn't go the pirate route though...unless she's an actress in Pirates of the Caribbean 18. ;)

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Nee said...

you and your little princess look too cute:)


Punctuation Mark said...

you look fantastic in those colors... hope you have a great weekend!

Kezzie said...

Oh I just adore imaginative children who can find joy in the smallest item! I wish she was in my class!!!!

Claire you are the queen of great outfits- no question! You've made fun maternity dressing an art!

Annie L said...

Love the bright colors...and what a cutie!
xo Annie

Tara said...

38 weeks? YOU'RE SO CLOSE! And you look gorgeous, as always. I love the pretty colors, always :)

Tiffany said...

That baby could be coming any MINUTE!! Are you ready? ;)

You look gorgeous!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Super cute and I love your necklace.